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  1. This exactly. There are many people and things who remind me of someone else, which in turn triggers extreme anxiety and depression. It's very hard to get over, especially because that person never did anything directly wrong in the first place, so it can never be made better with them at least.
  2. Travelling alone is always something that gives me anxiety If I am on the train or anything I'll always be worried I am going to miss my stop or something. I end up over-planning.
  3. This is true. Exercise does REALLY help. If there are days where I am walking around quite a bit, or helping move things around, I will almost always find it easier to get to sleep that night.
  4. At the end of the day, it is nothing to be ashamed of. People need to understand that crowds are very unsettling to a lot of people. If you have tried to explain this to them, and they just brush it off and don't understand, that is NOT your fault. Sure you volunteered, but that doesn't mean you need to be put in a situation where you will not feel good.
  5. I'm glad you decided to do this, and got some tips that will actually help you! Now you also have the comfort of knowing you can talk to your doctor about it again if you really need to. Great stuff.
  6. This type of thing also really upsets me. When people are giving me a hard time for the sake of it, or when they are trying to take advantage of me. It's unfortunate that there are people like this. Just remember Melannen, she is soon to be your EX-housemate. You'll get through it, and then you don't have to worry about her anymore!
  7. I went to therapy for a bit and I absolutely couldn't stand it. It's probably because of the bad vibe I got from the therapist though. I completely opened up and everything, listened to everything they said etc. but it just wasn't helping me at all so I stopped going.
  8. I am the same, I find what I do to be really bizarre though. A lot of mine are computer based. Like when I'm listening to music on full volume, I'll know its full volume, but every now and then I will simply HAVE to keep clicking the higher volume button. If I don't do it it drives me crazy, Or if I'm waiting for a text, even though if I'll be notified if I have a new text or not, I'll keep checking that conversation every couple of minutes. Ahhh, OCD can be so annoying!
  9. The only a way a movie makes me panic is if something happens in the movie that reminds me of something that makes me anxious. That has happened a few times but normally I'll be able to control it well enough that I forget about it as soon the scene changes.
  10. If these worries win the majority of the time, and you end up not going out, or avoiding groups, then I would say you have social anxiety. My advice would try to be to find a natural remedy before you go get diagnosed and put on anything though. I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Have you tried an actual prescription sleeping medication?
  12. It's crazy how things like this can bother us SO much. What makes our brain do this?
  13. Yeah, this. It's called lower belly meditation. You should read up on it more, it's extremely helpful.
  14. That definitely sounds like some major anxiety. Hopefully you can find something that will help you overcome these things as I know none of them are fun at all.
  15. Whenever I'm in a hospital I get panic attacks because of my PTSD and what I saw with my mom.