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  1. Basically the past few nights I have been going to sleep but before I fall asleep, I see these stuff then wake up in a shock an when my eyes are open I can see it then it fades away it’s making me scared to try sleep etc, an questioning myself if am ok, like I’ll twitch when eyes are closed then see the stuff then wake up in a shock and see it while it fades away
  2. Sorry for the late reply but thank yous for the reply am all good now an the lump went away just a over thinker I am lol
  3. My girlfriend accidentally hit me on the back of the head with a vape, the next night I noticed a bump a bit sore and a tiny bit swollen am scared an worried this lump isn’t because of what happened or is it and am scared it’s something worse
  4. Yeah it’s annoying when it happens, but cans that can’t be opened unless you open them my fear is that there’s alcohol in tins of monster surely that’s not possible tho as it’s a energy drink that can’t be opened?
  5. So any drink that is in a bottle I have to make sure is closed before I buy, an also scared to drink monster incase it has alcohol in it an I get drunk as I don’t drink. I don’t know why this started but I don’t drink a lot of drinks I use too because of this, sure it’s not possible to have alcohol in energy drinks you buy
  6. A boy died a few months ago from an allergic reaction, he had a Chinese an died in his sleep, but now am scared to try new foods or even eat some foods I use to eat am not allergic to anything an only took a reaction once which I needed steroid tablets to get rid off the rash but I don’t know what I took the reaction too, am 19 an the fear has been like 4 months now because of that story I heard because did the allergic reaction just happen randomly to him cus surely he wouldn’t of ate it if he knew also apparently he was allergic to nuts and it go’s through my mind not to try new stuff in case it happens to me any help or opinions help
  7. Gp said, that it’s nothing to worry about as it moves around an she thinks it a cyst, but it still a bit sore sometimes if I move my arm a certain way, but other than that how can I stop worrying about it she told me just to check it in a month but it shouldn’t change
  8. I went to a n e as doctors is closed they said it’s nothing to worry about but to get my gp to tell me what it is, because they would know best because a n e doesn’t deal with stuff like that, it’s just a bit sore am trying not to think about it, should I be worried also thank yous for the reply’s
  9. I had sore ribs for a few days then this morning I found a lump on my like top of rib cage it’s hard and moves sore to touch but not very sore scared as I don’t know what it could be