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  1. Have you ever been grasped with an absolute nervous at the idea of calling to rent a car? Gone over four miles out of your way for the shake of finding a drive thru fast food restaurant where you don’t need to talk to nobody except the machine? Stopped going with your office mate at lunch because they don’t even laugh on a joke you made? Feeling so very uncomfortable, often at random situations, that you can’t breathe well and think clearly what’s going on around you. How to tell if you have social anxiety? It’s not easy. Anxiety may come in various forms. It can be a panic attacks, social anxiety, or phobia. Moreover, the distinction between a normal anxiety and official diagnosis is not always that clear. Here how you would better go; If you really experience any of the following signs, you have to start to think about talking with your doctor. 1. Your weekend agenda is to cook dinner for yourself and watch your new movie series. You either cook your special dinner, to be eaten by yourself alone, or, spend a whole weekend at your home. You just don’t want to hang out, mingle or any socialize things ideas. You are tired of the pleasant interactions others have even with the stranger they first meet at the bar, and you can’t do the same. You just can’t bring yourself. The idea of being around crowded people are frightened you up. 2. Your wonderful short holiday version is staying at home with the internet, book, and television. You have all social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, you name it! People would have thought you have a great social life and millions friends, but in the other hand it is totally wrong. You are able to communicate on social media but in person, you get sucked. You can;t find even a word. It is much easier to having not face-to-face communication and you just enjoy it since so long time. 3. You are fine with your 2 best friends ever. Do not seek any more or build new relationship in any kind. You really enjoy your very small friendship zone, and you are still fine if you rarely see them. They always invite you to come to a social gatherings, you always find tons of excuses to not attend it too. You only want to have time with them when there is no other stranger. You are okay if they have other friends, not even a jealousy like any usual friendship gangs do. The idea of having new relationship is funny for you. continue http://myworthlife.com/how-to-tell-if-you-have-social-anxiety/
  2. When you watch your television to witness the best performance of world-class famous singer, joining a community which discuss your favorite author’s books, or going to the cinema to see your favorite actor/actress’ newest movie, you probably never have such an idea that those you are worshiping to are still people, though.They might have a perfect and most ideal life of people ever want to. But wait a second, are you sure they are extremely and really happy at their popularity?Don’t you ever think they presumably suffer from something dreadful behind their popularity, such as famous people control their panic attack?Anyone, famous people with panic disorder or infamous ones, can suffer from a panic disorder. From past time to modern ages today, it’s not a surprising fact that many famous people have had suffered panic disorders.World class Oscar’s actors, Grammy’s singers, Pulitzer’s authors, presenter, inventor, and many more show and struggle through their panic disorder to make a change to them-selves and especially to the world for making it more inspiring. she the one of famous people with panic disorderIt’s glad to see how they have had come out to the public and said many useful things which may help you to do the same.If people who are continuously being at the spotlight and attention center in spite of being born not for it together with such kind of confident attitude you expect, still attempt to impress and influence the world with their positive talent, then there should be no reason you can’t do the same.Way even better by your own fame. Read more to find how these 10 famous people with panic disorderPrincess Diana “Family is the most important thing in the world. “– Princess Diana Fewer people know that she was experiencing panic attacks while suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to Prince William, the third generation of Royal Kingdom throne. The information came from his bodyguards said that during her first tour of as a Royal Kingdom family, she suddenly cried and uncontrolled as she travelled to many destinations. However, she managed to successfully compose herself and being just fine. She told by her quotes that a supportive family bonding power was the key of all problems. Tell every single thing you face with your family, then they’ll together with you to embrace it. Sigmund Freud “The act of birth is the first experience of anxiety, and thus the source and prototype of the effect of anxiety.”- Sigmund Freud It might be a quite shocking how a person who shocked the world with his revolutionary ideas and theories was actually not very comfortable to be in a social circumstance. In his professional time, he could be a very technical and chill, but he could suddenly falter when he should being confident in a regular interactions with others. He proclaimed by his quotes that all he could do was just believe that every person has at least one anxiety experience in common. That would make him better by affirming himself that he was not the only one experiencing it. Nikola Tesla Energy using and robotic inventor who contributed a very fundamental principle to the world we sit in today, suffered from panic attack since he was only 5. It was believed that the death of his brother influenced him to develop many phobias. None of the psychology students at that time could explain why he could experiences panic disorder signed by bright light or flashes before his eyes. Tesla said that his mental disorder allowed him to think deeply than only thinking clearly. He supposed to cope his illness by redirecting thoughts to be deeper and slower so that everything could go calmer and wiser. Read full version here http://myworthlife*com/famous-people-with-panic-disorder/
  3. Dealing with social anxiety may take efforts. But it’s worth to try. Most of the time I feel this anxiety increases as I meet people. I would like to share my experience about dealing with social anxiety. I tried and tried to stay strong every time my boss put the blame on me even though it’s not completely my fault. For example when our client complained about the weak security system on their web. I wanted to shout at his face I have no bloody idea about internet security system. But when I did the right thing he never noticed. So a year later I resigned. People are so unbelievable. I had been a jobless for the next six months and people started to look down on me. So I locked myself, avoided meeting others especially relatives and friends (which I barely had). Again, I was continually dealing with social anxiety. then applied for remote-based job, got it after a skype interview. I worked for a company in New York from home and received salary from bank account. Still, people saw I was not normal enough since I didn’t go to office. Then one day my manager said she would come to Seattle next month attending some business meeting and asked me to come with her. I was so shocked. If I refused then I would lose my job. Otherwise, I would meet stangers and it’s not impossible including my former boss. I agreed to meet her anyway. The sight of a middle-aged woman wearing glasses with severe look hit my imagination. I’d seen her before on Skype, but it’s not clear enough. I was so damn nervous on the day of our meeting. When the first time I met her I was right about my portrayal of her in my mind except that she didn’t have severe look. She had this smiley face and didn’t look like a stony geek. She came with George from the IT department. I tried to keep calm but my hands are all sweaty and cold. Thank goodness there are no people from my former company. But I looked so gawky. Later in the evening my boss took George and me for dinner. She asked me if I was okay so I said yes. She looked at me that made me revealed my anxiety this whole day. George said he had the same problem with me in his first days at work and he offered me to join Anxiety Therapy Class in New York. That’s it. I moved to New York and started my life over again. My boss supported me because she said my design was unique and had its own character. It boosted my confidence so I started my journey of seriously dealing with social anxiety. I realized not many people with social anxiety had the same good opportunity as George and me. So I’d simply like to share the cutting-edge way of dealing with social anxiety but I can't share in here coz it will too long, if you want to know more please visit http://myworthlife.com/dealing-with-social-anxiety/
  4. a month ago, I meet my beloved sister and she studied pharmacy, she told me about a lot fun things, one of the best, she told me about foods actually good for relieve anxiety.and i try to consume routine for a weeks and look working on me. this the list of the food my sister recommendation : 1. Chamomile (Matricaria recucita) Chamomile is daisy-like flower, native to Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Even since early civilization, people have used chamomile for nausea, asthma, fever, and inflammation. In modern world, chamomile is widely popular as sleep aid. But, beside its sedative effect, chamomile is also excellent as panic attack natural treatment. Research found that chamomile contains volatile oils like bisabolol and matricin. It is also rich in flavonoids, particularly “apigenin”. This chemical affects brain in the same way anxiety medicine valium works. Usually, people consume chamomile as tea. They also use chamomile essential oil as aromatherapy. Other more practical but less tasty forms are capsule and tincture. It is also available as extract to be infused with other product such as salve or balm. So far, chamomile herbal tea doesn’t seem to have side effect. The recommended dosage is two cups of tea or 220 mg daily. 2. Lavender (Lavandula hybrida) This purple flower is famous not only for its beauty but also its powerful health effect. Lavender helps with restlessness, nervousness, and insomnia – general symptoms of anxiety. Scientific research also found out that lavender pill has the same effect as anxiety medication lorazepam. Lavender as panic attack natural treatment is widely available in many forms. You can take it as essential oil and inhale its scent as aromatherapy. You can also consume it as capsule or tea. You can even find it as bath salt to soothe your tensed muscles. Lavender has no side effect except minor one like increased appetite. Recommended dosage is 80-100 mg every day. 3. Hops (Humulus lupulus) Hops are flowering plants, native to the northern hemisphere of the world. Its popularity mainly comes from its use in beer production. However, lately people recognize hops as anxiety and panic attack natural treatment. According to research, hops contain antihistamine, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory. Because of that, people take hops to help with anxiety. You can find hops in various health products like herbal tea, tincture, capsule, tablet, and even cream or lotion. Hops tea is very bitter, so people usually take it combined with other herbs. The side effect of hops is its strong sedative effect. The dosage ranges from 0.5-1 gram of extract. as I can't post all of that food in here, this the link of my beloved sister tell about all of food. https://freeitout.com/panic-attack-natural-treatment-
  5. feeling like I am going to faint, my heart will race and I get hot. I went to the doctor and they ran blood tests. Now they are sending me to a cardiologist. After looking up my symptoms it kind of sounds like anxiety but I am not sure. Since I ... went to the doctor I keep feeling this tight pressure in my chest and I keep crying for no reason. Does this sound familiar? This is how I live, but I can survive this things, I believe with my self. This how I survive this things : 1. Track Your Mood Anxiety attack can be puzzling for some. You may feel that it comes out of nowhere and caused by nothing. If you feel like that, then chance is you still don’t have a thorough understanding about you and your anxiety. The first step for how to stop having an anxiety attack completely is by understanding how it attacks you. You can do this by tracking your mood. When you track your mood for a certain period of time, you will see a pattern. The pattern is different for each person, but it tells the fundamental thing to fight anxiety attack: the anxiety trigger. Here is how it works. First, prepare a journal. Second, every end of the day, write your activity for that day and add the emotion you feel during each activity. For example, you can write it like this: Going to work – feel normal Called in the boss’ office – surprised Lunch – uncomfortable Writing report – clammy and want to go home quickly When you have filled the journal for certain period, start noticing the activities around the time when you feel anxious. Maybe, you get anxious every time after being called in by your boss – no matter what the reason is. Maybe, you get anxious every time you do activities that make you talk in front of a group. After knowing the trigger, you can help yourself to treat your anxiety better. For example, you can start to attend support group for people who want to be able to do public speaking. Or maybe, you can start to prepare your report and answer before your boss call you. That way, you’ll be more prepared when something triggers your anxiety, and you won’t experience anxiety attack. 2. Differentiate Bad Coping Method If you find yourself in this situation, you should stop as quickly as possible. Bad coping method can relieve yourself from anxiety for a moment, only to plunge you deeper later. If you choose bad coping habit, you’re blocking your own way to recover from anxiety. This is one answer for how to stop having an anxiety attack. You have to be able to form a healthy anxiety coping habit from now on and separate yourself completely from bad coping habit. Bad coping habit including: – drinking alcohol – eating emotionally – isolating yourself – harming or cutting yourself – torturing your thought by keep imagining the worst 3. Build Daily Habit: Exercise Here is one thing you must know about how to stop having an anxiety attack. Daily habit affects how you function physically and mentally every day. A healthy daily habit may even improve your overall physical and mental well being. Exercise is a habit that everybody should cultivate every day. According to this research, exercise has many benefits, both mentally and physically. Physically, it makes you fitter. It also releases endorphin into your system. Endorphin is a hormone that can make you feel good. Exercise daily means you will have a steady endorphin supply every day, giving you good mood and increase your tolerant for stress and anxiety. Sorry I'm not post all of my journey in here, if you want to read all of that here the source : https://freeitout.com/how-to-stop-having-an-anxiety-attack/
  6. When I step out of the house, I feel like every single eye in the street is looking at me; scrutinizing to find a flaw they can laugh at. When I see familiar people on the street, I flee and find the nearest available cover from their sight; hoping everybody won’t see me. Party invitation? No, thank you. The only party I’ll attend is pajama party; with only my pajama, in my room. Now I'm practicing 10 things of my life that change me, It's look simple but try to practice, and looks the benefits of this things : sorry i can't give 10 things in here, if you want to read full version please go to the source. Thanks 1. It’s okay to feel anxious Anxiety is a totally normal feeling. Everybody has something that makes them anxious. Some people get anxious over their academic performance, others over going into unfamiliar places. You just happen to be anxious when you meet people. So, you are not weird, because every single people have an anxiety. Once you accept this, a part of you will find more confidence when meeting new people. But if you refuse to believe this, your anxiety will double. First, you’re anxious when you meet people. Second, you’re anxious of your anxiety over meeting people. Anxiousception! Having social anxiety is okay, but having anxiousception is not. 2. Be comfortable with discomfort What is one word to describe social interaction? It’s discomfort. When people talk to you, you feel uncertain of their motives. When you hold conversation, you don’t know what to say that won’t embarrass yourself. When conversation stops, you feel so awkward but too afraid to start again. You’re afraid people will laugh at you, judge you, or pity you. It is uncomfortable and you wish you’d never experience such feeling again! Unfortunately, people are unavoidable in this life. You will need them and they will need you. They’ll be your teachers, friends, rivals, or lovers. So, from now on, take comfort from that fact. Why run away from something that you need? You experience discomfort all the time, you shouldn’t avoid this one. 3. It’s not anxiety, it’s excitement When you step into social situation – like the party, the classroom, or the company gathering – you usually start to show some physical sign of anxiety like heart beating too fast, palms getting sweaty, and blood rushing to head. You also feel emotional sign of anxiety like your heart is almost bursting and your mind is looking for the fastest route to escape. From now on, think like this: those are the signs of excitement; those are not the signs of anxiety. Labeling those as excitement gives you a new perspective. That perspective will help you to be excited instead of anxious. 4. Focus on your business instead of your surrounding Whenever you start feeling anxious in social situation, remember your business. You are not there to gain other people’s approval or make them happy. You are here to finish your business. When you are in classroom, your business is to study. When you’re in a party, your business is to have fun. Focus on those, instead of thinking about what other people think of you. Think about how to deliver the best presentation in class or what drink you should grab in a party instead of the meaning of people’s glances; you’ll be too distracted to feel anxious. Here the source of full version
  7. As I know, hypochondriasis is often considered a disorder that primarily affects adults, it is now increasingly recognized inchildren and adolescents. In addition, hypochondriasis may develop in elderly people without previous histories of health-related fears. Most hypochondriacs are worried about being physically sick, although some express fear of insanity. The symptomsreported can range from general descriptions of a specific illness to unusual complaints. In many instances thesymptoms reflect intensified awareness of ordinary body functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, or stomach noises. Itis important to understand that a hypochondriac's symptoms are not "in the head" in the sense of being delusional. Thesymptoms are real, but the patient misinterprets bodily functions and attributes them to a serious or even lethal causes my best friends had diagnosed with hypochondriasis. She tell me about freeitout.com , hope this useful for you
  8. jonathan, thanks a lot. what you say give me a a lot of power
  9. After watch Guy Winch at TED about Emotional First Aid I got really pump up and it's look good for me, So I decided to create content about It. Hope you like it. So what it emotional first aid come for ? Imagine you are in park, observing a group of children playing around on the playground. Apparently, the taller of the two are pissed off because the shorter keeps following him around. Then he pushes the other, causing the latter to fall and scrape his knee. Three other kids stop playing. One runs to her home and come back carrying a first aid kid. Everybody is familiar with first aid kid, the little white box with a red cross on its front surface. The kid with first aid kid put a band aid over the fallen kid’s knees, and they’re back to playing. In a glance, it’s all sunshine and rainbow again for those children. But are they really? Everybody worry about the fallen kid’s knee, but it’s been treated and it will be okay. It will heal. But, who worry about the fallen kid’s heart? His feeling is very hurt, and it doesn’t show but from that time the younger kid is afraid to approach older boy. But there is no such first aid kit for the boy’s heart. No band aid to heal his hurt feeling and to recover his trauma. But, you see, just because it doesn’t visible to eyes, doesn’t mean emotional injury doesn’t need band aid. Because human knows the risk of leaving physical wound or illness untreated, they make first aid kid: a box full of easy to reach medication and health tools. Yet despite knowing the risk of untreated injury, people seem wonderfully indifferent toward emotional injury. But how about leaving emotional injury ? So, what do we need to do to make this emotional first aid? According to the book, the treatment will be different according to each type of the emotional injuries: rejection, loneliness, loss and trauma, guilt, rumination, failure, and low self esteem. Let's discuss one by one Loneliness Loneliness isn’t a ‘door shut on your face’ type of hurt like rejection. It comes slowly, creeping between your day and night, even when you’re surrounded with people. Loneliness makes you sad, constantly on guard and tends to mistrust other people. Often because of that it drives people away, so you’re going to be even lonelier. how about the first aid for loneliness ? Stop bullying yourself !!! We frown upon bullying when we see one, yet we often bully our own selves. We often blame ourself for everything that goes wrong, even when those things are just coincident. In our head, we often call ourselves ugly, stupid, and other demeaning words. When we succeed, we seldom praise ourselves. In fact, bullying ourselves will just add negative thinking into our head. When we’re too deep in negative thinking, we may regard everything in life with negative lens, including connecting to people. That makes us even lonelier. Borrow other people’s eyes Are you afraid you won’t meet other people’s expectation when you’re interacting with them? Let me ask you something. Are you afraid other people won’t meet your expectation when they’re interacting with you? No, right? You don’t expect something from others when you’re casually interacting with them, except basic manner of course. So, remember that that’s what exactly other people think of you in conversation: they don’t expect anything from you. Knowing this will help you relax in conversation. For rejection, loss and trauma, guilt, rumination, failure, and low self esteem, I will continue it If this is post get a good respond ;):throb: Source
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