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  1. So I went to the doctor today to discuss the covid vaccine and to get treated for what I thought was just another sinus infection. I get them quite often. Well, they tested me for covid and it came back positive. I always wear a mask when I go out, social distance, and constantly wash my hands but I still have it. Right now the only symptoms are being tired, a headache, and my ears hurting. Doctor said my lungs sound great and gave me a list if vitamins to take. However, my dad called to tell me about all the healthy people dying from this and I am basically going to die, etc. Then my Facebook is covered in deaths too. Now my anxiety is super triggered though I feel okay besides the symptoms above which started last week but my doctor was booked a week out and couldn't see me until today. She thinks I'm probably toward the end up it but I'm super paranoid. Anyone else recently contract covid?
  2. I'm having such a rough go of it lately. I've been seen a cardiologist for a couple years now due to my heart rate being fast. The other day I was playing fetch with the dogs for an hour and then came in to bathe them. After the first dog, I had to take a break. I felt tired/winded but wasn't breathing hard. I've been worried about my heart ever since. Now it feels like it's racing more often and right now I keep having these intermittent chest pains in my left side of the chest. They are sharp, last a second or two and then go away. I'm so worried I'm having a heart attack or in congestive heart failure at 26. Multiple people on one side of the family have had heart attacks and I just feel genetically screwed at this point. I was in a wreck over the summer and my cholesterol has been high (not super high) ever since. First time my blood work wasn't perfect. I'm just so overwhelmed at the moment. I have my annual with cardio on the 6th of February but I'm scared I won't make it that long. However, I'm too afraid of going to the ER cause previous experienced they've been dismissive of me and brush everything off as anxiety. It makes me feel embarrassed and humiliated like I'm just wasting their time which is the last thing I want to do. I just don't know what to do at this point. Just at a complete and utter loss.
  3. Anyone ever experience chest pain and racing heart at the same time? Is this anything serious? I've been to the cardiologist couple of times and they haven't found anything major in the past. Feeling dizzy too now. Ugh I don't know what's up with me.
  4. The same. Still super dizzy
  5. The room currently feels like it is spinning, worse with my eyes closed, head feels full, and I can feel my heart beat in my head and chest on and off. Sometimes random sharp pains in my head. Mouth twitching. My eyes feel weird and I'm worried it something serious going on like an infection or a brain bleed.
  6. Thanks guys. Still worried though cause where I was feeling the pressure in my chest I found a lump in my breast. Also the same breast suddenly has stretch marks and the other one does not. I'm 26 but now worried about possible cancer. Ugh I hate this.
  7. Feeling so bad at the moment. I've been dealing with back and pelvic pain for 2 weeks now. First the doctors though it was a uti but that test came back negative. Now the doctors think possible kidney stone or infection but have to wait for an ultrasound to confirm. I've also been having a weird pressure in my chest under my left breast that seems to change as I move my arm. This morning I ate cereal and took the antibiotic. A few minutes ago after returning from walking a clinic dog, my back started hurting and my stomach cramped up. Broke out in a cold sweat for a little while too. I'm so scared there's an unknown heart issue going on and I'm gonna die. My anxiety is now through the roof due to all the weird symptoms and Google popping up heart attack as one of the first results. 😭 i just want to feel normal again.
  8. I was just at the doctor for kidney pain today. They think I might have a kidney stone hiding somewhere. I didnt tell them about my chest cause I was afraid they would think I was crazy or something. Couldn't see my normal doctor cause she isn't there today. The doctor listened to my lungs and heart and didn't say anything. Not sure if they would be able to tell if some was wrong just by listening to me or not
  9. TW: heart worries... . . . . . So since yesterday, under my left breast has felt somewhat heavier than the right side of my chest. No chest pain or arm pain. Just like a odd weight I've noticed and now I'm hyper focused on it thinking I might be having a heart attack. More noticeable when I take a deep breath. Anyone have experience with this? I just checked my blood pressure and its 112/75.
  10. My mother's truck was broken so she needed me to take her places to run errands including the mall. I worn my face shield the whole time, germ-x my hands, and stayed away from people as much as I could. Toward the end of the trip, I noticed my throat feeling scratchy/raw and I took some sinus medicine but its still bothering me. Paranoid that it's covid and I'm going to get super sick.
  11. Panicking. I was laying down in bed almost asleep and suddenly it felt like I couldn't breathe for a second. I shot up and tried to force the breath but it felt like I wasn't coming. Coughed and finally could breathe and my heart was suddenly racing. Scared this is serious and I'm going to stop breathing and die
  12. Okay I'm sitting at work. Just got a really sharp pain under my left breast in what feels like the rib right under the breast. Immediately felt panicked. Scared something is wrong with my heart. Now shoulder is hurting on and off but it was hurting from playing frisbee the past week but now I'm thinking it's another heart sign
  13. I hope this passes. This is the worst I've felt in a long time. Coughing on and off now and my chest hurts so bad. I have never had a sinus infection this bad before.
  14. Ugh. Came down sick on friday: sore throat, mucus in head and throat, ears hurting. I was starting to feel better today but as it got later in the evening theres a lot of pressure in my chest, ears, and neck. I get this weird dizzy, pressure sensation in my chest. My anxiety is through the roof that something back is going to happen. My chest feels heavy, tight, and it hurts. I used to work with people that went back and forth to China. I saw a couple of them a month or so ago when I had to pick something up from the old office. Went to urgent care today. Barely looked at me and said it was a bad sinus infection, but it doesn't feel like one. I hate this. She did say my lungs sounded good. But reviews on the place aren't that great.... but they would take my insurance.
  15. One last worry. So I was wrestling with the dog yesterday and he nipped me, which left an open wound. I can't get rabies this way correct? Can he be a host when he's vaccinated? Ugh the anxiety.