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  1. Thank you all so much. I do have a good derm and have seen two of them recently while transitioning from one to my new one. It just seems so different than my others, so that it invites panic in. I have a check up coming soon, so will mention it again. Really appreciate you all talking this out with me.
  2. I have kidney stones and my main symptoms was blood in my urine until it got lodged. Do not recommend that. My husband has had some, and they have not always caused symptoms. So it could be possible, but also, may have already been something in there. The not knowing is always hard!
  3. I’m struggling hardcore over a mole I have had for ages. I caught sight of it and it has set me off. It is dark and has a bit of odd shape. My old derm said we just need to watch it. New derm didn’t see anything wrong with it several months ago. She did say it is a bit irregular, but not a worry. I just can’t stop fixating on it. I am beyond worried and want to rush in to be seen. I am conflicted. I was last seen in the fall, and I am fair and have several moles. I just don’t know what to do.
  4. I hope all is well, and you know results by now. I’m struggling hardcore over a mole I have had for ages. I caught sight of it and it has set me off. It is dark and has a bit of odd shape. My old derm said we just need to watch it. New derm didn’t see anything wrong with it. I just can’t stop fixating on it. I know the hyper focus is the crux of the issue for so many of us. I’m sorry you are struggling, but thankful I’m not alone.
  5. Glad you’re better!! We are all over thinkers. You are in good company.
  6. She hit you in the head, and you got a lump/bump. I know it likely seems like it isn’t that, but that’s a pretty clear cut case of cause and effect. I know the what ifs and fears, but the bump is most definitely from the accidental hit.
  7. Oh, definitely his molars! They can cause all sorts of pain and weird referred pain. Hopefully he’s better soon.
  8. Glad your friend is ok! Always nice when it works out well. Hope he stays that way. I definitely have a cyst from what was explained. I am just trying to not panic over it all.
  9. Trying to remember this. It is so hard to not give into the what ifs. It is a huge battle. The anticipation is so maddening to try and combat.
  10. Oh my friend, you do not have a tumor. You likely have sinus and TMJ at play. Just like before, this pain is consistent with the TMJ—same location, etc. That pain can be awful. I hope you feel better!
  11. Vegetarian here and I have food allergies. It definitely could be the lack of soaking. Hopefully it passes soon! Don’t panic. You will be ok! 🙂
  12. Thank you for your most kind and thoughtful response the what if gets me every single time I have had stones before so I’m not exceptionally worried about that. The pain and surgery were not fun, but I made it! I just worry the adrenal issue is being ignored or blown off. I tell myself the urologist would not do this as that’s a huge malpractice issue if he did. My lab work this week is also making me feel panicked so I am trying to remind myself it will be what it will be. It’s just that fear of the unknown and you’re right, the anticipation.
  13. I had a good few weeks. Now I have fear really setting in. I had a doctor ordered CT in November due to past kidney stones. It found a cyst on my adrenal gland. I can’t shake that fear. My urologist said it’s fine, but it always lingers it’s something more. Something sinister. Everything happens on my left side of my body and after a recent surgery, I developed a mondor cord on the left side. All I can think is the adrenal issue is cancer and caused the cord and cancer is all over my body. I am beyond scared. I have lab work next week for my yearly physical exam, and I filled with dread.
  14. I’m so sorry William. How are you holding up? I sure hope you get some relief.
  15. Merry & Happy Christmas! May we find peace, joy, and strength each day.
  16. My right is my dominate too. Bodies are so interesting!
  17. I try and tell myself coincidental, but it just worries me when an actual scan found things. Still going with it is a 50/40 chance and it just happened to be on the left.
  18. So glad we are back!! Thank goodness. Love this group for being kind and compassionate
  19. Does anyone deal with having all your issues primarily on one side of your body? For instance, I have kidney stones, several cysts on my left side. Eczema is more pronounced in the left side as well. This always worries me. Does anyone else have this?
  20. Yep. It’s like once you see a red car, then suddenly they are everywhere. Our minds pick up on those things, and it just feeds the anxiety beast.
  21. Yep. Right there with you. I don’t ever know if my brain is picking it up more because I am hyper aware or what. Scroll the socials and it is all over. Then articles and everywhere in between.
  22. Sometimes it just feels impossible to live in the in between. That’s where I struggle. The what ifs eat my lunch and dinner and everything else. You’re both right about the hate. I just loathe the anxiety. Deeply. I am trying to learn to let go, but it is so hard. I am honestly not sure how to get there.
  23. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful responses. I am trying to take your words to heart. I hate anxiety so much. I have to figure out a way to get a handle on the issues and not let them plague me. I am struggling mightily, but your words help me so much. More than you will ever know.
  24. I think what boils down to all this is that at the end of the day fear. Plain and simple, fear. Fear that something is missed. Fear I will suffer. Fear of what is to come. Acceptance feels like fully giving into that fear. I know that I am already leaning into, and being embraced, by the fear. It’s just hard to surround myself with acceptance.