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  1. I like this show. I watch it when I remember its on. Its nothing I would add to my DVR.
  2. I love SOA. I like Jax and Opie. I can;t wait to see what happens in the new season that is coming up this fall.
  3. What shows are you ashamed to admit you watch? Mine is Keeping Up with the Kardashians. lol
  4. This was a super cute movie! Great for a whole family to watch. I really enjoyed it and so did my kids. I was kind of shocked though how old Matt Damon looked
  5. Has anyone had an antidepressant affect their INR level? My husbands keeps going extremely low to extremely high. He has not been therapeutic for 2 months. I think his antidepressant is affecting his levels but his doctor doesnt seem to think so. Its so frustrating to watch him go through this.
  6. I DVR shows so I don;t miss them, but I am usually home when they are on anyways. I love Walking Dead, Justified, Hell on Wheels, Sons Of Anarchy, Teen mom and 16 & pregnant (shhhh don't judge me! lol), and WWE.
  7. Joy, I know what you mean. I think that is the point I am at now. My husband has recently become very sick and can't go any where because of a PICC line. Well he used to be the one to push me so now I am back to only leaving for doctor appoinments, to pay bills and grocery shop. Sometimes I count the days since I have taken my younger kids out somewhere and I am ashamed. Thankfully my older kids go to school daily so they socialize that way. And when I realize the little ones have been home 3 or 4 days in a row I try to take them to the park or to grandma's. I know some people who post every day on facebook about all the things they are doing or places they are going and I don't think I will ever be able to do that.
  8. Has he really tried different medications or is he in denial? I self medicated a lot in my teens and early twenties and that was in response to not knowing what was wrong with me and after I found out it was driven by denial. Once I quit drinking and smoking pot I realized that it was causing me more issues and making my anxiety and depression worse. The struggle of spending a few months or even a year finding the right medication and dose is much easier than the long term effects of alcohol abuse...the lose of body function, the dementia, heart disease, and c*****...
  9. I think google is set up so everything medical that you search for turns out to be worst case scenario. I could have pink eye and google the symptoms and it would lead to some thing about blindness and death. One time I googled some symptoms I had with swallowing and my throat and convinced myself I was developing a goiter. I freaked myself out enough to go the the doctor and discovered I actually had thyroid disease. So my paranoia was actually good in that case even though I was wrong about the diagnosis. Even worse than google was when I was taking A & P and other medical classes I convinced myself that I had like 10 disease over a year long period.
  10. Hello everyone! I am from Tennessee and have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. It has affected my life in many ways but the hardest part I have had to deal with is how it affects my 5 kids. Since going out is a struggle for me I feel like maybe my kids are deprived of a well rounded childhood.