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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! How y'all doing today? I found myself back on this forum after a couple years when we shared helpful advice on my anxiety related worries. I've been battling with a huge challenge for a year now. I believe some of you might relate to this – let me tell you. I was doing good in my life – working my ass off at school and work, traveling, being healthy, going to gym, having a girlfriend, etc. In a time frame of two years the pushing and too little sleep burnt me out eventually. Learned my lessons there. I went to the doctor and it was diagnosed as a burnout. Now here I am, trying to get myself back in life so to speak. I've been recovering for almost a year now and been careful about my diet, sleep hygiene and now I've started taking walks in the morning. I do a little yoga and meditation daily and try to write down my thoughts every now and then. The process is taking longer than I could ever imagine. The thing is I feel fed up with surviving on my own and being tired all the time; the constant trying and trying and it feels close to not progressing at all. I'm battling with my final work at the same time to get graduated from school but the work feels so huge and difficult that it eats me inside. I can barely work with it for one to three hours per day. I've been depressed battling with all of this – therefore I feel "stuck" at life. I can't even think about my future because I feel like I'm drowned in my school work and recovery, and I can't find the energy to do more of it every day. Sometimes I skip doing the work because I feel so exhausted just waking up. And I feel this recovering and unfinished work is prolonging my future plans because I can't deal with them both properly. Life is in a stand-by mode at the moment. I just want to feel energized and motivated again and be done with my graduation – to continue my life. I see no light in the end of the tunnel right now. I'm not totally sure which category this issue exactly goes to but I hope some of you can relate in your own way and share some thoughts. We're in this together. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi, I am Casey and I am new to this site but not to anxiety. I am 24 years old and had my first experience with panic attacks, anxiety, and depression at age 14. I have a flare up every couple of years. The last time I had a flare up was when I was 20 and I went four years generally anxiety free, sincerely believing it would never return. Well, I was wrong, and about a month ago it returned out of nowhere. I've had lots of potential triggers. About two years ago my father passed away from stage 4 c****r. Then my mother and I moved from my childhood home into a new condo. I graduated college and purchased a business which has had a very successful first year. Now that I look back at it...the whole time I encountered all of these events I was sort of unemotional and numb...I guess it was a disaster waiting to happen... The summer is when my business slows down. I have a lot of down time and not half as many responsibilities. Recently I started dating my amazing boyfriend. I actually began to feel genuinely happy and excited about life for the first time in a long time. But about a month ago, I was sick with a horrible cold for the week and was bedridden. I started feeling better on the weekend so I decided to try to go out to dinner with my mom and boyfriend. The whole day I was feeling anxious but I usually can manage those feelings so I thought nothing of it. But on the way to dinner I had a panic attack and after driving 1 minute away from home we had to return. It's like all of my emotions spilled out at once. And here I was, back as the anxious girl who cries all day and feels hopeless. Something switched in my brain and I kind of went "off the deep end". My boyfriend has been 100% supportive of me even though he has no experience with anxiety/panic/depression. I feel in awe of his patience with me. But deep down I fear he will get frustrated and want to leave. I began seeing my old therapist again and he told me it was delayed onset grief that triggered me. The feelings of grief just started to sink in which adds an extra layer of depression to the anxiety. When I have my anxiety, I have feelings of depersonalization and derealization. They used to be much worse when I was younger but those feelings have began to lessen as the years go by. I seem to have anxiety about nothing. I feel worried about how I can fill the days until I can get into my pajamas and hang out with my boyfriend. I feel like I can't enjoy the moment because I'm worried about something I can't even put my finger on...I feel like no one can understand this and I don't even understand it. I'm afraid my professional life is suffering because I am going through this rough patch. I wish I could shut off the switch in my brain that consumes me. I feel like I have been dropped into a world that I am not a part of. I'm confused on how I got here or why I am here. I know lots of people have it worse than me. I am still able to do my job, go shopping, go to the gym, attend social events, take care of my dog and even help my mom and my boyfriend when they need me. But the depression of the loss of my father added to my anxiety disorder is just really hard to manage. My therapist does help. I have been taking effexor XR since age 14 and I just started to take .5MG of klonopin to help with the nervous stomach and take the edge off. I'm trying to use this "relapse" for lack of a better term to come out a stronger and better person. Can anyone give me some insight if they can relate? I don't even know what I am anxious or upset about. I have anxiety about having anxiety. It's SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone feel like I am feeling? I need some encouragement right now because my self esteem has been pretty low since this started. I'm mad at myself for being weak. But I just can't help it... -Thank you.
  3. Hi all, My name is Sarah and I'm new to Anxiety Central. Between a hectic job, running a house and keeping up with day to day life I developed anxiety from not dealing with concerns properly, and not speaking to people about how I feel. I don’t know why, I guess I was embarrassed and people would see me as being weak. I find that my jaw is constantly clenched down, my fists are tight and my legs / abdomen are tense all the time (for over a year at least). For the last six months things have escalated. I have been very concerned about my current state of health when I started developing PHYSICAL symptoms. What started off as groin pain (little electric shocks) has now resulted in a dull ache at the top of my stomach (right side) bottom of the stomach (left and right), pins and needles and burning pain in my left foot, and pins and needles in both hands. I am a constant state of fear as these symptoms are continuous and I am not receiving a moment piece from being in pain or uncomfortable. I can’t stop thinking, my brain is on overload with horrible thoughts that something is very very wrong with my body. I am not at all connecting with my surroundings. As most people have mentioned, MS is my biggest fear as the symptoms seem very similar. I have had 4 set of blood tests, only revealing that my iron levels are high, a CT of the abdomen and brain all ok, chest X-ray came back good. The only thing left is to see a neurologist for an MRI of the brain...... I am so so scared that my life is over, I guess fear of death is what haunts me. I also have this constant urge to Google every single symptom that I feel, resulting in more fear as the result is always the same c****r or MS. I can’t stop this; I am looking every chance I get. My question is, can anxiety cause all my physical symptoms constantly? I would think anxiety would have little attacks like short burst..... Not like this. I previous saw a psychologist for around 6 months when I was first diagnosed with anxiety and high stress, but I felt as though my issues were of little concern to her - and I agree, there are people out there with serious health issues such as depression and wanting to leave this world.... I don’t suffer from depression, but I am starting to feel down due to this negative voyage. Can anyone else relate, and share their similar experience, especial groin nerve pain...... Also, can you recommend how you overcame this...
  4. It's midnight where I live and I just woke up feeling like it's hard to breathe. I can't go back to sleep because it feels too uncomfortable and like I can't breathe. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to go back to sleep and help this pass at such a late hour? Thank you to anyone who replies