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  1. Yes. When I was at my worst anxiety-wise, sometimes I felt sensations like hot water dripping on them. And of course the tingles and twitches. When I’m at a better place anxiety-wise I feel none of that. It’s kind of like a tell for me. If I notice leg issues I realize I’m anxious and will work on it.
  2. Hemorrhoid and/or fissure. It's crazy how fast they come and go as far as seeing blood. From scary amounts to nothing in a matter of hours. I think a doctor will always say "let's check it out" and when it started for me they did a scope. Once they confirmed hemorrhoids and fissures it became non-concerning and just a maintenance thing. They still come and go.
  3. newday


    The only reason I use CVS is that it is nationwide, and I know for a fact they'll give me one or two pills if I forgot them while traveling or waiting on a refill. Are you waiting on a script by mail? Is it somehow linked to a local brick and mortar you can go to?
  4. I have palpitations and a sometimes racing heart, it's been over 200 before for several minutes - not fun. I know I have an actual little issue that is controlled with medication and the doctor doesn't find all that serious. But I also know heightened states of anxiety cause it to act up. And not little episodes, but like weeks long or months long higher anxiety levels will create weeks or months long intermittent heart racings. This year I've been trying something new - mindfulness. Creating a peace bubble around me I can find refuge in when I feel the anxiety is ramping up. I learned about it from guided meditation on the Calm app of all places (free with my amex card I think?). Anyways, I like what I'm finding. It feels like something I can work on, build up, modify, and use my entire life. I'm starting small and being patient; I'm creating my bubble. But it helps to know I have my doctor there in the background if I need her. So I think find a cardiologist you like and trust. See the cardiologist regularly as scheduled, and know you can reach out if needed. And start building your peace bubble.
  5. I'm considering asking for future scans to NOT be put on my patient portal if that's possible. They'll tell me what I need to know and it will be there for their or any other doctor's reference in the future, but not for me to see. I'm not sure I'll be able to carry through with that but maybe!
  6. I also had a ct scan in the ER which ended up being a kidney stone. The report mentioned lesions on my spleen. I asked the urologist later about it and she was like "meh, it happens, could be just fluid cysts, or not, don't really know, not a concern unless you have symptoms of something" - well, I wish she would have stopped at "not a concern" because you know HA will add symptoms! But that was two years ago so I'm trying to just leave it alone. So, I am going to go ahead and say we're fine! 🙂
  7. This is my favorite. Yoga with Adriene is the best and this particular video is what I do when my neck/shoulder nerves are acting up. I even do a variation of this in the airport before boarding a flight. You get stares but whatever.
  8. newday

    ALS fears

    If you recently had a baby, and it is your first, I think you can blame a ton of this on fatigue. I didn't know how tired a human could get until we brought that little monster home the first time. And it's not just mothers. I know my husband was also just extraordinarily fatigued as well. As for me, when I am run down or tired or fatigued, my body can react in strange ways. Things you wouldn't even associate with tiredness. I understand these are crazy times, all the more with a baby, but if it's possible, can an immediate family member sit with the baby so you and mother can get some good sleep? My mom volunteered one night when we had a newborn. My husband and I slept - for real just slept - in the same bed for 8 hours (minus a feeding which I didn't even remember) and I felt reborn in the morning!
  9. My seasonal allergies and sinus issues cause all sorts of weird facial symptoms from tingles to pressure to numbness. Also, I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck and I know that reaches up into my face. So my first go-to for any weird face feelings is one of those things and I try to let it pass before worrying. I also do neck/shoulder yoga exercises which really re-sets those nerves for me too. So does a massage but youtube yoga is free and accessible anywhere and a massage isn't unfortunately 😞
  10. High anxiety causes leg symptoms in me for sure. Tingly feet too. And, my favorite, the feeling of hot water drip drip dripping on my legs. That one is my favorite because it was then I had my ah-ha moment where I finally believed the mind-body anxiety connection. I kind of laughed at it, and guess what, it went away! So now when my own personal anxiety hallmark symptoms return or feel like they're returning, I'm more easily able to identify them for what they are and just move on and let them fade.
  11. My rapid test and "regular" test came back negative 🙂 The rapid test I think is covered by my insurance, but I'm not sure about the follow-up regular one. I may get a bill for several hundred dollars. I'm still glad I went because my allergies and sinuses are kicking into gear and without a test I would have been getting worried. Employer is only sending close contact people to get tests, and no one else was ever officially notified anything happened (gossip still works fortunately).
  12. This is what I told my husband when I said you don’t need to worry about me. I tell myself too, but it’s like that expression “trust in god but lock your car”, I feel like “trust in the CDC but get a test”. I found a rapid test place and am waiting now! Hopefully make it to work at a decent time this morning.
  13. I have this exact fear. Foundation issues = money and heartache and stress and more money. I've been meditating lately (or trying) and the narrator said something that stuck. When the anxious thought comes, you can label it, either with what it is or how it makes you feel (like "basement foundation - anxiety") but can also tell yourself what you're doing. There's "planning" which is what you did when you hired an inspector, so done! But also "ruminating" and "speculating" - I find myself speculating a lot! And when I call it what it is, it helps over time to reduce it and clear it out of my head faster. I recommend The Worry Trick by David Carbonell. It has helped me so much redefine my relationship with anxiety and gave me great tools. Good luck!
  14. Well, it happened. Co-worker tested positive. This co-worker was in my office for a few minutes a few days ago. We both had masks, but they did stand over me a bit looking at my computer monitor. Signed up for a test tomorrow, first available, and not rapid. Can't find those anywhere. Isn't that terrible? So now, I wait. I thought I wouldn't be anxious if this happened, but I guess I am. All of a sudden I feel symptoms of course! 😒
  15. newday


    I’ve had a couple upper scopes, couple of flex sigmoidoscopies, couple OBGYN related procedures, oh, and that procedure where they blast a big kidney stone into a million pieces. Maybe I’m weird but I kind of like the anesthesia! You get all prepped and they smile and say “ok see you later!” and you just instantly fall into peaceful sleep. Science! Waking up is usually pretty easy. I don’t like that I have to get dressed and go home, I wish I could nap there for a bit.