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  1. My rapid test and "regular" test came back negative 🙂 The rapid test I think is covered by my insurance, but I'm not sure about the follow-up regular one. I may get a bill for several hundred dollars. I'm still glad I went because my allergies and sinuses are kicking into gear and without a test I would have been getting worried. Employer is only sending close contact people to get tests, and no one else was ever officially notified anything happened (gossip still works fortunately).
  2. This is what I told my husband when I said you don’t need to worry about me. I tell myself too, but it’s like that expression “trust in god but lock your car”, I feel like “trust in the CDC but get a test”. I found a rapid test place and am waiting now! Hopefully make it to work at a decent time this morning.
  3. I have this exact fear. Foundation issues = money and heartache and stress and more money. I've been meditating lately (or trying) and the narrator said something that stuck. When the anxious thought comes, you can label it, either with what it is or how it makes you feel (like "basement foundation - anxiety") but can also tell yourself what you're doing. There's "planning" which is what you did when you hired an inspector, so done! But also "ruminating" and "speculating" - I find myself speculating a lot! And when I call it what it is, it helps over time to reduce it and clear it out of my head faster. I recommend The Worry Trick by David Carbonell. It has helped me so much redefine my relationship with anxiety and gave me great tools. Good luck!
  4. Well, it happened. Co-worker tested positive. This co-worker was in my office for a few minutes a few days ago. We both had masks, but they did stand over me a bit looking at my computer monitor. Signed up for a test tomorrow, first available, and not rapid. Can't find those anywhere. Isn't that terrible? So now, I wait. I thought I wouldn't be anxious if this happened, but I guess I am. All of a sudden I feel symptoms of course! 😒
  5. newday


    I’ve had a couple upper scopes, couple of flex sigmoidoscopies, couple OBGYN related procedures, oh, and that procedure where they blast a big kidney stone into a million pieces. Maybe I’m weird but I kind of like the anesthesia! You get all prepped and they smile and say “ok see you later!” and you just instantly fall into peaceful sleep. Science! Waking up is usually pretty easy. I don’t like that I have to get dressed and go home, I wish I could nap there for a bit.
  6. For me, I felt my normal zyrtec wasn't cutting it anymore. More allergy symptoms, then turning into more sinus symptoms. My doctor said it was a good idea to switch up the daily allergy med every few years. She switched me to Xyzal and I have noticed an improvement in the past few months from that. I hope I get some good amount of time with this before switching again!
  7. This year my seasonal allergies decided to add a sore throat to the point I got a covid test. Just allergies. Fun! 😬
  8. Urine culture shows no infection. They weren’t going to call me since I don’t have a UTI and don’t need antibiotics. Shouldn’t we find out why there are wbc but no infection?
  9. I first read it last year and I still incorporate all of it, but sometimes I go days or even weeks without "dealing with" my anxieties. And I KNOW they will return of course, but I'm more confident I have the tools and mentality to let it happen, and let it go. Good luck!
  10. I am your exact same demographic: 30s, great job, home, husband, kids, etc! Sometimes I wonder if the health anxiety is because I have so much to lose. It's hard to even type that. I feel like when I'm feeling on top - I just love everyone and what we have and how we live, that something, anything will come along and take it all away. I think the health anxiety is a response to that fear that things "are going too well" - does that make sense? I know it doesn't particularly help you, but maybe helps you to know that that is a more common thought pattern than you think. I found great success with the book The Worry Trick by David Carbonell. You can find it on amazon and I actually by chance found mine at Barnes and Noble - what a fortuitous day that was! I read a chapter a day straight through and really really tried to take it to heart. I've never read a "self-help" book but this one spoke to me. Please give it a try. You can learn to recognize your anxiety for what it is, where it's coming from, what it's trying to do. And, you learn to live with it. You are an anxious person, we're built that way, but you CAN live with it.
  11. As part of an OBGYN appt for pelvic pain they did a urine sample in the office. White blood cells. Sending away for culture (and getting a pelvic ultrasound next week). I don't feel any UTI issues ... why would there by WBC in urine??? Really trying to not google and just wait on results and what she says to do about it.
  12. Pepto Bismol freaked me right out one time. I had no idea. When I read what it did, I threw it out! I don't need that in my life 🙂
  13. I get these when I'm asleep or falling asleep. It's hard to describe to people because they assume it's that little jerk you sometimes get falling asleep, like you're falling. Or a panic attack. Nope! That's not it. I've had both of those and this is different. It's just like you describe, a little jolt of adrenaline in my heart. My breathing doesn't increase or anything, just woosh! As if someone jumped out at me. They come and go, and when they're "on" it may happen a few times a night for several nights in a row, then nothing for a long time. I googled it a bit (bad), but mostly to see what other people say about it. Someone called it hyperarousal, excess stress or anxiety that triggers this. Well that fits. I worry about a lot of things, but I decided not to worry about this. When it happens, I actually smile and I'm like "oh hey, that again, it's been awhile!" and go back to sleep. And guess what. They started to disappear. Every once and awhile I'll get a little one, and I think ah my old friend, and that's it. Now why can't I use that technique on my other anxieties? 🙂
  14. Last October I had my first kidney stone. A lovely 11mm guy bouncing around my kidney. Had no idea what I was feeling and of course that was scary for a while. They weren’t “classic” symptoms. After two ER visits and a ct scan it was discovered and later blasted to dust. It wasn’t a pleasant thing of course but oddly enough it didn’t really trigger high health anxiety once I knew what it was and what to do about it. I took it pretty well. However, I was out of commission for weeks. Luckily the only thing I missed was an out of town wedding I know I’m susceptible for more. All I can do is drink tons of water which I do. But now every little twinge or anything from rib cage to pelvis in like “is that a stone?!?!? Is it?!?!” And I focus on it. I know what would need to be done and I’m not afraid of it, but I’m highly anxious that a new stone will cause me to have to cancel vacations coming up. That would be the worst for me and I can’t help but think and think about it. So health anxiety, if it doesn’t get you on the front end, will still find a way!
  15. It's funny because according to their website it has less than regular hot coffee, but, I don't see that. The very first one I had a few weeks ago, man, I felt amazing, awake, alert, basically like I was on drugs (I imagine). Guess I'm still chasing that high! I see a cardiologist once a year and she says one cup of coffee a day is nothing, she only wants people to cut back if it's several. I wonder if this cold brew stuff is different. But I don't see her until November, so I think I'll wait!