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  1. Probiotics actually work well too. I find when I have a cup of Greek yogurt daily, my digestion runs very smoothly and regularly. If only I would just remember to actually eat it on a daily basis, I know I'd have few troubles!
  2. I know from a couple of my friends who have autistic children that there definitely can be other diagnoses. It doens't mean all autistic children will be ADD/ADHD or have other disorders, but it is common. I'm not sure what age is considered appropriate for a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD though. It's definitley something to bring up to his doctor.
  3. I'm sorry you're struggling with this - have you tried using a Neti pot? It is a sinus flush with saline-water. No medication at all, and I have found it to be really helpful in the past. Just make sure to use distilled water. You can find them at about any drugstore.
  4. kinser


    I have never experience pain in my chest from gas or indigestion - just from my stomach area on down. I think I'd be pretty alarmed if I had that kind of pain in the chest area!
  5. Now I'm almost finished with The Breakdown Lane by Jaquelyn Michard. I loved The Deep End of the Ocean, another one of her novels, so I've been trying a few of her others. This one was pretty good - it's about a woman whose husband leaves her and then she finds out she has MS. The ending is happy, but a little too unrealistic for me. I also started another one by her called The Midnight Twins, which I couldn't get into, so I put down. I used to feel like I had to finish a book at all costs, but then I decided why suffer through something I'm supposed to be reading for pleasure? Life's too short!
  6. That is a hard decision. I moved back in with my parents temporarily after my first marriage fell apart, and it was really hard. I just didn't feel like it was my personal space, and I felt like an intruder (even though they asked me if I wanted to stay there, and never indicated that they felt like it was an intrusion). I just couldn't do it after having been out on my own. I would avoid it again at all costs. Have you considered getting a roommate? That's what I ended up doing after moving out of their house after staying for a few months.
  7. Most of the above. I really hate that initial feeling of adrenaline shooting through my chest. And then the racing and intrusive thoughts that follow, along with inablility to concentrate.
  8. I think it's a good idea for the services to be offered and widely available, but requiring them seems to be a classic case of the government overstepping. I'm sure it all has to do with funding and money - that always seems to be the underlying reason. I am also curious as to what it means - what kind of psych evaluation are they referring to? If someone seeks help, isn't he or she already agreeing to be evaluated by the professional the help is being sought from?
  9. I went off Prozac "cold turkey" with no problems. I think the withdrawal symptoms are typically worse for different drugs. I did have a bad experience with Wellbutrin SR (not coming off, but just with taking the drug period). It made my anxiety issues so much worse, which is a listed side-effect of the drug.
  10. I definitely agree as well. I don't know how someone could NOT be depressed or anxious over other health problems, at least to some degree. For those of us who already suffer, obviously it may just exaccerbate our symptoms. But I think anxiety would be expected in all situations where a person learns he or she (or a loved one) has a major illness. Just the thought of the fianancial implications alone makes it hard for me to breathe!
  11. I actually think I'd really enjoy traveling alone, and wouldn't hestitate if I had the money and less responsibilities. In fact, if I ever want to travel (which is a goal of mine), I may have to go alone (or at least without my husband since he hates to travel). I think if you just "do it", you will find that it's going to get much easier once you can be reassured that it's not impossible or even difficult. If you find that you're not really enjoying it, you can always cut the trip short and come home.
  12. There is no all-inclusive answer, and sometimes medications are necessary. I do not agree that it's child abuse to try prescibed medications as a last resort. It's not a black and white issue - just because some doctors jump on the medication bandwagon too fast doesn't mean there are cases where meds are necessary to treat a disorder in a young child. I hope you find what works best for your son.
  13. I hope everything has come back okay - I know how scary and hard it is to wait for test results. Please update us when you get a chance. I'm sure it will be a big relief to you that things are right on track
  14. Oooo, this is a perfect topic for me now. I've been having a lot of negative talk going on in my head lately, and it can get exhausting The best thing I have found to do to combat it is to get involved in something routine and physical - I usually start cleaning something. That sort of helps break the cycle of racing, negative thoughts. Get busy and get things accomplished - you'll feel better for the break of not mentally harping on yourself, and you'll feel good that something has physically been accomplished (like a clean house). The old adage of "get out of your head" - that's the idea.
  15. It depends on whether I'm in the mood for sugar, or salt and spice. Both have the power to soothe when I'm feeling anxious. If I'm craving sugar, I generally go for things like creme-filled doughnuts. Salty snacks almost always have to be paired with cheese or cheese flavor. Lately I've eating a lot of pretzel sticks dipped in salsa con queso - it has the perfect balance of salty, spicy, creamy, and crunchy. Not so great for the waistline, but it does soothe tension.