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  1. Thankyou for your support.
  2. Thanks again for your advice. Got bloods next week, and waiting for ultrasound scan. Got to get stool test as well. Don't like tests! Dr said ibs, I'm not sure I would have high abdominal pain with that. Where are you, I'm in the UK.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I've just spoken to my gp he said it could be ibs? Didn't think you got pain in upper stomoch with that. He's gonna do bloods and an abdominal scan and stool test. I still think it's gastritis. Did you lose weight with gastritis? My appetite is all over the place. Thankyou for your help.
  4. What were your symptoms, gastritis especially. I've had extreme anxiety lately and always get bad stomoch problems. My symptoms are very much like gastritis. I'm speaking to my Dr today. Can't go to surgery because of covid. How was your gastritis DIAGNOSED?
  5. Anyone on here ever had pancrititis or an ulcer. What were your symptoms?
  6. Hi everyone my name's Debs. I'm In the UK. I suffer with severe anxiety mainly around my health. I'm interested if anyone suffers with stomoch issues with there anxiety. I've been getting a burning ache in the middle of my abdomen, I had it before when my anxiety was bad. I've had it's for 2 weeks now. My gp last time said it was reflux? I'm wondering if it's an ulcer or hpylori. Any advice would be welcome. Freaking out about it.
  7. Hi, my name's Debs, I've had anxiety for many years to. I have health anxiety to. I'm getting bad stomoch issue's recently, pain and burning in stomoch. Anxiety causes so many symptoms. What do you get?