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  1. I started getting the same thing over a year ago. It started in my left foot. Then it was both my feet. Haven't found a cause and it comes and goes. Have you been walking a lot? What about your footwear? That's what my Dr asked me to look at. He wasn't worried about it at all.
  2. I get lumpy before my period.....that's normal. I knew someone who had bc and it literally felt like a pebble in her boob but it didn't hurt at all. If it will make you feel better, doesn't hurt to get it checked out.
  3. I do it a lot too....not fun and can get very uncomfortable. I get so tight in my back it burns between my shoulder blades.....ugh
  4. You aren't kidding. lol. Other than that I seem to be doing ok. Having more consistent bm's tho still soft, Im not seeing as much blood.....except yesterday....ouch.....don't knomw what hap[pened there. but today had been good. so im hoping the canasa is starting to help
  5. oh ok.....lol....im staying away from them then for now cause I had so much pain with that.....ugh
  6. I have gained like 30 lbs within the last few months and this foot/leg thing has been for the last I cant even think right now of how many weeks. lol... Its crazy tho. I googled it and did the symptom checker and it comes back diabetic something. lol....I have my sugar checked Friday. Just so much crazy going on all at the same time. now im sick, on top of some kind of colitis. stomach pains since Ii STARTED TREATMENT FOR THAT.....this foot thing...ugh. I feel like im falling apart. I don't know if this canasa thing is gonna work out. I feel worse. not better.
  7. yea but its in both feel too....it was like my whole calf would get tight but that's let up some...now it is the heel and lower claf. I gimp around for a min after getting up when its acting up cause it hurts and then after a few mins it goes away.
  8. So for like 2 months Ive had this pain. It WAS in both arms and legs and now its just feet/lower calf area of both legs. Sometimes after I sit for too long or after sleeping I stand up and it hurts my heels and lower leg. Both legs. Its not all the time but A LOT of the time. My husband was rubbing them for me last night and there is an area in my heel that is major tender to touch. Ive been spending a lot of time at the drs for GI issues and totally forgot to mention this. Now im afraid this is bone tumors or something. What could cause this?? Im afraid to ask the dr now cause she will want xrays and im afraid of what they would find.
  9. I just wanna know what type of colitis I have. Im being treated with the stuff they use for UC but Im still praying its some kind of something that isn't life long. I am no longer bleeding but no im suffering with upper belly pain when I go potty, along with soft stools that seem to go on forever, a lot of noise (that's attractive) and last night I had what looked like tomato skin in there ....another attractive thing. I was in potty hell about 1/2 hour after eating dinner. today Im not feeling well......but I am so glad that I haven't had bleeding in two days. Can Canasa suppositories work that fast??? lol.....who knows......ANYWAY, I STILL HAVENT RECIEVED my actual results yet either. Still waiting. Today is business day number 8. They said 7 to 10 days so hopefully soon. I'll pray you get yours soon too.
  10. so a bit younger than me.....but still could be hormonal.......
  11. honestly, as you get older your hormones are going to mess with you hard and it can cause your breasts to become tender. im 35 and had a tubal 8 years ago and last year I started premature peri-menopause.....my stuff is all messed up now....
  12. ugh waiting sucks!!! I am having my sugar and cholesterol checked fri. im nervous only because I KNOW I have issues in both areas and have for a long time and it hasn't been addressed yet because I keep putting them off....the boob thing...hmmmmm...how old are you??
  13. omg that is actually a GREAT idea!!! I used to keep journals and ive gone back and read them.....years later even, same thing. Thanks for that bit of advice.
  14. SO I got my full diagnosis. It was that prec****rous polyp (which apparently was in a class of not too scary so i go again in 5 years for a checkup), IBS, mild colitis that is only in the lower colon and my little teeny hemorrhoids. Apparently colitis can get worse over time, so they will keep an eye on that. I have a script for suppositories so the colitis and he said it should stop the bleeding and other unpleasant symptoms Im having as well as the hemorrhoids. He did say that I have some symptoms of crohns but they would have to look further into things to see but main concern right now is fixing this. That can come later. Also have to start taking calcium, fiber, and probiotics. Im so glad this is being taken care of now. Im so glad my prayers were answered and it wasn't something horrible. Just annoying. lol.