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  1. I understand how you feel about telling your parents about you having health anxiety let alone any kind of anxiety. I specifically don't suffer from Healthy anxiety but other forms of anxiety like social anxiety and GAD. I think it is better to tell someone you trust if not your parents then someone else because i had to learn the hard way when i didn't tell my relatives. It was so hard for me to tell them that they ended up finding out the hard way when they learned I used this site. They were shocked when they learned i had anxiety because i didn't tell them sooner. I regret not telling them in the first place because of this. Besides that, my sister and mum are understanding of it and my cousin tries to help me as much as she can. So you know, if your parents are a no no, then maybe a close friend or their parents. maybe they'll understand it better. But i am telling you it is best to tell someone just anyone whom you know and are close with. The sooner the better. They won't judge you. I promise. Because when my cousin found out along with my mum and sister, she was the most helpful. Not everyone will take to the news but you'll always find someone that will guide you and help you no matter what. I can promise you that.
  2. You are welcome. No problem. Feel free to bother me when you feel down. I'm around when I can. I may not reply straight away but I will get round to it. If not feel free to message anyone else who could get to you quicker than myself. No problem.
  3. Hi. how are you? I just wanted to welcome you on here and say Hi. There are a lot of people on here that are willing to help including myself. I understand what it is like to suffer from social anxiety as it has reached that point for me recently. You can alway come to anyone for advice including my self on this site so don't be shy and feel free to chat to any of the veteran members who have been here longer than me. So Welcome and if you have any questions don't hesitate ask anyone on here.
  4. current feeling, right now.


  5. Hey everyone. 

    It has been a while since I was last on here. I've been busy. Everyone gets busy every once in a while but that's life. I just thought to update you all on how I am holding up. 

    Things haven't been the smoothest, a little rocky and it has cause me great anxiety. It has gotten to the point where I don't socialize with anyone. Just close family and relatives and a few friends of theirs. Apart from them, I don't socialize outside of that close circle. Whether it is online or in real life. I am more scared in social situations now. I am not sure if I should continue seeing the best in people or if I should just shut them out. 

    So that is me. I hope everyone is okay and sorry for being a ghost for the past few months.

    Talk soon, everyone. 

  6. Hi Everyone. How are you all? I don't write much in the topics section at all, and I don't really reveal much about myself. I generally tend to have panic attacks quite often, about once, if not twice a week. It is become a regular thing recently and I am getting more and more frustrated at the fact that this is happening a lot. Anything can trigger a panic attack, it can be something as small as forgetting to do something or being late to a meeting or an event. I get so stressed out and nervous, which in turn I start to panic and I am literally all over the place. But, recently, these past few weeks has been a bumpy road full of decisions and stress with university and work. I haven't really received much help and neither can I get any because my family do not understand what I am going through in terms of my anxiety and I am scared that they will find out that I am seeking help and criticize me for it. This is the reason why no one knows about my anxiety except for my mum, sister and cousin. Even though they know, they don't understand it at all. I am sure many of you have experienced panic attacks and would know what it is like. It can be very painful and it is not something that is very pleasing at all. And I am also sure that many of you are struggling to get your families to understand as well. So I just want to know if anyone could give me any advice on how to handle it better, what to do when it occurs again and how I could get help without getting criticized for it.
  7. On a daily basis, I always find something to be upset about and I always push people away because of this. Is this normal?

  8. Hi There. How are you? My name is Faiza Hussein and I am from London. I am currently going through a similar situation as you. I have always known I had anxiety since 12 years old. I am now 18 and I have always known since then I had anxiety. I just never knew how to deal with it. I also have a lot of stress as well that I constantly deal with. With this anxiety, I always feel tired, I am always shaking, and I feel a constant uneasiness. Normally going to the gym would help but I have not been going lately since January. I have had help with my anxiety before like counselling but ever since I started university this past September, everything went downhill. I am currently not getting the help I need, I don't know where or who to turn to and I feel as though This is my only chance to get the help from those who are going through the same troubles as I am.