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  1. Hey my old friend! Looks like you haven't logged in for a while but thought I'd stop by and say hello! I hope you're doing well xx

  2. I can help you with this gabi. My brother had a brain tumor and his symptoms were very pronounced such as loss of vision, forgetting names, could not hold a toothbrush. The fact that you are getting better should ease your concerns. My brother did not get better. Also hormones play a big role!!!! I get auras where I can't see but I have learned that anything major such as a brain tumor or incurable c****r will only get worse not better . You're gonna be fine sweetie!
  3. Hi SoAnxious, I have Crohn's also and like you I am very scared of the medicine I take (Humira). I have really bad anxiety and being diagnosed with Crohn's made it worse. I have been on Humira for about 3 years now and always have my bloods taken and they come out fine. I too am afraid of taking medicine especially one that comes with a bible of side affects. I feel like I am in remission but my current scope shows that I am not so my Dr said I cant stop Humira . What I am doing to be pro active about my anxiety is I am getting another opinion from a great DR In Chicago just to see If I can stop the Humira. Also regarding the rhinitis I have it BAD I feel like my head is in a fish bowl all the time especially after my injection. Can I just say a 26 year survivor!!! wow...I know this may sound strange but be proud that you have endured this disease and its side affects. A lot of people don't know what it is and to have anxiety on top of it...well that just makes us hard as nails even tho we don't think we are. Im glad your procedures went easy Im sure the Propofol had something to do with it . Actually that's probably the only drug I do like. Good luck and be proud!! You are a survivor!!
  4. Gill, So happy for you!!! Swimming is something I like too. Omg you got a tan
  5. Hi everyone, Its been a long while since I have been here...and some of you know me!! I just wanted to post something for everyone who suffers from anxiety or depression. My whole life has been consumed with anxiety...and for good reasons. We all have it to some degree but some take it to a higher level which in my opinion are the ones that are more compassionate and who's hearts are bigger than most!! And that is a wonderful thing...we should all be proud of that! What I have learned in the past year of my life (and its been difficult) is that I needed to force myself to re-introduce me to the world and its surroundings. With anxiety and depression you do not want to not speak with your family and friends, or maybe dont want to leave the house and turn to the internet for help or worse drugs and alcohol. The most important thing that has brought me to where I am today is I finally pursued a passion that I never thought I could do. We all have something that is inside of us that fills our sole with comfort or purpose we just need to search for it!!! Bring yourself FIRST until you start to feel better. Exhaust all sources to help you through your your passion and never ever give up And to Gill, Joy, Nino, JJ ,Iowa, Scott, and Kitty I wish you all the best and still love you guys xoxoxoxox (come on you knew I had to get all mushy thats just me)
  6. I turn on the tv or divert my attention to something I enjoy.
  7. Sarah Im like you when things are not how they should be I get very angry. The others dont understand and are ignorant.
  8. I just bought some and use it in the bath..
  9. Farrah me too....I dont remember not feeling non anxious or!!!
  10. I do the same biggest thing is doing the bills I just cant handle it so I put them off which is not a good idea at all!!!!! Also making decisions is hard for me I never give a straight answer its just to difficult sometimes.
  11. I also feel lonely alot...even tho I have my family and friends. Its probs alot my fault tho!! I use to be very social and have lots of friends and things to do but now I just dont feel like giving the effort.
  12. Im watching the Kardashians again lol.....ok no one make fun of me