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  1. What have you done to help overcome the fears? The leukemia fear came back in January. Insisted on 2 rounds of blood work. Had a brain ct and mri in 2016 when h last feared a brain tumor. Not a single physician I have now will order any more tests. My depression has gotten so much worse since January.
  2. Let’s start a thread of things you’ve been convinced you have. I will go first. leukemia( a handful of times) brain tumor(several times), diabetes, low iron, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, heart attack, MS.
  3. Well, the brain scans were in 2016, which is the last time I thought I had a brain tumor. Also thought I had a brain tumor in 2012, also had a CT. I’ve had 2 rounds of blood work since January.
  4. Let me preface this by saying, I have been a hypochondriac since childhood. Saw my first psychiatrist in elementary school.... and again as a teen. Have had blood drawn more times than I can count. My question, that nobody has been able to answer, is why do I grasp onto different diseases? Why do I get over the fear of one, only to jump to a new one a few weeks later. I had been doing good for a couple of years, then Covid hit. Since august, I’ve been convinced of having a heart attack, stomach cancer, leukemia, and a brain tumor (leukemia and brain tumor have been my go tos my whole life, where the multiple rounds of blood work, CT’s and an MRI with contrast come in). Will I ever be cured??
  5. Anyone have internal tremors and feeling of weakness?? It’s all I can think of, and it’s ruining my Christmas.