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  1. Oh and I get short of breath and dizzy too.
  2. I think maybe because you aren’t eating enough. I’m going through a diet change and I’m not eating like before, so my heart beats strong whenever I do anything. Just lying down I can feel it vibrate and pulse hard through tour my chest nd neck. Are you staying hydrated? That could be it too.
  3. Hey guys! It’s been awhile. I hope everyone is doing well. Ive been having random bouts of hard thumping and tachycardia, sometimes I feel like it comes on when I’m not stressing at all. Do y’all ever get this? I got it a few moments ago. I was cutting onions. I tend to hold my breath when I do. Maybe it was from holding my breath? I don’t know. I need closure on the things I feel I guess I have to know what I’m feeling. But it’s left my chest feeling like this weird buzzing/electric current sensation. These last two weeks, even with a strict diet and lots of water. My glucose levels have been high, and I’ve been sleeping a lot. So maybe something is up with my body? I have lost my insurance again so it’s break the bank visits to doctors appointments. That’s why I haven’t go e in to get seen for this.
  4. Omg IM HAVING THE WORST TOOTH PAIN EVER!! I woke up right now it felt like my heart was going crazy. Guys I should have taken care of this thing sooner and now what if it’s infected beyond a point and it’s reached my heart and that’s why my heart feels weird right now. I’m scared guys!
  5. I hope it’s stress I feel gross and my thoughts are running wild. Right now, I’ve been dealing with a bad tooth, and that made me fear infection/sepsis, right now. We are out and I am very anxious. Trying not to be. Using the things around me for distraction but it’s failing me right now.
  6. I have no clue why if we have the whole weekend does my husband want to go back to school shopping today. I’ve had a busy day have yet to go home clean, meet up with him at a mall that’s an hour away from us, but closer to him at work, to do 1:30 hrs of shopping (my kids take that long to just try on clothes), have dinner, then he has to go to the airport pick up our in laws, while he’s doing that I have to get our house ready, before they get to the house........... I asked him why? His reply “why not?” 😡 because I already have a ton of things to do, while still taking “time off” to take care of the kids needs. We could easily do that tomorrow. But no. So what am I left with a bad stomach. I feel like my burps are coming up smelling like sulfur, it hurts, and at times the pain radiates to my chest. Last night I had a sore chest and I had the anxious nasty feeling in my chest to the point I just knocked out, it was too much for me. And i woke up fine, this stomach thing just started like an hour ago. I keep thinking of heart attack. Like when they say it causes upset stomach.... yup my mind went there. It’s just stress right?
  7. Man Bin anxiety is being a real big prick to you. I don’t know about you but even though I enjoy hosting and having a goodtime with people I still get high anxiety the night before and an edge to it during the time guests are here. Grilling always leaves my body tired and with aches, maybe you were flexing to much trying to show off some muscle? The thing I learned this past week about the shoulder pain (I was experiencing a ton of it also my dad), is that if you press on it and it hurts even worse then it’s muscle related. Heart related pain wouldn’t change when doing that. BP being lower than your usual, could be from the stuff you were doing outside. Plus the lack of hydration? Being with my dad this last week he had a few moments where his BP was lower then his usual and he would feel dizzy (especially after being outside, temps over where he’s at are in the 100s). And then he would get the same thoughts, what if it’s something to worry about? But I would try to tell him not to dwell on it to much, just write it down and write an informative note, ex: what exactly he was doing before he checked his BP and how he felt that made him check it. So when he has a follow up with the doctor he can show it to his doctor. I don’t know if you have to be tracking your BP but if you are maybe give that a try? I put an app in his phone that tracks his BP readings and it’s cool that he can add notes to each reading he logs in and then he’s able to print out the chart. I was always told anything to do with the heart deserves a visit, especially if you are dealing with things like High BP, or something that is being monitored. Or first time experiencing something that makes you fear it is your heart. So going to the urgent care is your call. Healthcare even with insurance is pretty expensive for me, so when I have my heart fears I’m running up and down the stairs lol it’s y way to see that if I really did have a heart issues two steps would be difficult. But I remind ya elf that they have checked mine and they’ve told me they don’t want to see me for some time. You seeing a therapist is great thing to have, it’s awesome that you can make an appointment and pop in have a session. They will help tremendously get you on track again. I hope tomorrow you have a better day. We have to remind ourselves that we will not let this monster win.
  8. I don’t know if what I’m feeling is something to be concerned about or if it’s just good old anxiety. i think maybe I’m “mimicking” symptoms. But I’ve been staying at my parents because I’m helping my dad get to his appointments. He’s having heart issues. Biggest symptom is dizziness. And palpitations. I’ve been experiencing really bad dizziness. Like I feel like I’m buzzed. Today I started experiencing light headed ness, and my chest has been hurting.i feel like my chest is buzzing. It used to be a few times per week now it’s been almost the whole day. Everyday. I fear my heart really has been spazzing out. Because I feel super dIzzy afterwards along with blurred vision. Or I think what if my dads thing is a sign an it’s I can very well be on my to having heart attack. The other thing has been weakness and my legs get shaky after standing for a bit. This weekmy dad had his angiogram done it was a roller coaster type day. My dad has: Bradycardia, high blood pressure, slow heart rate (40-60 beats per min), leaky valve. And his angiogram found no clogged arteries. Or weakened arteries.with no diagnosis I’m getting worried for him. since I’m out of work I’m the one taking him to his appointments. And I don’t know if that’s taking its toll on me and what I’m going through is just anxiety. Stress. I don’t want to lose my dad. He’s supposed to retire soon. I was fearing this. That he wouldn’t get to enjoy his retirement. Last month in my town, there were a few accidents and it involved men that were about one month away from retiring or 1 month after retiring, they had passed without getting to enjoy it. I feared it happening to my dad. And I feel like I brought this in him. Like I jinxed him. Why is my body feeling this way? Is it really from anxiety from dealing with my dads thing?
  9. Deep down I having a feeling it is the drinking plus the anxiety over my dads health. But I you know the little monster of anxiety. I’m hoping it’s an easy fix for my dad. We will have our answer on Tuesday morning. Right now he’s been feeling a lot of dizziness but the doctor said that’s from his beta blocker. I’ve been told repeatedly they are harmless but still they are scary went it does happen. Add breathing funky and butterflies in your chest, ahhh it’s hard to ignore them. I’m trying I really am. To just say okay they are a norm. Even recently with my dad at his cardiologist appointment when they sent over the prescription for the beta blocker they told him palpitations are normal. As long as you don’t feel ill you should be fine. Same with caffeine. But I at least need one cup per day. Today’s coffee was strong maybe that’s another reason? White wines give me bad palps. Thanks Holls. I really need to just accept it that they do happen and it’s harmless. CBD oil has been great so far. I don’t feel an increase of anxiety after using it like some people say they get. But the thing I was told when I got it is that CBD from hemp is the one that causes that reaction. I got CBD oil that comes from marijuana (it’s a 1:1 ratio which means it has 50/50 potion of CBD and THC). It works within 30 minutes. And it’s like one million thoughts go away and I can actually think about one only thing. Like what’s at hand. All the worries get muted and since it does have THC it does make me very mellow . I don’t feel like I’m dependent either. I use it maybe once a week. I try to use it only during really bad surge of anxiety. It was my last resort. I just couldn’t deal with the panic attacks anymore. I have had people tell me they want to try but are afraid of the possibility that it won’t help them and make things worse. I was afraid too but I finally caved and went for it and I’m glad it worked.
  10. I have seen a few posts on here about heart stuff. And I am now adding my post. I have been dealing with palps all day. Worst one I felt legit went “thump thump” and I heard in in my ears. Left me shaken. I have since felt a bunch more and I had a panic attack. I have been at my parents and I just got back And so far I’ve had high anxiety. I went there because my dad is having health issues regarding his heart. And I was amazed I was able to be anxiety free this whole time over there. But the moment I started driving home I got anxiety. Friday night I was anxious until we started drinking. Then Saturday night, I had to take some CBD oil because nerves were just high. I took two shots of vodka and as we are driving to a club I was mellow, buzzed already. And when we were about to arrive the street was closed off to the club by police. I don’t know why but my heart took off pounding really hard and fast. And since then I have heart palps. I’m scared. I even went up and down the stairs. Just so I can be reminded that if I was having heart issues doing that wouldn’t be possible. I’m thinking can all this heart stuff from my dads thing be manifesting in having “heart symptoms”. Does that make sense? I am experiencing extreme nausea, I’m hungry but when it comes to eating I choke up and don’t want to eat. heart is beating hard. I am anxious. I am scared. I want to go to the hospital. I want to be seen. I have moments where I feel like I’m not breathing in right. Or like I choke up on air. It’s weird. It’s like when you get a strong gust of air and you get this weird moment we’re you can’t take in a breath. You gasp for air. I checked my glucose levels (I was told by my doctor that over time high blood sugar wears down your heart, that’s were I connect this to my heart) after the nights of drinking and it was in normal ranges. But I always have the fear what if it’s wrong and my sugar levels are really high. I have two meters and they are both having the same results. But I still have doubts. I fear I have an infection and that that has weakened my heart. Yesterday I was washing something and it hit my stomach pretty hard. Could it be the ill effects of the last two night from drinking and being up until the early morning? I’ve been drinking water. I have stuck to healthy foods. But I still feel off. My buzz from last night did not wear off until 5 pm today. I’m scared of death right now.
  11. Stay hydrated. I get that feeling when I am dehydrated.
  12. I get like this with my heart worries. Try to do something that distracts you from focusing on what your body is doing.
  13. You said you just got back from vaca? It could be like what Holls said. I got back thursday and I had panic attacks Friday and Saturday (and no necessarily a tickle but I had like butterflies in my chest) . And maybe currently one right now. It could be sinuses, and it’s presenting it self a bit different than what you are used to? I hope things turn around. And Congrats on you engagement!!
  14. Amen! I am on your boat. I experience all of that and then some. I know how you feel. It does get old quick. “Am I ever going to have a normal day?” Maybe if I let go of all of all my tension. Learn to get a hold of the anxiety beast. And I think we might get ourselves that one day.
  15. Sounds like a panic attack. How were you standing? Did you lock your knees? Did you eat? Or do you feel like you hadn’t eaten as you regularly do? I’ve gotten like this, and yes most of the time it was anxiety. But a few times it’s been because I had not eaten like my usual. Or because of bad posture. Also a few times it’s because I get too hot being in a store and I feel like air isn’t circulating right, you know too stuffy or no fans going.