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  1. Hi there. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. This sounds like classic anxiety. Us mommas have a hard time when it comes to worry especially about our kiddos. How are you feeling now? I think a lot of people are having anxiety due to the pandemic and it’s effects.
  2. Please don’t down go down this dark deep hole. i did, I’m three months In and I’m making Good progress but having some setbacks. Do not go on the als forums. One night there will take weeks to recover and the “horror stories “ will replay in your mind and only further add to the stress you are experiencing. I’m finally calming down and my symptoms are getting better. I had the twitching( still do a little ) the burning/ perceived weakness. Stress is crazy. Your symptoms sound like a mix of overtraining and maybe the Zoloft. Breath. You don’t have als. If you can still do things you have been doing (not hard but impossible ) you don’t have it. It’s super rare. four times more likely to get hit by Lighting/ chance of car crash 1/103. Please try and stop the searching on the internet. Trust me I know it’s hard I’m fighting it too but it only robs you of the life you have right now. No one is promised forever but we can’t spend the time we do have thinking we have something that statistically is very very unlikely. Hugs girl! You got this.
  3. Hi all Ive posted on here a few times with fear of Als. My muscle twitches have subsided some but now I’m having tingles and crawling sensations. I’m having a patch under my left knee that is tingling on and off( Peroneal nerve???) it lasts a few seconds and then stops. This is day two. why is is This happening? It’s making me afraid that the nerves are dying and I have als. I’m so afraid of als. So afraid. please help.
  4. Your body could have been fighting a cold or other small infection. It may be doing such a good job that you didn’t even feel sick even though the wbc are present. I would say slight WBC elevation is nothing to worry about. If your doc saw that it was way too high they would order more tests. I think your all good 😊
  5. Elevated WBC In urine is most commonly associated with a UTI. UTIs aren’t always painful but urine tests will pick them up. I would say that’s most likely the culprit . Try and relax!
  6. Thank you Marc. I’m sorry you are having your own Health Anxious worries too. Something that had been helping me is just remembering to try and live in today and Not the future. So many things we worry about never happen. I'm sending some prayers your way now!
  7. I’m sorry Marc , I know you have said this . I’m trying to get it out of my mind. I was In such a deep hole for almost two months. Thanks for being patient and repeating. I hate HA. And I hate the random twitching.
  8. Thanks all. I’m having a hard time ignoring the twitches especially. I want them to go away so badly do you all think my symptoms would be noticeable after 2 months with als? . 🤦‍♀️
  9. Has anyone ever had a situation where the knee “gives” very quickly( I’ve never fallen or come close too it Even ) Kinda like the knee slides forward slightly? it seems to happen after I’ve been sitting in a weird position for a while or while I’m walking very slow for some reason anyway it’s happened a few times on and off the last 8 weeks. It’s so slight that no one has ever noticed just me. And I think it’s happened before in my life too.... (just never freaked out )It seems to happen more when I think about it. I initially thought als and I’m trying to keep out of that rabbit hole...... it would be easier without all these dang twitches! Also how long can it take for the twitches to go away after you’ve been an anxious wreck?
  10. Thank you Holls. You are all so amazing. I’m slowing coming out of the pit- and doing it for my babies! Thank you for the encouragement. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. Thank you so much. It’s really amazing what our minds can do. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your story with me. I hope you are doing well as of now.
  12. Thank you for replying. And thank you. I just needed some reassurance. I’ve been trying to starve my anxiety but holy crap. This sucks. I don’t want life to pass me by.
  13. Hi all, Ive been reading for a while but I feel I need to post. mom 31, female, mama of three sweet girls. A month ago A*S anxiety struck hard. I started getting what I thought was a quick “hitch” in my knee. It’s since subsided and not returned. ( I was a Catcher and played sports for years). Well I googled and some how got to A*S. By this time I am In full panic mode. Constant googling stressed, lump in throat, not sleeping, not eating, just loosing my every loving Mind. Then I start twitching. Eye, hand, quad, back, calf. Completely random. No weakness. I made the mistake of reading on article on a man who said he had symptoms for “years”. So of course now I think I’ll get it full on any day. Also muscles have felt like they’ve been burning more lately… Also read somewhere that a woman was diagnosed and said her first symptom was burning when she was doing her hair. Twitching is still coming and going and now I feel like my hands are aching / burning and my feet. ( somatic? Anxiety related)? i daw my pcp who ran Every blood test and gave me a neuron exam. Checked reflexes ect... said he has no reason to suspect A*S. But he said that it’s hard to diagnose and that weakness isn’t the first symptom ( ugh). Also my mom flew down to kind of help me out. I have felt the anxiety lessening some recently but that’s kind of when all the aches and pains started. Can you coming down from a month of chronic Anxiety caused this type of pain? can someone please encourage me. I am fighting this battle every day determined to win but it’s hard right now.