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  1. I'm holding up, its just the anxiety that comes along with it. I want to google systems but I already know what this is capable of. If I just knew weather or not this would paralyze me or not I would be fine. But this cold feeling and the fear of the unknown is making me feel bad. I'm just scared something is gonna happen before I can see the specialist they scheduled for me.
  2. I can't handle it, I don't have any real pain but the nerves in my body keeps making me feel cold all over and it feels like water running down my legs sometimes and i'm more forgetful now. I feel i'm gonna get parazlyed from this before I can get to the pain specialist I need because I don't have insurance. I thought at one point I was getting better but then last night I turned my head and things just seem to have gotten worse. On one hand i'm glad I know the issue but on the other it just makes me fear I can't heal from this, its already been almost 4 months and now my anxiety is flairing up with this 😞
  3. Do you have symptoms? If not I'd just try and do things to take my mind off of it, not only that but covid itself isn't a death sentence unless you have a bad case of it or a weak immune system. My mom had it and she's doing ok now, but trust me I'm not making light of it, but at the same time all I can do is try and protect against it as best I can even going through the crap I am right now. One thing is for sure, worrying isn't gonna make it better, its just gonna make your anxiety worse.
  4. Please don't think those suicide thoughts, If you have to come here and talk, its what helps me. Hyperthyroidism sucks, but I have a family member that's doing ok even with that. Sometimes he falls into semi depression, but he picks himself back up. It could be anxiety, one thing is for sure if you do have a problem anxiety will make it worse. If you have someone to look over you that you trust I feel that puts people at ease, it does for me at least.
  5. Well I went to a Dr office and he did refer me to go get an MRI, the hospital called to set me up for it and the problem is I can't afford it 😕 . Now i'll have to see if I can go to one of those MRI centers. I wonder if the Dr I saw will let me go to one of those places. He told me I needed insurrance because an MRI is expensive, so I wonder will he accept an MRI from one of those places since they are cheaper than the hospitals? I just think for some reason he'd think its kind of shady since its not done in a hospital. But man, this sucks.
  6. I checked and there seems to be 3 in my location. But I wonder if I need a referral. It was the ER that said I needed one but can I get one without this I wonder? I can pay, so if that's all it is I'm good.
  7. Uh, now I hit a nerve in my neck and my whole body numbed up for a few minutes like water running all over my body 😞
  8. So I recently went to the hospital because I had something wrong with my neck, turns out it was a pinched nerve, although I think it was My C1 because can a pinched nerve cause me this much trouble? I just think the xray couldn't pick it up. The hospital said I needed an MRI done, but the problem is I have no insurance to see a doctor so how can I get an mri done :(. I've been feeling worse like every week and now it just feels like my body is getting weaker and my head feels weird and I feel i'm gonna be paralyzed soon. I can move my body but my head makes me feel like i'm gonna fall over and hitting a certain part of my neck makes me go numb in my head. Now my anixiety is flaring up because now I'm scared something bad is gonna happen before I get to an MRI. Is there some way to get an MRI without the doctors referral that the hospitial told me to get?
  9. I don't really have pain per se in my neck, its my head that feels odd which makes me feel unbalanced because of my neck. Like I can barely hold my head up sometimes and other times I feel unbalanced like I can't walk straight.
  10. You're fine, I had this concern years ago as well.
  11. So I was playing basketball about 5 days ago and I just started to feel bad after running back and forth for about 30 minutes. I didn't injure myself on the court but my neck did wobble back and forth a lot and when I started feeling bad I stopped and I was short of breath somewhat. I wonder if its do to my bad posture(may as well admit it, I don't sit right at home) that I feel weird. Like I feel unbalanced and confused sometimes when sitting or standing if my neck isn't a certain position. I don't wanna go to the ER unless I know its super serious because I just went there for a tetanus shot. I'm trying to rest as much as I can at home but at times I just feel bad and I don't know if i'm concussed or what cause I never had one and I don't know how long they can last. I'm trying to keep my anxiety in check but its getting the best of me because I don't know if I can recover from this.
  12. I thought I replied back to this, but thanks for the replies. I saw them the day you guys replied but I guess my comment didn't go through, oh well... Thanks again.
  13. I stepped on a tack like 2 days ago(it wasn't rusty or anything but it was in the wall that hung up my poster) and i'm just afraid I waited to long to get another shot. I'm going in tomorrow to get a shot but will it be to late since I didn't go get it day 1? Only reason I didn't go because I was busy the 1rst day and my local hospital is stupid right now because of covid so I couldn't go the next day. I'm just scared its gonna hit me fast and the shot won't counter it fast enough after I get it.
  14. I tried to take a pic, but my dark skin makes it kind of hard to see. Either way anyone ever have this happen, cause I cant remember it yesterday before I went to bed. Woke up with my lip feeling odd.