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  1. Well, you have come to a good place, as pretty much everyone here has struggled or is struggling like you. However, you sould definitely try talking to a doctor and/or therapist to see if medication could be beneficial and so you can let out those feelings. Having someone to talk to is incredibly important. Personally, I got to the end of my rope before I said anything to my parents, and when I did, it was such a relief. Not instant recovery, but it felt like I could just let go of trying to continue on for a awhile and focus and getting myself back together. They got me to a therapist who made me feel so much better, even from just a simple introductory discussion. It can be so great to talk to someone, or read what they've said, and find it matches your experiences. Sometimes you just need to stop and focus on you. Nothing in this world matters as much as your mental health; whatever it is, it can wait, and it's okay to cry. It can be so frustrating to feel out of control of yourself. And being constantly anxious can destroy the appetite, I know that feeling way too well, but it can become a viscious cycle. Just try to eat, a little at a time. Same with sleep. A little over the counter PM medicine can do wonders. Sleep during the day if nighttime makes you extra anxious (it can for me). Sometimes it just feels like you're drowning, and I've been there. It sucks, but you can get past it. There are great resources here on this site and on others - I'm not sure exactly what to recommend as I don't know the details of what you've tried in the past. Really hoping you can get feeling better soon!!
  2. I know it's one thing to say "relax" and another to actually manage it, but just keep breathing, and doing whatever helps calm you down! Trust your doctor, he knows what he's doing. And definitely look at the symptoms of anxiety. I think I've had all the things you mentioned as a direct result of anxiety at one time or another. It sounds a bit like you might be bordering on anxiety induced OCD, but I am by no means an expert on that. Maybe check the OCD threads here and talk to your doctor about it. A really helpful thing is finding something to distract you, even for a little while. Usually you can then look back and realize you felt fine, or at least better, when you weren't thinking about it, and that can go a long way in easing your mind. Also, I imagine you have little appetite, but not eating enough really does make the anxiety and physical symptoms worse, so do try. Just focus on getting through one day, one hour, even one minute at a time. No victory is too small - I've been where you are anxiety-wise. You have the benefit of realizing it might be anxiety, so you're looking in the right places for help. All the best, I hope things look up very soon!!
  3. I was diagnosed with strep throat this week and given two antibiotics, Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacn. I've had severe panic attacks the past two nights since starting the meds, and in trying to work out a cause, I checked the possible side effects. Anxiety seems to be a possibility with Ciprofloxacn. Just knowing that helped calm me down, but now I'm wondering if I should continue the meds or talk to my doctor (I would talk to someone before discontinuing them). Has anyone had this kind of problem before? I haven't, so any advice is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I think I'm going to get a few different oils and see if any make a difference. I've had a bunch of lavender-scented products around me - not oils, but a candle, lotion, etc. - the past few days to see if that helped. Didn't seem to, and I'm not really a fan of the scent as it turns out. I'll still try it in oil form just to see.
  5. So I know a number of people who swear by essential oils as being very helpful for all kinds of things, including anxiety. I'm on medication for my anxiety and I'm not looking to make any major changes in that department at the moment, but I am interested in things that may help relax me when I get particularly stressed. Has anyone tried essential oils or aromatherapy for this? Is there a particular brand or mix or whatever (not familiar with terms) you can recommend? Thanks for any input!
  6. Welcome! I joined Anxiety Central for similar reasons, hoping to find people in similar situations to talk to, as I recently realized I'm fairly isolated as well. With social anxiety, making new friends or picking up with old ones can be really difficult, but sites like this are really good for emotional support. Try not to think too hard about it - you never know when or where you might meet someone you can really talk to. Best of luck!
  7. I was really worried about getting hooked on sleeping pills too. Sounds like you're in the UK, not sure how brand names differ from the US, but before I got on klonopin I was often taking Tylenol PM, and generic versions. According to my doctor that kind of stuff - non prescription - is not addictive and okay to take daily. I prefer the klonopin as it feels more natural, relaxing me rather than sedating me, and because I often felt groggy the next day. I have also heard about but not tried natural supplements like melatonin. I think I mentioned before, getting into a regular routine can help a lot. Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, as much as possible. I have a hard time sticking to it, but it really does help. I'm absolutely terrible about spending lots of time in or on my bed, reading and doing schoolwork and crafts, but I have definitely heard that changing habits like that can help.
  8. I had the worst insomnia last year, went to my doctor and got klonopin, in addition to the lexapro I'm taking for anxiety. Between that, less general stress, and settling into a regular sleeping pattern, things are SO much better now. It does take time to adjust, though. I suggest you especially try not to skip the pills at first so your system can get used to them. They won't necessarily knock you out, depending on what kind they are. Klonopin, for instance, more helps me relax so I can fall asleep than actually making me sleepy. If it's not working for you after a week or so (actually not sure what a good time frame would be, anyone else?) by all means talk to your doctor again. Sometimes it's a matter of finding the right fit. And finally, try not to worry!! It wont last forever!
  9. Yep, I've always been really prone to headaches, especially tension/anxiety induced ones. My pediatrician couldn't find a reason and actually joked with my mom that it sounded like stress "But what does an 11-year-old have to be stressed about?" The answer came with my diagnosis of anxiety disorder years later Obviously you might want to just check in with your doctor to make sure nothing's seriously wrong, but it does sound like tension. Heat always does wonders for me, and I can often find relief massaging my own neck and scalp. Hope you feel better soon!
  10. After I came home, it started happening less and less. The only thing I can figure is that it was from being super anxious and that returning to a familiar environment stopped it. Interestingly, when I lived away from home last year, it only happened a couple of times. I think it going away was part of me being able to keep my anxiety in general at a manageable level. Whenever it happened, I took some pain meds, sometimes laid on a heating pad, and tried to distract myself. Usually the worst pain would only last a few hours at most. I have heard that seeing a chiropractor can help with anxiety and related symptoms. Maybe look into that?
  11. Oh god yes. The first time I lived away from home - studying abroad for the semester - I would get absolutely awful attacks of pain around my ribs and my shoulder blades. It had never happened before and rarely happens now. I still have no idea what exactly was causing it, aside from it being definitely anxiety driven.
  12. Definitely music!! I have a YouTube playlist of songs I find calming specifically for when my anxiety is high. Also organizing things I like - craft supplies, books - and generally getting my room, or even just part of it, tidy. Takes my mind off of things and helps me feel like I accomplished something Also watching funny stuff like blooper reels. If it's something specific I'm worried about, talking helps. And sometimes I recite the litany against fear from Dune.
  13. Have you tried breathing exercises? I know they don't always work for me - forcing myself to hold a breath doesn't exactly help the rising panic that I can't breathe - but it can be helpful to count seconds as I breathe. It gives me something to focus on and evens out my breaths. I've never hyperventilated to the point of dizziness, but I definitely get that tight-throated feeling when I'm anxious. Successful distraction is generally the best way of getting rid of it for me.
  14. Definitely find someone you trust to talk to!! It can be really difficult when you're that afraid, I know, but having even just one person you can rely on is a huge step to getting better. A therapist is a good idea as they're trained to help with situations like this, but don't underestimate the value of a friend or family member as support as well. Try not to worry about it making no sense or trying to figure out a reason right now. The important thing is getting you feeling better first. Constant panic for no reason sucks, and I really hope you can get it sorted out soon!
  15. Hi fellow Texan! Yep, I'm living at home! Though, of course, I have anxiety about eventually moving out I lived closer to school in an apartment all last year and my insomnia went through the roof. My dad's always been really great and supportive, but school is the one thing he pushes me on, sometimes forgetting that school and pressure trigger my anxiety. But I'm about to be done - one more year!