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  1. yesterday i woke up with a werid lip feeling the bottom one, its not numb but it feels like i can feel it like normally you dont, its not swollen well eceryones tellinf me its not, an worried incase its an alergic reaction but am not alergic to anything, it went away yesterday an i forgot about it but this morning it felt werid again an now its stuck in my head again
  2. i went to the doctor to get my testicles looked at cus the left one moves weridly an gos in werid positions no pain or anythinf at all just gos werid positions the doctor said everythings fine an its normal but how do i get it out of my head an stop thinking about it?
  3. basically had a infection in my testicle, went away on antibiotics was told they dont think my testicles will twist, been 3 weeks sinse then, but the other day i was with a girl, was off an on erections but my right testicle felt werid had to look at it, was in a werid position, no pain but moved it back to normal and has been normal sinse, do yous think ill get testicle torision or what is the chances i cant stop thinking about it any advice helps
  4. so i started getting air hungry like a few days ago ive recently started work an do 3 to 4 days or nights a week 12 hour shifts, this air hungry thing happened about a year ago and went away after i went to the doctors she said i was good, do yous think am okay
  5. Thank you, it kinda hurts when i touch the top of the right one, sometimes thete sore sometimes there not
  6. Basically came home from work the other day an noticed my left testicle was sore to move in certain ways but its gone now, but it came back tonigbt in my right one, should i get it checked out but am kinda thinking its cus i wear tight boxers.
  7. I choked again in the canteen, basically trief to swallow the sweet didnt swallow it but felt like the salvia went down my windpipe an tried to hold the cough off then started coughing bad an when i tried to breath i could barley grasp but after the cough i am okay throats a bit tickly will i be okay or get secondary drowning or anything?
  8. Basically was eating cereal and when i had the milk an food in my mouth i accidently breathed in an felt the liguid go down the wrong instantly coughing and then stopped an was fine but my brian is scaring me incase i have secondary drowning even though it was a tiny tiny bit of milk that hit my throat. Any ideas obviously i know am probably okay but my brain wont let me get it out of my head
  9. So it started 5 years ago everytime i went to drink alcahol or however you spell it, i would always get anxious that if i drunk it ill pass out and everytine i go to do it i just cant because am scared to drink incase i pass out or am i scared of the feeling of being drunk, but i use to love drinking all the time but i really wanna do it again but its like my brains nit letting me, any way i can get over this fear or do i just force the drink in me?
  10. Thank you i dunni i always think the worst when something happens to me an cant get it out of my head it happened 3 days ago now so maybe i should be fine
  11. Pretty much bumped up a kerb at 70mph came off the kerb, car spun in 360s not toppled so was still flat on the ground but ive been worried incase i have a brain injury even though me an my mate were safe an no injuries and am 99% sure i didnt hit my head it all happened really fast so i dont remember everything