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  1. Sadly its not going down, i'm still taking the meds, but the average is around 140,88 still daily since taking them. I never check my BP more than once a day, and I take the meds after I check my BP when I wake up. For some reason my body just won't calm down. I don't know what it is, its hard to work out thanks to my head injury so I can't really do that to destress. I think I'm just in an impossible situation to win in, I don't even know if the BP meds will ever work but i'll keep taking them.
  2. Well this is day 3 of me taking the meds, and I'm still within the 140, 89 range of things when I check my BP in the morning. I did stop taking halls yesterday because those apparently raise blood pressure especially with overuse. So i'll see how it goes, for some reason no matter what I do at home my heart starts beating faster after the cuff starts to tighten. I tried everything I can to calm down before then but nothing works.
  3. Okay thanks, your posts makes me feel a bit better now :D. 183/111 would've driven me insane, and yes I was overchecking like a day ago like a mad man. Did it like 5 times within the day and scared myself I guess even more. It doesn't tell me on the bottle how long it takes to work. I just took one an hour ago, I'm not gonna check my pressure cause I did it when I woke up per doctors orders. SO the next time I'll check tomorrow morning since I'm supposed to check once a day same tim.
  4. Okay I just did it again just now and now its 138, 84, 111. I guess it is anxiety and nothing serious if it went down like that without an hour? I'm still getting my blood meds, just waiting on my ride there.
  5. Okay I just did it again just now and now its 138, 84, 111. I guess it is anxiety and nothing serious if it went down like that without an hour? I'm still getting my blood meds, just waiting on my ride there.
  6. Yeah, those are the higher numbers and I'm scared because of that. All the numbers are high, and I don't know why they are, I can't get calm for some reason. I'll get the meds sometime today, hopefully they work.
  7. Well I'm not afraid to take the meds, I just hope the meds work when I go pick them up today. My reading when I woke up this morning was 138,92,88 and now its like 160, 90, 111 I just don't know if I should go to the hospital or not. My blood work wasn't anywhere near this high yesterday and was almost normal. Can anxiety raise it this high?
  8. Oh man, this almost feels like me right now.
  9. So I have this at home blood pressure monitor, and my dr said to check it once per day. Yesterday it was a little high, and today it was 138,92,88, and then it just started to go higher each time I tried it back to back today. I'm afraid now cause the last time I took it within 30 minutes it was like 142, 92, 113. I don't know if this is anxiety or should i go to the hospitial. I don't know if anxiety can cause BP this high while just at home, but i can't seem to calm down and I don't know why.
  10. Not even close to being alone, I have problems of being unbalanced that never goes away aside from maybe months at a time.
  11. Woah, your problems sound exactly like mine and from probably the same issues as well lol.
  12. Oh ok, well hopefully this isn't a clot then. I can't really tell if its nerve pain or muscular.
  13. Really, she has chronic blood clots? How does that work and what type of pain is she in? Really sorry to hear that.
  14. Well long story short I have been sitting down long periods of time because of a neck/spine problem. Now i'm worried since my legs feel heavy at times and no i'm getting a warm feeling in them from time to time, my teeth be hurting as well, not bad just dull pain. Also could a clot spread to my chest really quickly? I have a pain rarely in my right side of chest and i'm just worried it went into my lungs. I also itch from time to time in my arms and I know that's kinda a sign of one...I probably don't have one but i'm still scared, if only my neck wasn't like this I wouldn't be afraid cause I wouldn't be sitting down so much.
  15. Well its not all of a sudden, i've been going through some thing because of a hernated disc in my neck for awhile now. Seems to have led to some other problems. That makes me feel better actually, the issue is how is it diagnosed and should I go to the ER for this? I poked it and some puss came out of it, would that happen with lymphoma?