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  1. Here's a new one for you. For the past 3 days I have woke up with a weird feeling like the inside of my cheek is swollen, but it isn't. It even carries up into the upper gumline but all is normal. I do have TMJ and have been wearing a nightguard that is defective and rubs my tongue, but I am having that replaced as soon as I have a root canal (on the opposite side lower). I have been on an antibiotic for about 5 days and have taken it before with no issues. I continue to have a tongue twitch on the same side as the odd feeling and thats been going on now about 4 months. I have not been having anxiety severely at all. Could it be that I sleep on that side alot and maybe its related to TMJ or the defective guard? I am going to the dentist tomorrow for the root canal, but I am pretty sure he will say he has never heard of that.
  2. I have had tongue twitching in one little spot for almost 5 months. No better, no worse, but I have noticed that when I am not super stressed it doesn't do it consistently. My ENT said she believes it is anxiety related because of the masks, covid and life in general.
  3. Mine was waking me up in the middle of the night. My husband was working night shift and thats when I was having these attacks. I would wake up feeling like I couldn't breathe and heart racing, but now he is retired, I am not doing it anymore.
  4. Yes. It will affect your stomach. It makes my reflux so much worse and I have developed IBS because of it. When I get really anxious its terrible.
  5. Go on and go. The take precautions like temp checks and hand sanitizer. If someone is sick, they won't be seen.
  6. I have had my share of UTI's and WBC's. Thats just an indication that you have one or may be getting one. Nothing to worry about.
  7. I tried St. Johns Wort when I went thru post partum depression because I am unable to take prescription antidepressants due to the side effects. It really helped me so much. Although it took longer to get over the depression, I was able to deal with it. You just have to be careful out in the sun.
  8. Have you tried counseling....someone who is experienced in anxiety? Thats what I had to do when I had a bout of terrible anxiety that resulted in tongue twitching (which I still have) but the anxiety is so much better and I no longer have fears about my health. He helped me recongnize the warning signs and helped me learn to deep breathe and do focal and cognitive exercises. I don't even go to him now. He helped me to see that anxiety is what it is and I am not going to die from it. If I were you, I would check it out. Also, eating right, no caffeine or alcohol, limit sugar intake and exercise 30 minutes a day will help you. Hope you get relief soon.
  9. Its just annoying. My anxiety was through the roof in June and thats when I first noticed it. As time has gone by the anxiety has gotten better, but the dang twitch is still there. Now I am anxious again and I am focusing more on it which i should not do I know. I have TMJ and trying to get used to a new night guard that was rubbing my tongue on that same side. He fixed it as good we he could, but I am still not used to it. Theres just so much going on that I cannot control and its making me more aware of my tongue....again. Work is stressful now....we have trouble makers and back stabbers always trying to throw somebody under the bus. That is taking its toll as well.
  10. OK. The tongue twitching thing got a little better, but now its back. Am I anxious?? Yes but not too severe. There is one single twitch on the right side...sometimes it is intermittent and now its continuous. Also, I am waking up in the middle of the night and my mind starts racing about things I cannot change or control. Will this twitch ever go away??? Sometimes I can feel it on the roof of my mouth where my tongue rests. I am not worried about ALS or anything like that. I just cannot figure it out. Thank you guys.
  11. Thank you for those encouraging words. It makes me feel consumed most of the time. I hope mine leaves as quick as it came like yours did. It seems to get worse the more stressed I get. 😥
  12. I have TMJ and after the COVID made its unwelcome debut I developed anxiety with tongue twitching, sometimes burning and an occasional spasm.. It affected my tongue more than anything else which made everything else go haywire. My question for anyone is this.....have you experienced your tongue feeling heavy and tired or any of these things? If so, what did you do? I try to divert my attention to something else but when I am quiet it takes over my thoughts and I get fixated on it. I do not believe its ALS, MS or anything like that. My dentist said he did not see anything to indicate anything but stress. I wear a nightguard to sleep but once I take it out this starts up again. Could it be TMJ?? I have a Dr. Appt to get medication next week for anxiety but I really did not want to go that route if I dont have to. Also I am starting a YOGA class next Sat which I was told can help anxiety. Any comments are welcome. Thank you.
  13. Has anyone experienced anxiety related tongue issues? It started the latter part of June and I am just beside myself. My dentist said it doesn't look like any kind of neuromuscular disease to him, but to me my mind is going wild. I know I need to stop looking at it, but every twinge I have a mirror in my hand. I have one twitch that has been there since June and wouldn't you know that after I saw him on Tuesday, the next day the tip of my tongue was starting to spasm. Its the crazies thing I have ever had and I do not obsess of health issues, but this has knocked me to my knees!
  14. I have had chronic anxiety for 8 months. I suffer from tongue twitching and burning. I noticed the twitch in June. It's one isolated spot that looks like a tiny heartbeat almost continuously at times. And today I have had spasms close to the tip.The burning comes and goes. I do have tmj that is sort of bad and my nightguard is defective but I cannot get the orthodontist to call me so I'm trying to get another one somewhere else. It has irritated my tongue as well. All of this plus the COVID and life in general has caused me to feel anxious alot. My dentist said that he believes the twitch thing is stress. As many of you all,have stated, I too worry that it's something bad. I am also post menopausal.