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  1. Zoolander is probably on of my favourites I thought it was hilarious
  2. Hi there I like hiking too:)
  3. Welcome to the forum it's nice that you have given a detailed introduction. Hope you have a nice time on here.
  4. Aint heard that lil Wayne song but I do think wide awake by Katy perry is a good song. I like anything Lana del Rey now.
  5. Nice to meet you Daniel x
  6. char2011


    Nice to meet you don
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum
  8. Welcome to the forum,nice to meet you
  9. I'm watching it and I think it's good so far, Lauren and Luke a are up for eviction this week and I hope Luke a goes to be fair. I like Lauren because I understand her and I feel like her sometimes.
  10. Welcome to the forum x
  11. char2011


    Welcome to the forum
  12. Mine wouldn't be a show it's more a channel l'm ashamed to say I watch disney channel lol. I'm always taking a peak at what's on there.
  13. Pottery painting is very relaxing and stress releasing for me. When I have pottery painting sessions I always zone out and just relax while I'm there.
  14. Looks good I just wish I could actually catch it when it's on in the uk lol