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  1. Thanks to both of you for your thoughtful responses. Do you really think my symptoms could be GAD, even the sleep problems? I am not peri menopausal btw, I though that but when tested nowhere near
  2. My name is Mezz and I am 44 years old. I have been suffering from some strange symptoms since January 2013. I had a chest infection in December 2012 nothing outrageous but it prompted me to give up smoking on January 3rds for three months. Soon after I developed what appeared to be a urinary infection four tests later and I presumed I had interstitial cystiss. (IC). Soon after I noticed the soles of my feet felt like they were burning this later migrated to my hands. I did freak out over my health at this point and presumed I would end up peeing constantly forever (the IC). I have seen an urologist and had a cryoscopy. The urologist said my bladder looked healthy. My bladder symptoms are weird as the frequency and burning comes and goes (maybe it’s all in my mind). Anyway, then one night in early March my sleep when bonkers, literally. At first I woke up early after two or three hours sleep and could not go back to sleep. Now I can fall asleep ok but wake up after three four hours, fall back asleep easily and then can do only another hour. I sleep 5/6 hours tops. I have other symptoms too but they are transient and come and go (muscle aches, headaches, sweating at night, feeling hot, and slightly high body temperature, fatigue. Mostly though my symptoms are the sleep, bladder and burning hands/feet. Oh and I have a white tongue which is not Candida and is horrid and I have to empty my bowels on awakening EVERY MORNING. My doctor says I have GAD. I am not so sure apart from my health I am not worried about anything, although I admit I have been totally obsessed about having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as I think my symptoms fit with it. When I ay obsessed I mean googling every moment I can. I have seen a neurologist, rheumatologist, an ME expert, a fibromyalgia expert a Perrin osteopath plus five other doctors and they say I don’t have CFS. I had a Skype with Derek Enlander and he thought I did, but Dr Lapp another CFS expert thought I didn’t (he had the same information as Enlander). Had my thyroid, B12, Lupus, ESR and everything checked and everything is normal. I just don’t understand why I am not sleeping can anybody help? I really am beyond desperate. Things not consistent with CFS No sore throat No tender lymph nodes No Perrin points Good reflexes Can do tandem stance No Real PEM does not last 24 hours No mental fog No debilitating fatigue but do feel very tired especially in morning and at bedtime Don’t nap in day Usually up 15 hours
  3. Hi I have been having strange sleeping habits since March 2013 which literally developed overnight. I can fall asleep most nights very easily, in fact often I am very tired. But then I wake up anywhere between 2-5 hours, and still feel tired (I often need to pee). I can then sleep another hour or so depending on how many hours I slept in the first block. Usually I cannot sleep more than six hours in total. On good nights it is 4 hours plus one on bad nights it is 3 hours plus three. Sometimes I wake multiple times. I was very anxious when this problem started and my doctor says I am suffering from generalised anxiety but I don't think he is right. If it was anxiety, why can I fall asleep ok? If it is anxiety why can I fall back asleep afet my first awaking ok? If it is anxiety why can I not fall back asleep after I have had five hours sleep in total? I think I have a sleep disorder or CFS. I have spoken with many suffers of anxiety and there problems seem to be a troubled mind that prevents them falling asleep and/or waking up and not beeing able to return to sleep. Or waking up and sleeping many more hours. Does anybody else suffer from this. I am desperate to hear from people who suffer from a similar problem. I am not on any meds