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  1. The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain.

  2. I want an orange in a land full of apples.

    1. Holz


      <<<hates apples

  3. Welcome to AC!!! It's great to hear an inspiring story! I'm sure that will give those who suffer from ED hope
  4. I've only dated a bi-polar person once myself; we had a lot of conflicting issues. However, could you elaborate? Are you seeking more knowledge about bi-polar? Or are you wanting past experiences regarding someone dating a bi-polar?
  5. I think we all hold on to that hope of being "normal" like everyone else (I'm agoraphobic and also suffer from panic attacks in public, so I totally understand). I tried for 25 years of my 32 trying to 'fit in', always unsuccessfully. School was hell, I didn't have many friends, etc. What I learned to do (which was disastrous) is put on a "face" so that I could deal with the public, but that never lasted long and often caused many problems in my personal life ("Cognitive Dissonance" is the term for it, should you ever decide to pursue further what it is). What finally was the turning point for me, I think, was acceptance that I cannot deal with the public and that I couldn't go on living the same way I was. I was living a lie to myself. Once I came to grips with that, things have kinda started clicking into place. And, while I'm far from being where I want to be mentally, that was a huge starting point. As far as being with someone, that will come when it is supposed to, it's nothing that can be forced. It's when you're not looking that the best come along.
  6. Joy: this is the kind of shit that keeps me awake at night LOL. Gilly: aww shucks, thanks I don't know about wise, but I like playing with words Angrry: Thanks man let me know what you come up with haha
  7. Aye bud, you certainly have my best wishes. Sending good vibes your way; key is trying to stay positive! Mind over matter and such Anyhow bud, keep us updated for sure, we're all pulling for you! It's likely all anxiety and nothing more.... that demon will cause all kinds of weird symptoms.
  8. This was written during one of my better days; while still not exactly rosy, it paints a much better picture than those I've posted as of late. Enjoy! There are times in life with epiphanies. Times with tears, joy, sorrow, happiness. Times when the spiral starts, no end in sight, and helpless to do anything until you reach bottom. Times of learning, spirituality, and morality. An ocean breeze never felt; that kiss that never was to be; eroded memories of a fonder day. Seconds stretching into Hours while Months pass as Days. Time. That intangible thing, we will never touch (though certainly feel), continues its own non-path towards a destiny unknown. A heart stops the moment another begins beating. One can be stuck in a moment for decades; another forgets breakfast. This perpetual loop of inner-reflection yields little more than the realization of yesterday, increasingly inaccurate with the ticking of the clock. The present dictates the future, however uncertain. Politics, economical stresses, uncertainty, fear, war, famine, corruption, greed, atrocities. Find the happiness within the pain; The flower that blooms during the depression. This is the true eternal struggle many of us walk daily. Moments of solitude, however fleeting they may be, need cherished. A clear mind, a sense of balance, a trust of a Future... ideals to embrace. Time gives and Time takes away. Embrace faults; Forgive regrets. Time will tick on without them. Within each of us lies an Adventure, regardless of age, sex or physicality. Perception, combined with the Past, is the model of what we are, how we see, think, smell, hear, touch and taste. Live Now. It's Time to flourish inside ourselves.
  9. awesome work and great to hear a success story!! thanks for sharing
  10. aye, there's your weight loss right there don't worry, I think most of us have the good ole 'anxiety diet' lol I know I've dropped a ton of weight. I don't bother looking anymore, not worth the trouble. Anyhow, it all sounds like great news!!! I'll be sending good vibes, though it sounds like it's all just a matter of getting the sucker out of there and you'll feel sooooo much better! All good things Keep us posted!
  11. Oye. Too many questions, not enough answers!

  12. You'll be fine, this is a good thing get the blasted thing out, you'll feel immensely better. All is well, you'll be right as rain soon!
  13. Thank you Lizze and Gilly. I do believe is some higher power, just not sure what to call it So thank you, I do appreciate that greatly. I hope getting all that out benefits someone, at some point; that'd make it all worthwhile.