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Found 10 results

  1. Do you struggle with extreme anxiety? The Teachman PACT lab at the University of Virginia is looking for adults (age 18 and older) who struggle with anxiety symptoms to enroll in a new, online anxiety-reduction program. We are recruiting participants to help us learn how we can help individuals combat anxiety via online training. To determine your eligibility for the study, visit and click on "Get Started Now." The study involved 5 sessions over the course of 5 weeks, each lasting 20 minutes or less, as well as one 15 minute assessment 2 months later. All training sessions and assessments can be completed on a computer, phone, or tablet. For more information, please visit or contact: PACT LAB Department of Psychology, University of Virginia Email: IRB: 2017-0234-00 PI: Bethany Teachman
  2. Do you struggle with extreme anxiety? The Teachman PACT lab at the University of Virginia is looking for adults (age 18 and older) who struggle with anxiety symptoms to enroll in a new, online anxiety-reduction program. We are recruiting participants to help us learn how we can help individuals combat anxiety via online training. To determine your eligibility for the study, visit and click on "Get Started Now." The study involved 5 sessions over the course of 5 weeks, each lasting 20 minutes or less, as well as one 15 minute assessment 2 months later. All training sessions and assessments can be completed on a computer, phone, or tablet. For more information, please visit or contact: PACT LAB Department of Psychology, University of Virginia Email: IRB: 2017-0234-00 PI: Bethany Teachman
  3. Hi Everyone, I am a person that has suffered with anxiety for many years now. I have always been an anxious/worried person, even as a child, but I didn't begin experiencing full-blown panic attacks until I was involved in a serious car accident. I guess it could be called PTSD, but the panic attacks continued for several years after the accident and still occasionally happen today. I am wondering if anyone has experienced a similar evolution in their mental-health and would be open to sharing their story. I am trying to learn more about my panic disorder/generalized anxiety by understanding my predisposition to these disorders, as a naturally anxious person. If anyone is willing to share, I have some more specific questions to provide guidance: 1. When did you begin experiencing anxiety/panic disorder? How old were you and were there any specific circumstances that impacted you? 2. Did you experience any events/circumstances that were particularly traumatic that you believe might have contributed to/triggered your anxiety/panic/PTSD? 3. Would you describe yourself as a naturally anxious person? Do you recall being more worried about things (sickness/health, irrational fears, bad things happening) prior to the onset of your anxiety/panic disorder? 4. Did either of your parents or close relatives experience similar anxiety problems/mental-health disorders? Do you think you were impacted by them at all? I apologize if any of these questions are too personal, of course this is just a forum and I expect that anyone that doesn't want to answer/isn't comfortable won't. I feel that learning as much as I can about my mental-health and the nature of my "problems" is very helpful in understanding why I am this way and how I can help myself and others. I hope that maybe this can help some of you as well. I appreciate any responses/contribution, and I hope that maybe we can spark an insightful conversation here. Thank you! Ally
  4. Hi all! I've had anxiety for most of my life, but only recently has it really started to affect my daily life. It has started to do so in a major way- affecting the way I speak to people, the way I think, my relationships, my ability to work, my health, and so much more. It led to panic attacks most recently, which led BACK to therapy and medicine. Just for you to note- I am VERY proactive about my anxiety- I try everything I can (even when I'm not seeing a therapist or taking medicine). That means I exercise, deep breathe, practice progressive muscle relaxation, meditate, practice guided meditation or meditative music (beta waves, affirmations, etc), practice yoga, practice gratitude, journal often, write my creativity out, listen to music, take calming nature walks, play with my animals (I have an ESA dog & 2 other awesome pets), and basically everything else I can try. Currently I see a therapist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I'm using medicine to guide me back into my calm life. I've not had success with any other meds in the past, but I'm trying this new one now that seems to be helping. I will let you all know what the name is once I'm certain that I will be staying on it and that it truly is helping me. As of right now, it feels like the CBT is more helpful than the medicine, but who knows. Also hoping to try TMS really soon. My insurance just approved me for it, but I still have to cover 15% which is a bit too much for me right now. Hoping to find payment options or insurance reimbursement somehow...I've heard this can be a huge help for people with GAD and depression. I always need people to talk to or else my anxiety spirals out of control. I hate bothering the people I love with this stuff constantly. They are always supportive, but honestly I don't want 100% of our conversations to be about my anxiety and mental health. Instead I'd rather live and be happy with them. Because of this, I'd love to find a support group for my anxiety. I am happy to help you and chat with you about issues, as long as you are willing to lend an open (and non-judgmental) ear. Support is super important when you have anxiety, so I'm hoping I'm not alone in this. Let me know and we can do daily or weekly check ins!
  5. I've made a post about my situation on here and on many other forums, and the responses I've gotten have all mentioned how I need to go to a therapist or counselor. The problem is, I can't go to any of those things even though I need to. Last year I went to my counselor in school to talk about my intrusive thoughts and my counselor told my mom and my mom was angry after that. She said I can't go to the counselor again. I am now a high school freshman. If I go to my counselor again she'll take everything away from me: all of my electronics, my art supplies, EVERYTHING. I don't want to lose contact with my QPP and internet friends because without my phone or a form of communication I'll be a nervous wreck and I will feel alone and just emotionally empty. I don't know what to do. I'm running out of places to go for advice. Someone has recommended meditation but I always get so anxious to the point of not being able to calm myself down in such a way like that.
  6. I feel like I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and also mental illness specific hypochondria. My manifestation of my anxiety was last April. My best friend (now queerplatonic partner) was upset about something and I was trying to help him but my phone was acting up. Then I started to panic. A few minutes later my phone was working and when I sent him messages he wasn't responding right away. Then I panicked even more, thinking that I did something wrong or made him mad. Even after he responded and assured me I didn't do anything wrong or did anything to make him mad. It's been like that ever since then. Things got worse in October of last year. I started To get thoughts that I wanted to leave my QPP, then spiteful thoughts about people I saw at school. And it gets worse from there. When I would help clean the house and would have to carry a spray bottle of something and I'd see my dog I would think that i wanted to spray her in the face with it and it would make me nervous thinking about it. I didn't do it obviously but that's something that never occurred until last year. And then I would get overly sexual thoughts (involving my QPP) and I'd feel incredibly guilty about it. I constantly thought that my QPP didn't love me anymore or loved someone else more to the point of thinking that he was QPPs with someone else behind my back. Thinking about that kept me up all night and caused me so much distress. And now I've been getting thoughts about harming other people. Hurting my parents. Wanting to harm people I didn't like. I might not like someone but I dot want to harm them. I've thought about walking in front of a school bus while walking home sometimes but I never did it. It just scared me. I hate it so much and no matter what I do these thoughts come back and i obsess over them without end It's gotten to the point where I can't enjoy myself. And near the end of August this year, I made myself go into a fit of distress in panic after becoming friends with someone who has DID. For some reason I just would remember the posts they would make and my stomach was hurting when it happened so I thought when they said "our stomach hurts". They're part of a DID system so then I started to freak out thinking I was part of a DID system or had DID. It was horrible. I was sleep deprived and nervous. I kept thinking stuff like "the body is hungry" "we're going out to dinner" afterward when before I befriended them I didn't act that way. I've never expressed symptoms of DID before. I've done my research and DID manifests at childhood due to extreme trauma such as sexual abuse. I have never had childhood trauma and I've never expressed symptoms of DID or even considered myself to having DID until I met that person. And then I remembered how one of my friends thinks they have schizophrenia and remembered them saying "I talked to my parents about the voices" and then I started to think I was schizophrenic and had voices in my head even though I have no symptoms of schizophrenia or even have voices in my head. And yesterday morning I woke up feeling really bad because I was extremely stressed out about everything that was going on (dad leaving, anxiety regarding mental health) and I got some s*****al thoughts. I thought about harming myself or planning a s****de date. I won't do that I promise but. I just felt so bad. Last week or two weeks ago I was in distress too because of what was going on with Bella and still freaking out over my mental health. I would obsess over those thoughts I think and I would get an urge but. I would never act upon that urge. And also at school or when o woke up I thought about my friend who said they might have schizophrenia and when they once said "I talked to my parents about the voices" and then I started to think I had voices in my head whispering all day and it freaked me out even though I've never expressed symptoms of schizophrenia beforehand. I remember looking on the newsstand app and someone made an app as a network for those who have schizophrenia and I remembered reading it and the person said they got thoughts that went "they don't love you" and THEN I started to think that too even though I don't/didn't express symptoms beforehand And that article I read was from months ago. I should also add that I woke up a few days ago nervous after a dream where one of my friends made a post on twitter saying "I have conscious control over 3 emos in my head and I need to talk about it". When I freaked out when I thought I had DID I should also add it caused me so much distress that it made me so nervous I couldn't sleep. I remember being really sleep deprived and having weird dreams when the DID scare happened and it was just. Bad and I think I heard some things that weren't there but I think it was because of sleep deprivation. I should also add that I might've had episodes of depersonalization during the stressful time where i was freaking out over DID. I felt like I wasn't in control of my body and thought I had an alter. I've posted this onto another forum but I still haven't gotten a response and it's causing me great distress. I've been so stressed out this week and I ended up panicking and had an identity crisis last night which I think occurred because of something that I saw which made me nervous. It sucks because before that I was comfortable with my identity. I woke up incredibly anxious today and had a dream or something while sleep deprived thinking that I identified as a "dark toned nazi" and I'm terrified. Why would I think something like that? This isn't what I want. I'm not even dark skinned. I'm not a terrible person. When the DID scare happened I was scared to look at my reflection in the mirror or take pictures of myself on my phone. And after my identity crisis I can't comfort myself by thinking of my QPP and I because it makes me panic. Everything is making me so nervous and fragile. My QPP has never dealt with this and it's so hard for him too. I kept him up late just talking about what I was nervous and it was so bad. He has work today. He was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed. I'm supposed to hang out with friends today but I don't even know if I have the mental capacity to. I'm so terrified right now. I was skyping with my QPP and we were talking about a person and I looked the person up on Wikipedia and it said they had gender identity disorder and seeing that made me nervous. I was sleep deprived and kept doubting memories I had as a kid thinking I had amnesia. I hate all of this so much. So much stress is piling onto me. My QPP said that my mental health comes first. Identity and mental health are important but in this case WOULD mental health come first? I also talked to some people I trusted about all of this and they both have mental illness. One person's mother works with those who are mentally ill and talking to them about it they thought I may have GAD, hypochondria, and/or Pure-O OCD. The other person suggested I may have generalized anxiety disorder. Please give your input about everything ASAP. It's very overwhelming and even though I've gone to friends for advice i still am anxious to hear others input about this. PS: I am 14 years old. PPS: Bella is my dog and at the beginning of September she got hurt and I was really nervous something bad happened to her. She's okay now though.
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Ashley & I will be 26 in July. I'm married and I have a daughter who will be 2 in November. I've had anxiety all my life but it got worse when my mother got sick and passed away unexpectedly when I was 16. That is when my depression started and when my anxiety got a kick start. I've tried therapy and meds. The meds I've tried have always given me horrible side effects and just made my anxiety worse. My anxiety gets so bad that my vision and distorted and I can't breathe. Just looking for people to relate to.
  8. Hi, my name is Hannah. I'm 26, been battling panic/anxiety disorder for about 6 years.. It's a daily struggle for me.. I beat the agoraphobia, but I still rarely leave the house. I'm just having a hard time of it, and would love to hear from people who know the feeling, first hand. And how you deal with it.. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, does anyone else have a symptom of extreme nausea or vomiting triggered by anxiety? Long story short, I was diagnosed with GAD with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome last summer. Everytime I would get anxious about something, which was all the time, I would either get extremely nauseous (if the threat wasn't perceived high) or just begun vomiting for hours non-stop. I found and began yoga that summer after months of depression, hopelessness, extreme loss of weight & appetite, insomnia, poor concentration, and panic attacks often on top of the constant vomiting. My GP and I couldn't find a medication that I could keep down, and of course, all the physical exams came back normal. Yoga, mindfulness and finding a part time job at a mental health organization for severe mental illness helped me along in my recovery, and months later, I now work full time, teach yoga once a week, and vomit only once every 2 weeks or so, and it stops after one "session" instead of hours, so I can usually get on with my day (a few breath mints later). Until a few weeks ago. Stress is up at work I know, and the holidays is definitely triggering past events. I've been able to handle my symptoms pretty well in the past year, but when I start vomiting, I can't stop feeling like crap, I can't stop worrying if I'll puke again because my body is in such nauseous pain. The extreme nausea makes me want to puke to get the pain over with, but now the nausea and vomiting won't go away. The vomiting has started disrupting my life again, and I'm now starting to get feelings of hopelessness that this anxious vomiting is going to stop me from doing everything I love to do (I've puked in the middle of me teaching yoga classes... Not very impressive to the boss). anyway that wasn't so short so long story long, I want to kick this in the butt. I just don't know how to stop something so physical with my brain. Help?
  10. I have sat and stared at this blank screen for quite some time. I'm not quite sure what to say. My name is Stacey. I'm a 31 year old mother of one daughter and she is 7, almost 8. I'm engaged to be married on August 29th of this year. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and a good bit of depression and it interferes with my life. I can't sleep, so I can't get up with my daughter. My fiancee has to take her to school everyday. I feel tired all of the time so it's difficult to participate in all the family things I'd like to. I also don't necessarily have friends....just people I know. I have A friend that I talk to about this, but I feel like I bother her with it. My fault, not hers. She's been supportive. My's what keeps me going. His name is David and he is fantastic. He stays with me when I panic or if I just feel really badly. I also see a therapist. I've seen her about 5 times. It's going alright, no big break throughs. Currently on medication, Citalophram and Busiprone. (spelling there....) Outside of my issues...I like dogs (I have 5; very small to VERY large), sarcasm, yard work, fast cars, and Star Trek. I am an Athiest, therefore completely adverse to any sort of religious advice. I would love someone to talk to. I need some help. My main issues are at night. I hate going to sleep. My mind races, mostly because my step mother died recently and we were very close. I was there when she died and it was....traumatic. I can't help but see it when I try to sleep.