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  1. Jeremy Kyle Show with my dinner. Gives me that 'Thank God that ain't me' feeling and that having teeth to brush is a luxury.
  2. There will be one awesome thing... Power Pack Streams and ghosts in 3D (3D being the one awesome thing). Otherwise I'll keep my eyes closed and imagine the original. I agree that it should have started out with the originals being too over the hill, cranky and fed up with false leads. And their daughters and sons having to suit up. It's not like the original was full of macho 80s action men so the reboot has to have the same with women. But still. Ghosts and Power Pack Streams in 3D. It must be watched ?
  3. Gotta agree with Yellow Butterfly. Gus Van Sant re-made Psycho shot for shot and Vince Vaughn was acting by numbers. Perkins owned that role like Piper Laurie owns the role of Carrie's Mother. For best I'd say John Carpenter's The Thing from 1982. The original The Thing from Another World (1951) is still a creepfest. but Carpenter's is a rite of passage when you're a teenager. I saw INFERNAL Affairs first too so I wasn't expecting much from the American version especially with pretty boy DiCaprio and Matt Damon. Who'd have thought Boxer Trunk Salesman Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Wahlberg would turn out to be a great actor. Carrie was great too.
  4. Yeah, Zoom is a fantastic wee pal. She can sometimes tell what mood is on its way (cuddle and comforting for a down and excitement if it's a high-flier) which helps me prepare accordingly. Giving a dog's ear a wee rub is relaxing. Up to 400mg Quietiapine to see if it helps with the late night buzzing brain. DOGS RULE, CATS DROOL ?
  5. My top 5 movies since yr 2000 in no order: 28 days later..., The Majestic, About a Boy, Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Collector. Needs more sci-fi
  6. I got diagnosed in Jan 2010 while I was in rehab for Coke/alcohol when the crisis centre doc decided to try mood stabilisers instead of just the various anti-depressants I have been on since I was 20. 15years not understanding why I didn't seem to be able to control my life believing I just had to 'pull my socks up and get on with it' and thinking everyone had the high-fliers that could feel like you're on e in a club then the crippling s*****al lows where I'm unable to function or even think about leaving my home and facing the world. I see my psychiatrist once for 40mins every three months which honestly just seems like I'm fishing in an empty pond. So I started doing things my own way and learning coping mechanisms from every source I come across. Owning a dog is a great help and comfort. Not only is the companionship important but a dog needs walks and played with in the park. That means not leaving home is no longer an option. I must admit that when the down hits I switch day for night when there's no one around. I have a 'Happy Fireplace' where I keep items that when I look at them I am flooded with great memories of my family (a pic of my late brother using a phone and toilet at the same time, a carving I did for his 25th birthday, an Alba Buckie which is a Scottish fairy for luck and a year of the rabbit totem that just looks plain scary). One person that has been a real hero for me is my Dad. We never used to talk but now I can talk to him abt anything. He is always there when I need him even tho I can be a real knob at times. At nights I'm on 300mg of Quietiapine, 40mg Propranolol. At mornings 100mg of Sertraline and 40mg of Propranolol. I also have 7.5mg of Zopiclone for the nights my brain won't shut up. I'll leave the panic attacks and social anxiety for another time. Take care peeps, discodoggie.