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  1. But now you're off them, over time you will gradually feel better and better. It's extremely tough a first, but you need to have courage, and above all, patience. Just hang on while your GABA receptors rebalance themselves.
  2. Could easily be muscular. Sounds like everything else has already been ruled out.
  3. I agree, if there really is a complete loss of taste, including the 5 basic taste sensations, then a doctor is needed. But something tells me that there is some hyperbole at work here.
  4. Clonazepam doesn't cause cancer, but it DOES cause terrible, terrible dependency. Trust me when I say that you are better off without it. It might be hard now but the withdrawals are GUARANTEED to ease with time. Just be brave and stick with it - you've come so far already, don't waste all that effort you've put in.
  5. Yes, I definitely believe anxiety itself becomes a habit.
  6. Yes - my suggestion is to stop worrying about it. You are fine.
  7. You are so tense and anxious. You need to work on that. Are you on any medication for anxiety? Are you in therapy?
  8. PS since I STILL have no weakness in my legs, in fact on the leg press at the gym I have been steadily going up in weight lifted, I no longer believe I have ALS.
  9. Just an update on this. When I fully accepted that all of my skin pain and weird sensations were 100% due to anxiety ... they stopped! I have not had them for 3 days now! The same goes for my muscle twitching, except for my calves. They are still constantly twitching, but the twitching everywhere else has stopped! So I'm left with one single symptom, when before I had about 10! I can't believe how powerful the brain is at generating symptoms! I mean, it literally was making my skin burn and my muscles twitch!
  10. Tingling without other symptoms means nothing.
  11. If one therapist is ignoring your emails, contact another.
  12. I have strange sensations all over my skin, burning, prickling, tingling, cold feeling. It's all anxiety.