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  1. This morning while at work, I felt what felt like a skipped beat, I had to actually take a deep breath after the feeling. Of, course I went went to Google and it said that 99% are harmless (so, why can't I believe it?) it has been making me anxious periodically thinking it throughout the day. I did make an appointment for tomorrow with my MD, just to check with her, but it only happened onced. Has this happened to anyone?
  2. So I went to the neurologist, they did neuro exam and everything was normal. She also looked at my old records and didn't find anything out of the ordinary, other than I had skin biopsy for neuropathy and small fibers were found (this would explain the tingles/crawly sensations that come and go) She also DX me with BFS which are benign and said if it was something worse it would have progressed more. Also, wants me to take B12 and Iron ( guess am on the normal low side) Now to start betting this HA under control!!! Thanks for listening
  3. Cowboymo, Yes my symptoms seem to come and go all day long, esp the last couple of days and last night . Anxiety has been very high. I seem to have several good days...then BAM several bad days. I try to not pay attention to them, however that is easier said then done. Hope you are feeling better as this post is days old.
  4. Does anyone ever feel like their body vibrates (esp in the lower pelvic region) It is a very weird sensation that last for a few seconds; however it happens a lot. There are days that it does not happen at all or I just do not notice it. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this. I feel like I have had better days since getting "all clear" & "unremarkable results" from the MD. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone, Does anyone experience hands that are shaky almost all the time? It does not interfer with anything and sometimes I do not notice it; however am trying to distract myself from it as it causes me panic. Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys! So after being a complete wreck for a couple of days and basically calling the doctors office twice a day if not more for two straight days, I finally was told that my MRI were negative and that it is not MS!!! That was a huge fear of mine. When she spoke those words to me it was like a huge sigh of relief. I actually cried when I got off the phone (happy tears). The last couple of days have been good on comparison to feeling anxious; however today as been a little rough, feel very anxious...ANXIETY SUCKS HOWEVER IT WILL NOT WIN!!!! I want to thank everyone for their kind words and positive thoughts!!! Esp Mark!!! Hope you all have a great day
  7. And now I have been googling ( I know bad idea) and am freaked out about optic neuritis cause it most definitley means MS
  8. Kylie it took about 20-25 mins. It was not as bad as I was making it out to be & Mark thank you for your kind words. I had a rough night last night. I was on edge, could not sleep, weird sensations in my foot/leg, and at times felt like certain parts of my insides were shaking. Plus this morning when I was waiting for my alarm to go off, I rolled onto my stomach and closed my eyes, when I opened them I noticed that my right eye was a little blurry again (happened on Wednesday) I rubbed my eye a few times and it went right away (less than 45 seconds) It stills freaks me out, MD says that it nothing to worry about.
  9. Thanks Mark! and you could not be anymore right about worrying about the MRI. I just want everything to be OKAY!!
  10. These last couple of days have been awful..full blown anxiety or so I think that's what it is. I had an MRI (brain) today and I was nervous about it and worked up. After the appointment I was doing all right, then I had to go to work. I was anxious on the way to work and felt very anxious when I was sitting at my computer. I have these strange sensations in my face and legs. I have has these before, however it still freaks me out every time it happens and it seems to last longer and longer, goes away and then comes back. Am nervously awaiting my MRI results as I can not help but think that I have MS....THIS CRAP SUCKS!!! It is happening as we speak. Does this happen to anyone else and does it last almost all day long???
  11. Thank you! Am trying reallyt hard to not let fear and the "what-if's" get to me. It really is not that easy. All I can think about is having MS, I have an MRI on Saturday and I have already had the nerve study done ( that was not fun) so hopefully it will answer some questions. I just feel like everyday it is something new/or something that I have experienced before and it went away and then comes back. I feel like some days are better than others and other days are just full of panic attacks.