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  1. Hey everyone! Recently for the past month I have been having extreme trouble falling and staying asleep. It started off with falling asleep around 2am, but eventually worsened to me falling asleep around 4am. Now I did take a huge blow to my life as I lost my job/future career due to Covid. I do have another job interview coming up, but I was severely depressed for awhile. But back to the sleep issue...I feel as if my entire clock is off. I become exhausted around 4pm where I could probably fall asleep, but come 9pm I have a "second wind" and could stay up all night. Even as I'm writing this now, I managed to fall asleep by 1am, but am up at 6:30am with really bad anxious energy...Its starting to scare me now - thinking maybe my meds arent working, or something worse... Any help or comfort would be amazing!
  2. Hey everyone. About 1 year ago I moved from noisy/overcrowded Florida to South Carolina for a wonderful job opportunity. However, the past few months have been extremely rough for me. It started with going into work and being so exhausted I would almost collapse while sitting at my desk. I tried to sleep more but this did not help. A month went by as I struggled through work, and physical symptoms started to appear. I would never feel "well", and started to take off half days of work. 1 month later I was missing full days and half days in the same week.... Amidst all of this, my anxiety over the Coronavirus has been extremely high. My employer has offered me two weeks off to "reset" myself (Im also being paid), and is paying for me to see a counselor. I will admit I havent been consistent with my meds as my sleep schedule is horrific now. Most nights I dont fall asleep until 3am....Im just so lost. I dont know what to do or where to go or how to "get better". If I dont get better, I lose my job and end up being in an even worse position. I dont know whether to just sit and cry or go sit by a lake with a fishing pole...? Any advice or encouragement would be comforting. 😞 Edit: I placed this into Hypochondria as my main fears are being ill, getting sick, etc.
  3. What in the world...I come back to this thread and half of you are arguing. Its not very comforting 😕 So far theres been some cases in South Carolina for me...whats even worse is my girlfriend is a Paramedic and is most likely going to be exposed at some point soon. During the Swine Flu epidemic not long ago I was the 16th case in Florida. I thought I was going to die. A few years ago I had a 103 fever for 3 days and I could barely move or see. Im scared to death that this...may end me. I wouldnt say my immune system is compromised, but its not good. 😭
  4. Hey everyone. Im sure by now most of the world has heard about this coronavirus outbreak....well Im a wreck. Im paranoid. I checkup on the latest news for it every half hour it seems! Today I missed work because Ive felt a little feverish and my chest is heavy. My girlfriend spent the night at my house 2 days ago puking all night from what I can guess is norovirus... I dont know how to cope with this fear. Getting sick is the biggest fear I have, and to see it plastered across the news headlines as "deadly virus pandemic" does not help. I live in a tiny town in South Carolina (I just moved here from Florida). Im surrounded by a HUGE population of mennonites that go to Asia every other month for "missionary work." My coworker is leaving in 2 weeks to goto Im kind of afraid of her bringing back something. Ugh, Im obsessed and cannot stop, but I am literally making myself ill. Im scared of death from illness 😕
  5. Hi guys! The dizziness has subsided quite a bit! However I still am having severe muscle twitches/colder than usual. I am at work today and feel extremely cold even though its only 72 degrees...I have been forgetful of things and just not feeling "right." Everyone in my office is sick, and my boss was out recently with fever. I just have to say getting sick/being sick is probably the biggest fear I have )': My blood tests from the doctor came back "normal" which is good, so no infection. I also called my psychiatrist who is going to start me on Luvox ER (Extended Release) from the instant release which may help a bit (Again I'm scared to death to take it as well as I'm going up in a dose too D:). I'm just really stressed out and scared Im going to lose my mind or have serotonin syndrome...deadly flu...seizures. I don't even know! LOL.
  6. Hey everyone, its been quite some time since I last posted on here. I actually moved away from home to South Carolina and it is beautiful here. I have a wonderful job/career with amazing people, and a place of my own to call home. Everything seemed great until....the weekend before Christmas. The weekend before Christmas I felt off-balance (not dizzy just unsteady). I blew it off but I just didn't feel well. That night I had a horrific vertigo spell that hit me out of the blue and wouldn't go away for hours - here's the freaky part....I started shivering/convulsing. Now 4 years ago when the medication I took (zoloft) stopped working, I spiraled into withdrawals for an entire year and this was one of the symptoms I had. I am scared to death now that my current medication which has been working (Luvox), is starting to fail. I left work early 2 days ago because another vertigo episode slapped me. This time it did not last as long, but the shivering also returned. Yesterday I went to the local clinic/urgent care/hospital and they took some blood which came back normal. They prescribed me Prednisone for the dizziness (which I'm scared to take), and lots of fluids. At this point...I'm really really scared. I just moved, have payments on literally everything, and now I'm getting hit with all of this again? I'm just a little lost about what to do as South Carolina has a shortage of Psychiatrists also. The closest one to me is 1 hour away and charges about $350.00 a visit. )':
  7. Hey Everyone. I had posted on here recently as I was ill for about 3 weeks. I was given antibiotics for what I think was a viral infection... Anyways, today something pretty frightening happened. I went to the store with my father and while we were standing and talking to a salesperson, I started to feel lightheaded, weak, and sweaty. Every breath I took felt like it was doing nothing. I was close to fainting. Now I have had panic attacks in the past, but nothing like this...Im starting to wonder if I may have a heart issue, as this happens quite often now. Im home now and still feel kind of shaky, but this has really kind of freaked me out now. Any advice on what I should do? )': P.S - I am overweight. Im 6 foot 4, and weigh 250lbs. Ive gained about 20lbs in the past year and a half. 😕
  8. Well its been about 7 days since my last dose of antibiotics. I still feel pretty worn out and weak. Im actually kind of freaking out because Ive been out of breath today and have no energy. Yesterday I stopped by a friends house and out of the blue felt faint/sick and started sweating...I blew my nose today and stuff is still coming out, but it reallyyyy hurt getting it out. Im worrying that something else is going on or Im just going to get worse again D':
  9. Its an Oral thermometer that usually is pretty accurate, at least for when I had high fevers. My body temperature normally sits around 97.6 which I know is a little low. Im freaking out that maybe this virus/bacteria/infection is so bad now that my temperature is lowering? This happened last night as well. My OCD is racing now between my thyroid, blood sugar, septicaemia, hypothermia....I cant relax, Ive never felt like this before. I am going to start taking a probiotic because to be honest I dont think this was a bacterial infection in the first place... 😕
  10. Hey everyone ive been sick for about a week now. About 3 days in, I went to an MDNow where the doctor prescribed antibiotics. My symptoms started with a sore throat, nasal congestion, and acheyness. Now its mostly just exhaustian and nasal congestion. I feel as if the antibiotic did nothing except give me a little more energy maybe? But im really REALLY freaking out today....I left work early because I started getting dizzy and shaky (I work outside in Florida heat;I also thought maybe low blood sugar?). On the way home I became so tired suddenly I almost fell asleep at the wheel! Im home now and I feel like cold, yet hot and my temperature is reading 95.4-96.0. Last night I felt thr same way and my temperature was very low at 95.7. I dont know what is going on and im really scared that something really bad is going to happen. D': I just took a shower and feel really hot now but my temperature is still lower than normal...I feel mentally out of it as well. Please help! I missed 5 days of work last week due to this cold/illness thing. 😧
  11. Hey everyone. Ive been sick for a week now with this bad head cold/body infection. I went to the doctor after missing work for 2 days and he prescribed me amoxicillin for 10 days. Ive been taking it for 5 days and I havent noticed a difference at all maybe other than I have more energy? (My sore throat and swollen lymph node did disappear though also). Im concerned that this may have been viral and after I finish the antibiotics its going to return with a vengeance. )': I have to travel at the end of this week and I cant afford to get even there harm in taking antibiotics with a virus?
  12. Ok now this is weird...all day today since this morning I have had a salty taste in my mouth that causes me to produce more saliva. With the stress in my life right now my anxiety has been through the roof. So naturally my mind is saying arsenic poisoning, mouth cancer, heart condition, severe dehydration, death...etc. Tonight I am laying in bed and its driving me insane!
  13. Hey everyone. Tonight I may have taken my pill (an SSRI) twice by mistake. Im not exactly sure and Ive never done anything this stupid, but im freaking out now about seretonin syndrome or ending up in the ER. I take 125mg of Luvox (Fluvoxamine) twice a day. Which means I would have just taken 250mg tonight....Im freaking out really badly. D':
  14. Hey everyone. My girlfriend has invited me to go with her on an 11 hour drive to her familys property in South Carolina. My first instinct was to say "no" out of fear. Getting sick, what ifs, and fears instantly filled my head....this past week I have repeatadly said yes and no...which has strained our relationship to no end. Needless to say, going against my severe anxiety I am leaving tomorrow early in the morning. I am crying right now because im fighting what I want to do, with what my anxieties are telling me to do. Any help or reassurance would be great. D':
  15. Hey everyone! Ive recently found myself munching on peanuts almost everyday and for some odd reason, my anxiety has burst out of control now about developing food allergies and, more specifically, going into anaphlyactic shock. The past week Ive only been eating a handful of foods that I know im not allergic to, but this is getting out of hand. Im literally AFRAID to eat anything else. Even tonight after eating some peanuts im wondering if I'll become anaphylactic in my sleep from developing a audden peanut allergy! I know this is crazy and ridiculous but there is a mental...block...that is keeping me from going back to trying new things. Of course I GOOGLED how common certain allergies are and to be honest I never knew how common some of them were...which in turn did not help me at all. Im not really sure what to do now to break this fear of dying from an allergy. :'/