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  1. Yes I also get flutters. I know there are some stretches online you can do for it. I have days where I have no aches/pains and other days it is horrible but it doesn't interrupt my daily life. I've noticed that my anxiety makes it worse. My mother also has it. Try taking some over the counter omerazpole (spell check) and see if it helps. It may take a few days before you see a difference. I am on prescription omerazpole and it is truly helping me. You can also call a pharmacist and see what they can suggest
  2. Hi @Drazz40. It sounds like you have costrochronditis (spell check). I have it. It is usually triggered by my acid reflux. I take an anti-inflammatory
  3. Hi I have POTS but a “milder” version compared to others thankfully. I have had episodes since I was in high school. I’m 30 now. It’s has gotten worse in the past 2 years. I’m used to heart flutters but one episode in February 2019 really triggered my health anxiety. I had heart palpitations for over an hour and started to have a panic attack. Again, I was used to those episodes but that one in particular lasted a much longer time. I went to their ER, had an EKG. Doc said it was a panic attack and was prescribed hydroxizine (spell check). I was having more episodes in the following months. I bought an Apple Watch to monitor my heartbeat. I always knew I had it but never knew there was a name for it. It usually happens when I bend over. When I stand back up I get really lightheaded and my heart starts to beat really fast. During those episodes I get a really bad headache and once it’s finished I am really fatigued.I have learned to lay down with your legs in the air had helped me. I try not to bend over but to “ take a knee” stress, caffeine, too much sugar really trigger my episodes. I went to a cardiologist who did another EKG and an echocardiogram. All normal. He told me because I don’t pass out from it or have them as often he would not suggest any medication. They can diagnose you from your symptoms or a tilt table test. Anxiety makes it worse for me and because of POTS I developed health anxiety. This pandemic is really kicking my butt lol. Exercise and drinking LOTS of water helps as well
  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be safe, anxiety or not. I am the same way. Although I have had family over during the summer months but only because my kids wanted to see them. For two weeks after that my anxiety was at its highest. There isn’t a day I don’t check myself for symptoms. Sometimes you just have to explain to people what it is and that isn’t personal. You don’t want to get sick and you dnt your family to get sick. I am dreading this holiday season.