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  1. My husband tested positive on Thursday and he got reallllly down with it and it currently hospitalized with not really any improvement. My daughter tested positive on Monday and thankfully she has since tested neg twice. I tested positive on Thursday. I haven’t really had any symptoms except a stuffy nose and loss of taste and smell. Today I woke up and felt like it was trying to get into my chest so I came up here to the Er. I am seriously scared. Sitting here feeling like I’m going to pass out and I keep getting hot flashes. They said my vitals and oxygen are good and they just took a chest X-ray. Just waiting on the results. My mind is running absolutely wild.
  2. I can not taste anything. Diet Coke, toothpaste, mouth wash, eggs, bread.
  3. I have absolutely no taste. I can smell though. My son started throwing up last Thursday night and was a little run down but better the next day. He is 7. My daughter started throwing up Monday night and yesterday the vomiting had stopped but she was very achy and had a headache. Last night she ran a 99.1 fever and woke up very snotty this morning. She is 12. Now I can’t taste ANYTHING. On Thursday and Friday I felt like I was going to throw up a few times and had some serious stomach cramps. I took my temp because I was a little chilled and it was 98 something and it’s normally 97.5. I am a little runny nosed but I also have ragweed allergies. I got tested yesterday and it was neg. taking my daughter today at 3. I am seriously freaking the hell out. We have not been vaccinated either. My HA won’t let me do it. I can’t even make myself get a flu shot.
  4. You’ll be okay. There are over 300 cases in the city I live in and 20 deaths. I am a grubhub driver and I am literally ALL over the city touching everything all day long. Just use your hand sanitizer, wash your hands, and keep your distance from people as much as possible.
  5. Try sucking on a peppermint or hard candy. They also sell mouth wash and mouth spray for people with dry mouth.
  6. One case confirmed in the city I live in and my daughter is sick with a fever. Trying HARD not to freak out and run to the hospital. Her fever has been 100.5 last night and tonight. She has cough that sounds very wet and in her chest, runny nose and raw throat. She had some left over amoxicillin from strep throat and I gave her one with mucinex and Zyrtec. Going to try to get her into her pediatrician in the morning.
  7. I have this exact thing. It’s what started my anxiety. Very common. Nothing to worry about.
  8. I read something that said if you have a damaged liver to much protein can cause a toxic and deadly build up. My doctor said I have a fatty liver.
  9. I started a protein powder this morning because I’ve been working out. Now I have diarrhea and I’m scared I’ve over dosed my self with protein which can kill you. I drank a shake which was 25 grams of protein and ate a protein bar (which I’ve been eating every day) which was 21 grams of protein. I’m a nervous wreck. The protein powder is called sun warrior and is a vegan blend because I’m lactose. I drank it with 16 oz of almond milk. The protein in it is from peas, hemp, and goji berries. Has anyone had diarrhea after starting protein. Should I be scared I’ve over loaded my body with protein?
  10. Had some drinks and like always I’m awake with a racing heart in the middle of the night again. I hate this. It’s enough to make me want to say no more alcohol. It does it to me EVERY time.
  11. Sounds like your sinus infection is trying to get into your chest. Happens to me every time I get a sinus infection. Robitussin dm helps to break it up and Help that tight feeling. Stop listening to the media. They are hyping it up. My pediatrician told me that coronovirus is just like a REALLY bad cold and wasn’t a threat unless you were very old or very young or you have an underlying medical condition.
  12. I think maybe the heavy mouth breathing or breathing through only one nostril is what’s causing the tingling. Kinda like hyperventilation. 🤷‍♀️
  13. I’m the total opposite. I DO NOT like going to the doctor. I’m so afraid they are going to confirm my worst fears that i get really bad off before I go.
  14. You may need to go on some sort of birth control to control and regulate your periods now. That’s what I had to do after my two kids. I had a period for 30 straight days and finally went into my gynos office and DEMANDED something. I was so sick of hearing how my body was just not going to be the same after kids. I got put on a low dose birth control and now I don’t even have a period most months.
  15. Mine started 11 years ago. I don’t really do anything to get relief. I feel like I get a pain or in my case today a really bad head cold and I obsess and convince myself something is seriously wrong. Then when the symptom goes away (as it always does) I kinda forget about it until the next thing comes along. This last stretch was 3 weeks. I was going to the gym and eating better until I caught this cold or virus and now I am back sliding BIG time. I feel like anxiety/hypochondria is always there just lurking beneath the surface ready to strike at all times.
  16. I don’t know why it keeps coming back but I’m right there with you. I’m so sick of it. I’ll be fine for 3 weeks then one little pain or ache and BAM it’s back full force.
  17. Yes. It’s black tea. I drink it all day every day. Have for years.
  18. I’m trying to take a nap and keep zapping/Startling awake. Any little noise makes my heart jump.
  19. I ate breakfast, lunch and ate a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. I’ve got a yeti cup and I’ve drank two of them full of tea.
  20. Two days ago my throat started hurting. Yesterday my head started stopping up and running at the same time as well as stopped up feeling in my ears. Today I’m pretty much stuck in the couch. I was playing video games earlier with my kids and when I got up my hands and face felt VERY tingly. That was about two hours ago. I still feel it now. I am freaking out that I have some kind of weird deadly virus or bacteria. I just feel so weak and just want to go to bed. I feel very hot but don’t have a fever. Please talk some sense into me.
  21. Sounds like Gerd to me. I had it when I was pregnant and I would do the same thing.
  22. It may not be the chicken it may be a seasoning they are using on the chicken. Or they may be cooking it in peanut oil and he could be developing a peanut allergy.
  23. Are you getting the chicken from a restaurant or are you making it yourself?
  24. Serious health problems don’t go away. That’s how I know a lot of the times it’s anxiety. If you change your diet or distract yourself and the problem goes away it’s just anxiety.