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  1. Thankyou so much for your reply. Yes I find that myself now too. Have a good day. ?
  2. Hello everyone. Been a while since I posted but have had so much going on. I don't know if anyone else has found this to happen to them. I have noticed that when I have a gurgling tummy I sometimes get palpitations. My anxiety does cause me some tummy problems. However it seems to be now that when I belch it stops the palpitations. Anyone else have this?. Xx.
  3. Thank you for the replies much appreciated. Maybe try it for a bit longer and see how things go. ?
  4. Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone has ever used Bach Flowers remedy and if it has worked. I have bought it but to be honest don't really see it being much help. ....Geonia.xx.
  5. Yes actually I can relate to that. When you stop and think back at what could have been a trigger. Yep. Just an overload. It's good to be able to recognise and understand what causes the flareups. My symptoms don't always come on the day when I am really stressed. It is usually a day or so later.. Does anyone else feel that? Especially the fatigue.
  6. Thankyou for your reply Joycicle it is much appreciated.I will never forget my big PA at 16 lol. Yes i agree it is an ongoing on and off trial and i like to think i am winning also :).As for the meds they run out of date october this year lol but i think i keep hold of them ....just incase . Its the way the flare up just comes out of the blue isnt it? Fine for a while and then boom!.Sorry to hear you have had a difficult time through the years but at least now you are winning :). Anxiety is a menace!!!....peace and light.
  7. Thanks for sharing this. How very true! I love it and will share
  8. hi Jenniferhop and thankyou for your welcome! nice to meet you:)
  9. Same here Pilulu and that is why i am so grateful for this site:). Isnt it a great Go To Place when the anxiety just hits us from out of nowhere? As Catherine84 says try breathing and relaxing excercise and do something to take your mind of it. It will pass. ....peace and light
  10. Hello everyone. i am new here and would like to tell you a bit about myself. i have suffered from anxiety disorder since I was 16 years of age....almost 37 years. i worry about anything and everything.I go through times where i cope well with it and then times like now when i go into anxiety flareup. i have never been on any meds but was prescribed diazapan and propranolol in October 2014 as i was going through a very rough time then. However i have never taken any of them because when i read the list of side effects etc it really scared me lol.. There have been many times when i have went to the cupboard and taken out the boxes but i always put them back again. Crazy isnt it? Has anyone else been like this?.I am so happy i found this forum. it is comforting to know that we are not alone and can sympathise with others when they are in flare up mode as i am at this moment. I get so many of the symptoms but have also recognised that this is anxiety and it will gradually go away.I say to myself that i have a hold on the disorder and that it does NOT have a hold on me. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who suffers from this nasty horrid condition. I am so impressed with this forum and love the way people are taking the time to encourage others as anxiety can make us feel so alone and isolated. The advice given here is sound and comforting. I feel i now have a Go To Place when i am needy. For a long time it was health anxiety and i agree with many on here that Dr Google is... not a good thing at all.It simply heightens our anxiety levels. The best relief for myself is to be open and discuss my condition because i know i am not alone. To name my symptoms would take forever but lets just say i can put a tick at most of them lol. Palpatations and feeling i was going to pass out used to freak me out but i now say to myself .....keep busy they will pass. I find making myself busy makes them stop faster whereas when i used to lay down when i got them took longer as i would be constantly thinking about them which really makes it worse. I understand we are all different and cope differently too. I would really like to get to know you people to share with you my own experiences and also listen to yours and be there if anyone is needy and needing a shoulder to lean on....Have A Blessed Day All....Geonia.xx.