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  1. Hi guys Sometimes I get a tingling feeling on one side of my face around my eye today it is REALLY Bad...I am freaking about MS...I have so many other symptoms too like weird buzzing, burning, tingling in all parts of my body...how can this possibly all be in my head? Even when I'm relaxed it happens!!!!
  2. Hi, I had a positive ANA and a low positive Anti DS DNA (more specific for lupus) last November. I was re-tested in March and now they are both negative. ?! I see a rheumatologist and he was not concerned.
  3. Hi guys Does anyone else have widespread pain all over their body? I'm talking a shooting pain in their leg, followed by an arm, then maybe the hand for a minute, then your head?! Last night I almost cried I was in so much pain...in different parts of my body. Took Advil and it did nothing. My legs also felt restless. I don't really know what I fear, I guess I worry about MS? I just had a ton of rheumatology bloodwork done and it came back reasonably ok...a little anemia. I had some weird ANA tests come back positive and rheum wants to see me again in 5 months to keep watching for lupus since I had a blood test suggested i may have it. Anyway, can anxiety cause widespread pain like this? It seems unlikely to me. It's not like a muscle pain its straight up shooting, burning, sometimes aching! But not sure what else it could be? Fibromyalgia?
  4. This JUST happened to me last night! It is so scary and unnerving. I think it actually may have happened more than once last night. And it's definitely happened before. I never thought much of it other than it's anxiety related. One thing I don't freak out about
  5. Worryworm


    I've been taking a high quality CBD oil for about 2 months now. Prob not as consistently as I should but at first I swear I saw a difference (in some pain I have and anxiety) but now not so much. So...I know that's not super helpful
  6. I am constantly worried I am going to lose it and be sent to a mental institution. If I'm not obsessing about my health, I'm looking around me wondering about the world, what is the point of it, everything just feels so strange. I feel so alone with my thoughts sometimes. I'm not depressed and still manage to function but it's not without my mind on complete overdrive. My therapist said sometimes people with anxiety has a switch that gets "stuck" - in other words, all people have these thoughts but they let them go and don't think twice about them. We hang on to them and obsess about them.
  7. I've heard that too-red blood is usually nothing to worry about.
  8. I agree! Winter is so tough! Where I am today there is lots of sunshine and a little warmth and it really helps! It also doesn't sound like you have a brain tumor. I don't have sinus problems but my mom and one of my good friends do and said it can be extremely painful all over the face!
  9. Hi all, I have anxiety, health anxiety, and some mild OCD (more the obsessing, less the compulsions) and have had it for years. I take meds, am seeing a therapist, etc. My father in law died suddenly almost 3 years ago, and ever since then, I have become more of a deep thinker---UGH. I am always thinking about death, the afterlife, etc. I realize that this is not where to post such things, so I won't go into detail, but I am Christian and feel comfortable with my beliefs, so you would think that would calm my nerves about death. Not so much. I am constantly thinking-"What is this life?" "Who are we all walking this Earth?" "What is the point of this life if we are all going to die anyway?" It freaks me out sometimes, then I think I"m starting to go crazy and I"m worried I'm going to go off the deep end. I look at my children and my husband and am terrified something will happen to one of us and break us apart. Yet, I know this life is not forever and nothing is forever...Does any of this make sense or sound familiar to anyone? I have a very supportive husband, family and friends, but none of them get the obsessing about it.
  10. I've had this for almost 3...yes 3...years. No one seems to know what it is...I've had ultrasounds, a CT of my abdomen, its traveled to my back so I had an MRI of my spine...nothing.
  11. Hi, A long time (15 or so years ago), I had an intense fear that I had HIV-but I wouldn't get tested. I had sharp, shooting pains in my lymph nodes constantly. I'm talking years. I drove myself crazy. I finally got tested and was negative...they went away. I still get them from time to time though-I just got one the other day in my neck. It's a shooting pain that lasts for a few seconds and then goes away. I don't really pay attention to them anymore...I've moved on to other things 🙄
  12. my anxiety has been REALLY bad lately and I've been having this! Mostly my legs but sometimes my arms too.
  13. And the root, I think, is really just a deep-seated fear of losing control.  This is exactly what it is.... I obsess over my health and going crazy...I am terrified I am going to lose my mind, go crazy, and end up in a mental institution. I worry I will have some terminal disease that's going to rid me of living my life and leaving my loved ones...it's such a vicious cycle. ZenCube-I hear you...when I had a loved one pass away suddenly 3 years ago it sent me into a HA tailspin. You would think it would make me stop and realize to live each day to the fullest.
  14. For months I had this weird eye thing like it felt like something was pulling on the side of my eye and I felt like it was never all the way open-but when I looked in the mirror it didn't look like anything was wrong. This was years ago. The tip of my nose gets numb sometimes too. I get numb and tingly sensations on my face but somehow I am able to admit that is anxiety but everything else I think is something terrible.
  15. NOOOOO I have had this before it is definitely anxiety related...please don't google anymore! I should follow my own advice but you know only terrible things are going to show up!