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  1. oh yeah. I also receive disability for the same thing. I am often told that I am on "welfare' . ( funny they don't mind using my "welfare" to pay the bills.)Then there are others who think I "choose" to be depressed. Really?? They really don't understand that there are days I just can't get out of bed. No one knows this torture unless they have experienced it.
  2. I know its harder when we are older to make friends, but it really happens when we least expect it. Just relax and let it happen. I know it seems like forever, but good things come to those who wait. In the meantime you still have us.
  3. No, I haven't tried any of those remedies. The only non prescribed thing I have tried that is a natural herb is St John's Wart.... Sadly it did nothing for me. ALthough I have known others that it has done wonders.
  4. I haven't had a Panic Attack from a movie per say, but even stranger I have woken up in a panic attack from a dream. It has even happened more than once. It takes me a little while to convince myself that it was only a dream, and that I am really not in that situation.
  5. Ok, Its "Secret Life Of The American Teenager" I don't know how I got involved in watching it, but I can't seem to stop. There are times that I find it irritating, but t doesn't matter, I still have to see it. lol I think they got me with Molly Ringwald I liked her movies when I was growing up....
  6. I can't say I have been successful. I usually last around 4 years max before I just can't seem to stand the guy I am with. Its always the same. Starts off great, then your rose colored glasses come off, and you see the real them. YOu have to decide at the point to accept it or move on. I usually decide to move on. My life can seem unbearable as it is, I don't need anymore chaos added to the equation.
  7. No one will ever really understand it unless they have experienced it themselves, or have a dearly loved one suffer from it. It always looks different from the outside looking in.
  8. Thanks, I really needed this. Sometimes its a "simple" solution that helps you get your mind off of things.
  9. Thank Gilly, I appreciate you trying to help me. I just don't know what triggers these episodes. I hate going out in public, because I can burst in tears for no reason. Not that I have the desire or energy to go anywhere. No one ever comes here to see me or even cares to know if I am still alive. I moved after losing my home last July 2011, and I don't my children have even realized that I am not there anymore. If I don't call them, they will surly never just call me. I just still have this feeling of wanting to go home, but I can't because it isn't mine anymore. I just don't feel comfortable anywhere.
  10. I don't feel like I even have the energy to go to a Dr. Or even get dressed for that matter. I don't even know why everything feels so hopeless.
  11. I am going through a really hard time right now. I just can't seem to control my crying. I feel like everything is closing in on me, and there is just no way of ever escaping. Yesterday I just felt so overwhelmed I took 3 values so I could just sleep my day away and not feel anything. I have no one here where I am. and it is really getting to be unbearable. It really hard to be alone all the time. I del like even if I disappeared today no one would even notice.
  12. farrah


    HI ANgie and welcome! We are so glad to have you. This is a great forum with really nice members.
  13. Speaking of Heavy Rock Metal Band, the freak that lives in the apartment under mine has been blasting his all day. I can actually feel the vibrations through the floor! Oh how I miss my house! I wish so bad I could go back to it, but even though its hard I have to accept that this is where I live now. He is such a jerk I don't even want to go down and confront him.
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    HI Jennifer, I am glad you found us. Looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better!.
  15. Hi Melinda, and Welcome to Anixiety Central! Wow I can see why you may be anxious! That is quite a load of responability you have there! I hope you will find great comfort and refuse here! In your situation I think its only normal to feel overrwhelmed. All you can do is take one day at a time. We will be right with you with all the moral support you need!