I was doing good until today

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This morning out of nowhere I started having severe sharp pains in my lower abdomen and could feel a tight pulling sensation in my pubic area and anus. It got so bad to the point I was sweating and feeling like I was going to pass out. I nearly called an ambulance but my friends calmed me down and convinced me it was probably just gas. The severe pain lasted about 45 mins and started to get a bit better. Eventually I could only feel the pain when I moved or breathed really deep causing the stretch in my lower abdomen. Now I’m just having lingering pain and if I arch my back at all I can feel that pulling sensation in my groin and it hurts. I have been shaking all day with anxiety ever since because obviously my brain went to appendicitis, aneurysm & other deadly things. I’m still convinced I’m dying and I’m scared to sleep but I don’t want to go to the hospital because my pain isn’t 10/10 right now like it was this morning and every time they look at my chart and see I’ve been in and dismissed with anxiety so many times they say “you sure this isn’t another episode?” And I feel so stupid. Health anxiety makes me want to end it all because I don’t want to be taken out some crazy cause of death unexpectedly. HELP 

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How are you feeling now, Nat? I know the feeling of despair and of course the what if’s. The whole question of whether what we’re experiencing warrants a trip to the ER, a call to the doctor, or nothing at all. How are we supposed to be able to tell the difference, except in obvious circumstances? 

And then if we decide to go to the ER, or call our GP, that begins a long waiting game to get from that point to the end point, where we hopefully get closure. Like 12 hours in the ER waiting. Like waiting for a call back from our doctor, or scheduling an appointment that’s days or a week or more away, and there’s no gaurantee our fear ends there, right?

No words of advice I’m afraid, but sympathy for what you, I and so many others have to deal with, with this cursed HA.


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