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  1. I have allergies, post nasal drip and GERD too. You are better off going to an ENT physician for a persistent sore throat. You may just have a virus and as you know antibiotics would be of no help in that case.
  2. You would most likely have pain and swelling with Sarcoma.
  3. I have known a couple of people who had pulmonary embolisms and if you had one, you would not be typing this post. Odds are it is muscular and the other symptoms are most likely anxiety related.
  4. Blocked ears most likely due to allergies and sinus issues. I have had ringing in my left ear pretty much 24 hours a day for over a year and when I told my internal medicine and ENT physicians about it, there response to me was they have it too and not to worry about it.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Your interest in firearms has nothing to do with your libido. I would call your physician and see if the medications may be affecting your sex drive.
  6. Certain supplements may help blood pressure such as garlic, hawthorn berry and magnesium.
  7. I have attached a poem I have taped up in my office at work. Reading it has helped me at times and maybe it will help you too. Don't quit poem (2).pdf
  8. There is a poem I have hung up in my office and I will attach it now. It is titled Don't Quit. It has helped me. Don't quit poem (2).pdf
  9. My wife had a friend who had another friend who was in her late 50's and she suddenly developed a seizure at a party and was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed soon thereafter with a malignant brain tumor. My former bosses wife had a benign brain tumor and she developed sudden tremors in her arm. The tumor was removed and she was fine. A couple of years later she was diagnosed with ALS and passed away around 18 months later at age 62. I rely on the physicians I see to give me the answers to any health questions I may have.
  10. I was told that pain and the tendency to fracture were the most frequent symptoms.
  11. If you have bone cancer then their is pain and easy fracture of the bones that have the cancer. You don't have either of those symptoms.
  12. I am getting ready to take a shower and am looking in the mirror and if I move my body in a certain way I can see them through the skin.
  13. Around 5 years ago I was in my house and I tripped over my dogs bed in the hallway. I fell and banged my leg. I then saw a giant bump on my leg . I flipped out and put my clothes on without taking a shower and drove to the ER as I was sure I had a blood clot and I was doomed. I was running red lights and driving 80 to 90 mph on the Baltimore beltway. I jogged into the ER and they xrayed and looked at my leg and said it was a contusion and sent me home. It took weeks to heal and blood leaked into my foot on the inside from the bad bruise.
  14. I have had a number of actual health problems in my life which were, compression fracture of vertebrae, esophageal ulcer, basal cell carcinoma, dizziness for 6 weeks in row due to shift in ear crystals, retina disease, diverticulosis, etc. The ulcer and fractured vertebrae were pretty painful. Real disease is not fun either. On top of it all I suffer from HA too off and on and the real health issues did not help matters. I try to do the best I can.
  15. I agree, 2 weeks is too long to wait for some things and that is what my client said. I have pretty much constant ringing or some type of noise in my left ear and it has been going on for over a year. When I told my internal medicine and ENT physicians, their response to me was, they have it too and I have learned to live with it. I however think it needs to be checked out if it is really bothersome to you or is getting worse.
  16. A friend of mine who is 68, had Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 4 years ago. He had a large lump on the side of his neck and felt extremely tired and generally not well. He was at stage 4 when diagnosed and went through hell but is fine now. At the same time he was having treatments, he was going through an awful divorce, so he had a double whammy.
  17. My daughters friend years ago had Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 19. He lost 60 pounds and his blood work was abnormal. He was diagnosed at stage 4 and after intense therapy, he was fine and is 30 now and still OK. I have a client of mine who is a retired Nephrologist and Cardiologist. He has told me to give things around 2 weeks to see if they resolve themselves before going to the doctor, unless things worsen or become more bothersome.
  18. I was always told that when you accept your anxiety instead of fighting it, you will begin to feel better.
  19. I have a client of mine who is a retired Nephrologist and Cardiologist. He has told me to give symptoms 2 weeks or so to resolve on their own unless the pain becomes unbearable or the symptoms get much worse.
  20. MARC

    Foot pain

    I would give it at least 2-3 weeks before you call the doctor unless things worsen.
  21. I was just feeling the bones on my right and left side and they are not smooth on either side.
  22. When I was growing up, I remember a kid in school had bone cancer and the only thing I remember about it was that it was painful.
  23. A friend of mine had a chest x-ray as he had a persistent cough. They thought they saw something on the chest x-ray, so a lung scan was ordered. My friend was in a panic. It turned out to be some sort of shadow they told him, which he said made no sense to him, but he was happy all was good.