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  1. I've read about the side effect. But like many issues, people come online and complain about them. But when they work themselves out, or things get figured out often times people dont come back and list the results.. I cant see me being like this for the rest of my life, I wouldnt allow that. But I just dont know what to do. It just doesnt work like it did before the effexor... IM not even 30 years old.
  2. Has anyone had any issues having sexual problems after stopping medications? I have been on a handful of meds over 5 years and it always affected me a bit sexually. But I was always able to manage... Long story short I started effexor and within about 3 days bam, I was feeling the sexual issues (not able to orgasm and troubles with erections). This usually happened to some degree with every med ive taken, but it always went away. This time it didnt. For about a year I was on it, sex was not easy for me and not very satisfying. I struggled to maintain erections and when I figured out how to make it work, it seemed like I would finish too quickly (a problem ive never experienced). I stopped taking this and started on Remeron about 4 months ago. I feel say, 70% normal but still sometimes struggle with keeping it going. I recently had an ecounter with a girl im very into, and I had serious problems getting it up. It was very embarassing, and when I finally could it was over too quick. Now some of that may have been my nerves, but I cannot help but feel like I am still effected by the effexor. I really want to figure this out and try and get back to how I was before I started effexor, this is a big problem in my life right now. Any ideas? My doctor hasnt been too helpful
  3. Don't feel like you are different and that it is something tough to bring up. If you are in for a check up, definitely do not hold back on how you are feeling and the problems you are going through. It sounds like anxiety related problems, but seeing your doctor or even a therapist will help you tremendously. Seek the help you need to feel better!
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    Thanks, I have been on other forums but came across this one. Was hoping to be able to use the chat.
  5. I was obsessed with greys anatomy... Lol
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    Hi, I am new here. Going through some tough times with anxiety, and other tough life events that are tough for me to deal with.