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  1. Hope your doing well x
  2. Hey u lot well I ain't been on here for a while it all went a bit Pete tong but some of u will b pleased I finally have facebook haha holly j Mitch Hopefully catch up with you on there xxx
  3. anxiety is creeping.up again :-(

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    2. busybee3


      Holz* damn auto correct

    3. busybee3


      Holz* damn auto correct

    4. Holz


      Im not really sure iv just been busy but a death of a swrvicr user is hitting ne hard... hope u r well xx

  4. hiya, I suffer this on an almost daily basis, you will be amazed o hear supermarkets are the worst place for this to happen as its the way the lighting is and how the ailes are set out its daft but I read it online and it does make sense the fluorescent lighting will wreck ya whilst ya in there. just breathe through it and keep saying its only whilst ur shopping don't let it beat u x
  5. Hey Debbie welcome. This sight really is a great community and we r allin the same boat...i suffer with daily anxiety health related death related anything bloody related haha.... Maybe catch u in chat Take care x
  6. Went to the Dr a new one who completely agrees I don't have health anxiety its a angst sort of thing I cant remember the name for haha i am due to start citalopram 20mg after my night out next week. .its supposedly where I have a near death sort of experience and then ur left kinda feeling unconfident with how u feel n are u gunna survive the day etc does that make send haha
  7. Thank u Jon, u make alot of sense. I'm feeling better than I was this morning but still like I have been hit by a train . Haha
  8. Labrynthistis :/ or however its spelt.. I feel real awful I have buccal meds but too afraid x thank u u guys for been here for me
  9. I have had to take the day off as I cant drive, the Dr is calling me shortly I'm so scared its awful I cant focus on anything when I'm standing in lying down ots not to bad xx
  10. So iv had a lil set back this week, gpr sent home from work ipp due to panic (I think) on weds. I have woken up early this morning and I am seriously dizzy which is scaring me I'm trying to tell myself its anxiety but the lil demon on my shoulder is saying its not :'( if I'm walking or moving its worse I feels like I'm drunk but not is it anxiety...
  11. why does life and all its contents drag ya dpwn

    1. Jase


      Why is self-hatred so prevalent in humans? Do other mammals deal with these emotions or just humans?

    2. Holz


      Dog I wanna be a dog

    3. Jase


      I want to be a wolf in a family..lol, id probably be the lone wolf knowing me :'(

  12. Ello hunni, Ur not alone I suffer it so bad I kinda used to it bow haha, don't focus on it (easier said than done) but the more u focus on it the more u will notice it. Kts one of the worst symptoms I get and it makes u feel so scary and alone doesn't it? Here if ya need me hun x chin up
  13. bring out the gimp!

  14. Hey, I cant really say of they work or not I'm too much of a wimp to take em, but o think only u will be able to tell if they work as each persons chemical make up is so dif what one bob may say to u is yeh take em they are great another bob may say, well they didn't do anything for me but u picking a side from that can hold u back as to been worried to take them... What is the worst that can happen eh? U try them, they work u feel so much better or u try them they don't help u stay the same good luck with this and I truly do hope they help ya x
  15. Holz

    Hello :/

    Hey, welcome....thr good thing here is we don't judge and we all have something in common!!!dam anxiety... Anxiety can make you feel isolated I know all too well as I just wanna hide away and I have only a few friends that know my issues and help me by kist been them and there for me..pop into chat sometime, don't feel shy here we are all in the same boat... Keep smiling