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  1. What in the world is going on with this website? I could barely even figure out how to post this thread. The website is all jumbled up and it’s like a reader view instead of a regular website view. Is there like a setting or something that I’ve hit because no other website is like this on my phone except this one.
  2. I had a root canal done on tooth number 6. One of my canine teeth. I had an abscess in the roof of my mouth from this tooth for about three years (no joke) because it didn’t hurt and I didn’t have dental insurance. Unfortunately my root canal failed and I had to have the tooth pulled and a bone graft done so I can get an implant. I was worried just like you are about infection spreading. I went back to the dentist MULTIPLE times for reassurance and each time I was told I was fine and what do you know they were right. Your dentist knows by your xrays if you are in any danger at all. Trust in their expertise. Feel better soon.
  3. I hate those things. I’ve had three in my life and I don’t ever want another. They completely freak me out. First time it happened I lost vision from the sides and I thought I was having a stoke. Dr told me that being on birth control is probably what caused it. The second and third were more like a strobing effect in the sides of my vision. Scary stuff but they always go away within 10 minutes or so.
  4. Mine is always low. My resting heart beat according to my fit bit is 62 and when I’m exercising and eating healthy it can go down into the 50’s. A low heart rate in the 60s is nothing to worry about. It means your heart is healthy and doesn’t have to work that hard to do it’s thing. Stop taking your pulse.
  5. Heart palps and dizziness are two of the most common symptoms of panic and anxiety. I get them allllll the time and my heart is as healthy as they come.
  6. I’m dizzy right now too and the back of my neck is extremely tight. Almost like I have a headache in it. It’s weird. Right now is very bad for allergies and having fluid in your ears can make you very dizzy and off balance. Last year was really bad for me. I couldn’t even walk some days. This year it’s not as bad but still very much there. Flonase and Zyrtec will help to dry up any fluid you have in your ears. You can also hold your nose and blow hard a few times to help clear up your ear canal. Warning though when you do that it will make you very off balance for a few seconds. Hope you feel better soon.
  7. I’ve had a really sore throat and been dizzy for the last 4 days. Yesterday I started to get bright phlegm that’s yellow and green. 🤮 I woke up at 2:30 this morning and I can’t hardly cough because of the sharp pain in my throat. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotta sinus infection because my face and upper teeth hurt. I went to Walmart and got some robotussin peak cold so hopefully that helps. Does anyone have any home remedies for drying up phlegm and soothing a sore throat?
  8. My throat hurts and my neck is very sore and tender. I don’t know if it’s because of allergies/cold or what. The sore throat doesn’t worry me it’s the stiff and tender neck that is scaring me. I just keep remembering those meningitis commercials talking about the stiff neck and dying within 24 hours. I don’t have a fever even though i do feel cold. I also feel very sleepy and want to just lay around all day.
  9. In the morning and only in the morning when I first wake up I have a very weak, stop and go urine stream. I have to really force the urine out. My bladder doesn’t feel empty. After I’ve been up and moving around for an hour or so I’ll have to go pee really bad again and it will be normal and seems like an entire bladder worth of urine. I don’t understand what would be causing this. A lady told me one time that she had to pee so bad she couldn’t hardly go and I thought she was nuts but I totally get it now.
  10. I seriously doubt it’s anything ominous. Sounds like an ant bite. They always form pimples on me when they bite me.
  11. Probably just getting a canker sore which is very common and not a big deal at all. They hurt like hell though.
  12. He said everything came back normal. He said the only thing was I had a little bit of a fatty liver which a lot of people have especially drinkers, which I am. He said its just muscular and will eventually go away.
  13. no I’m alone. My husband is at work and my kids at school. That’s one reason I’m so anxious. I swear I need a doctor buddy or something. Haha.
  14. Just had my sonogram. She checked my whole right side and all the organs that are in there. Should know something in 30 min or so.
  15. So far had ekg, urine test, blood work, and waiting for a sonogram. So I guess if something Is going on they are going to find it. Just waiting.