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  1. SEA81 dont be afraid (wow my font is huge...i dont know how to fix it)! Let me tell you my story! (it seems to have fixed itself) I am from a small small down, like less than 3000 people live in my town, I grew up there, had never been outside the country, lived with my parents, etc. How the situation came into my head, I do not know, call it temporary insanity if you will, but I ended up getting offered a job in Canada. I was 23 years old, and I upped left, and immigrated alone. I have to say, its the best thing I ever did. I have met so many people, and have made some true friendships here. Go do it! You owe it to yourself, there are great sites to find like minded people who are safe, check out !
  2. Well after my ordeal of the Panic Attack at the end of April I got up the courage to visit my Dr! She was so sweet and talked to me about stress, she gave me some general tips for reducing my stress, they were: 1 - Whenever I feel overwhelmed by something at work, walk away and go to the bathroom, and breathe! 2 - Whenever I feel panicked over stressful situations worrying me, get up and make a list, a list of all the ways to remedy the situation, what i have done, and what i can do. 3 - Talk! Talk to people about my worries and stresses 4 - Get out an exercise! Go for a walk to clear my head the fresh air will calm me. 5 - Dont take what people say personally, instead of taking things at face value, step back and think did they really mean it to sound that way? She really helped me feel like I am not alone. She made an appointment with a social worker for me to discuss it more, and said she can refer me to "anyone I want" and give me drugs if I "think I need them". I feel supported, and less worried already!
  3. You are not alone, as others have said! I find myself hungry all the time! I have found that taking a vitamin c tablet whenever I am craving something sweet works for me, and that by starting my day of with a high energy breakfast also helps me to pace myself. But I am a comfort eater! If I feel sad, I eat chocolate and I feel happy
  4. Right now I am obsessed with leverage! It is a kinda Comedy/Drama/Crime/Heist show, about a group of con-men ripping off bad guys. It is awesome! I recommend it to anyone!
  5. Welcome to the forums! This is honestly a great community! Smart, and friendly people all out to help each other, I have to say it is my favourite forum I am on. I hope you will fit in well with us, and get some help, support, and new friends!
  6. I love home cooked, especially when I create something that tastes as good as someone else made it! I always impress myself with how cheaply you can make delicious healthy food!
  7. Hailey I could just jump on in there with you! I have the exact same issue. I am undiagnosed, but I think something is wrong. I don't know if this is relevant to you, but are you on the birth control pill? Because that tiny little pill has made my moods worse, I get so teary so easily, my first pill had me crying every day. I am going to see my doctor to change, as I really feel it is having an influence over this.
  8. I am sore today, but I did just move house! Sometimes I get a really stiff neck and shoulder area when I sleep awkwardly, just make sure you have a nice pillow, and you are super comfortable in bed. A nice warm bath will take the tension out.
  9. I love cooking! You can make an awesome Beef Chilly really easy. No cheese, lots of protein. Heres how I do it! 1 Pack of ground beef (Lean if you can do it!), 1 can tomato soup, 2 table spoons chilly powder, 1 celery, 1 carrot, (both optional), 2/3 chopped tomatoes, and beans. Top up with water, and boil for 2 hours. Very very cheap to make, you can make it once, then freeze the portions. Very filling, and very tasty. As for chicken, buy it bone in, skin on, and you can get it for half price. Marinate it over night in olive oil and some spices, and grill it. The flavour is amazing, and it is very cheap if you buy chicken legs or wings instead of breast. Buying the big "family pack" of ground lean beef is a good investment, as from that you can make homemade meatballs (beef, eggs, bread, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, spices -VERY PROTIENY), Pasta Sauce (beef, 1 tin chopped tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic, water, butter), Burgers (beef, bread, onions, salt, pepper), Tacos (beef, lots of water, chilli powder, Cayenne pepper, Black Pepper, Paprika, Garlic), Chilli (see above). If you want some specific recipies, I can help you out with quantities. I am recommending beef, lean, because it is a lot less fatty than pork, and much cheaper than chicken. Cooking on a budget is so much fun, if you need advise, just let me know!
  10. I have tried to watch this show a few times, and I find myself hating it! I really cannot get into it at all. I hate 2 and a Half men though as well, so I think my comedy tastes are a little different to most peoples.
  11. I never had much luck on POF, I dunno why, too many fish maybe!? Ha! Its a nice site, very easy to use, I love it, I am still a member even though I am in a relationship now...hahaha! I feel so bad deleting my account since it is where I found my boyfriend!
  12. I read it in school years back, a truly touching and eyeopening book from a brave young girl. I cannot believe how terrifying her life must have been. Its a great book.
  13. Welcome to the forums! Everyone here is so nice, and welcoming and understanding you are going to fit right in, and get some much needed support!
  14. I am not on any meds, as I have never went to a doctor about this, as usually I can calm myself by saying it will be ok, it will be ok, and breathing deeply. Last night was different. I am getting teary as I read this, as it is so nice to have support from someone who actually understands what is happening, and knows I am not just "freaking out" it is something I cannot control. I am going to get something like the Rescue Remedy, or Kalms, just to try and soothe myself in case it happens again. Thank you so much for your reply, sometimes knowing you are not alone, is all you need.
  15. Ill give you some tips On sites like OK Cupid, you can set public browsing. That means when you browse someones page, they will see you browsed. It also has a "quiver" which basically goes out and finds your top ten matches, every day. Now, if like me, you are not a fan of rejection. Leave the messaging to the other person! Just browse onto their page often, or browse onto it when they are online. The more they see you, the more you will wear them down into messaging you. Then you are the one who gets to choose. It may sound silly, or manipulative. But I never instigated any conversations on that site, I let them come to me. I'll let you know I am not a pretty young skinny thing, but it is all about selling yourself. I have so many tips I can share, so anything you wanna know let me know. I have seen it all!