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  1. I actually drink a lot of water, not too much though. I even bring 2 litres to school everyday. Also I think my meals are fine. I mean everyone in the family eats the same thing and I'm the only one having troubles..
  2. I did call her about it and that's what she said, she was out of the country the last time I was there and I'm back in Ireland now so.. Since stopping I have been thinking and I might try again starting tomorrow. I was advised to take it in the morning but I'll try to take it in the evening so it wouldn't hinder my daily activities. :edit: Actually I tried this just now and the nausea is still awful. Also woke up the next morning feeling like I have a hungover. :another edit: Well did it again this morning now, along with Motilium and this seems to work for me.
  3. I was prescribed Lexapro (Escitalopram) but I stopped because the side effects are killing me. I have the habit of reading medication leaflets, and it scared me more when I saw that I can have anorgasmia or lack of libido from this thing! So yeah..
  4. Thank you everyone. Sorry I haven't been here for long, I have been really busy lately. Sadly, I am not taking my medications. I simply cannot take the side effects and I can't do anything after I've taken it because I really feel unwell. I know I'm supposed to take it but.. I was worried about that, especially because I know there are side effects, and I am getting it. I called my doctor the next day and told her if I could go to CBT instead rather than taking medication because the side effects are bothering me, and she said that I can't stop my medication since I've had this problem since I was in primary school and it's best to do CBT when I'm already in the middle of my medication.
  5. It took forever since my last post here, my apologies. I'm currently on a different country and I don't have any source of internet connection unless I waste my phone credits so.. Anyway, today was my first day with the psychiatrist. I remember telling you guys about my problems and what I think I have.. Well apparently I have Social Phobia that kept going on for years that I eventually also developed depression. I have been prescribed Escitalopram (Lexapro) and I will start taking them tomorrow. She said that it would take 6 to 8 months for me so I'm just hoping for the best
  6. Well not particularly a specific show, but I don't tell anyone now that I still watch cartoons
  7. Hello there. I only wake up in the middle of the night when I need to go to the toilet. I would wake up for no reason sometimes but I fall asleep quite easily after that. Also I barely have dreams. I do find it hard to fall asleep though, but when I do I pretty much sleep like I'm hibernating.
  8. Thanks everyone. My flight to my father's country would be next week Wednesday so I'm really going forward to going to a doctor there and get me diagnosed and get me some help.
  9. Haha, I find this ironic . The title's rock star and it's about that yet the song is of hip hop genre.
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    Hello there, welcome to the forum
  11. I'm not sure Gilly, this has been going on for a long long time.. =/ I mean, like there was a period of time where I didn't go out at all. I stopped going to school, refused to see friends and refused to go back to class even if my class tutor was visiting me at home. I just felt like there was no point in it. This happened when I was 14 until I was around 16. I barely talk to my friends and my own family. This is all still happening but it wasn't as bad as before. I don't know what that means though. Uhh, this is what I was referring to, it's what's written as one of the symptoms on depression on the site that I found on Google : "• Loss of interest in hobbies, family or social life"
  12. ..maybe I have none and I'm just imagining things? When I first got here I was convinced that I had Social Anxiety Disorder and Anti-social problems. But then I was looking at the clusters and I was convinced that I had other things than that. Then I posted a problem about a sleep disorder I have and Gilly thought that maybe I have depression. I searched around Google and looked at the symptoms and I had most of it and even nearly all of it except the s*****al thoughts. I do think about though if what will happen if I die and things like that. I have never thought before that I might have depression because I usually have the anxiety stuff and I thought I was just imagining a lot when it comes to me dying and those things, but after looking at the symptoms the physical ones really fit me. I don't care about my social life, I'm often bored, anxious, I'm always fatigued etc. Can anyone help me evaluate on what I really have?
  13. I'm like this. I can't even walk to and from school when there's no lift because I get paranoid that people in the car are seeing me and will be looking at me. Can't go to the shopping centre alone either, or go to the shop alone, talk to shop assistants whatsoever. I'm the same with you as well when it comes to other people belittling the situation, it makes it worse. I'm glad that you're better now
  14. Well I think that my sleep's too much. I spend days not doing anything but watch tele and be on the computer and it will always be the same. A while ago I had to wake up at 8.30 because of errands and now I feel like my head's going to explode from being so sleepy. I don't know about depression, I don't think I'm depressed or anything.. :edit: I just checked this site - and I have most of the symptoms, well nearly all of it except the "loss of interest in living" and "s****de" parts. Uh, I am so confused right now
  15. Well, contrary to what most people here have, I sleep too much. I mean, I can go to bed at half 9 and wake up the next day at around 11 or 12. Not sure if this is a sleeping disorder, but I get called lazy a lot and stuff because of this. I can't help it, sure I can wake up at 7.30 AM on weekdays because I need to, but I'd be really groggy. On weekends my sleep wouldn't be satisfied if I wake up earlier than 11. That means I will be pretty much tired the whole day. Thoughts anyone?
  16. I think shaun nailed it. I believe you really can talk to girls, but it depends on what "kind" they are. You can do it, but you have set limits for yourself such as the age gap and all. My partner has had this problem since forever. In fact, I was the only one of the few girls who can actually get near him. As he says himself, he's kind of "allergic" to other girls
  17. Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook (I'm such a shame for a woman!). Well I could fry things, but that's just it, and sometimes food ends up burnt . However recently I've taken a liking for Japanese food, and when I get my chopsticks I might start trying to cook them myself! Also, a while ago my mother taught me how to bake brownies
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    Hello there Antje, welcome
  19. That's great for you! It's always good to find someone who can genuinely help you and treat your worries seriously. Ah, I hope it's my turn next.
  20. That's great that you enjoyed it I can relate. I get invited by friends a lot but I rarely show up because of my anxiety. When I do though I have loads of fun and wish that the day wouldn't end. However after that it all goes back to the way it is...
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    Hello there Jennifer, welcome
  22. Is she French? She's really good for a young girl, what age is she exactly? :edit: I just searched and she's 16 now.
  23. Hmm for teenagers? I'm thinking of the book "Go Ask Alice". A lot would be able to relate. Not all would relate to the drug addiction bit which was the root of the story of her life, but the experiences and decisions she has made will all seem familiar.
  24. If it's a one on one I'd be better off. I'll still be extremely nervous, but if it's only one person I usually could hide the feeling. When it's crowds I can't help it and it's really becoming obvious.