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  1. Hey Ash, It’s funny that you mention that your husband says it happens to him also because my wife tells me the exact same thing and that it happens to her as well. I think it really is anxiety and stress, and I end up hyper focusing on it to the point where every time I need to remember something I have a mental note to pay attention to it, which creates a loop (something that I’m extremely familiar with having anxiety). I’m glad you replied, because the odds of two people in their early 30s having mental decline are virtually impossible, but the odds of two of us having anxiety and this being a symptom is much much more likely.
  2. Hey everyone! Glad to see the site is back up and I hope everyone is doing well. Last year I had probably the worst year I've ever had in terms of Health Anxiety and this site and it's members really helped a lot 🙂 This year I feel like I'm doing much better than last, but I noticed that while I'm not so much focused on physical symptoms this year, I've really been giving myself some anxiety over my cognitive/mental state. Lately I just feel like my memory is crap, like I can't quite remember names of things as easily and lots of stuff gets stuck on the tip of my tongue - where I really need to take a minute and focus to recall. Generally just not feeling as sharp. Also I notice myself paying less attention to conversations sometimes (I'll also add that I'm 32). Anyway just wondering if anyone else here goes through the same thing? I just feel the spiral brewing (The "what if I have dementia, or cognitive decline, or what if the SSRI's are doing something to my brain" type of thinking. Just looking for guidance to stay away from the dark mental traps. Thanks in advance -Matt
  3. It's going to be hard because it does become obsessive compulsive, but you have to learn to catch yourself in the middle or just before you do it and reverse the behaviour. Attached is a link to some CBT thought records, please read and fill these out a few times a day, it's a great tool and really turns around patterns of trapped thinking. The records are in the middle of the page, are downloadable and printable.
  4. EMGs are 100% man. You need to let this shit go. You have health anxiety just like the rest of us. Stop hyperfocusing on your body and just live your life. Start reading books, pick up some video games, hell start a woodworking project. Anything but constantly examining yourself. I truly hope you can move on from this, but you've had the tests, the only person that can do anything for you now, is yourself and a good psychologist (and I mean this in a positive, constructive way). Good luck my friend.
  5. Well good news, I forgot I had a doc appointment this afternoon for a follow up, so I brought the shakiness up. She examined me, and had me replicate the movement that causes it. She said with a 100% certainty that it's BFS plus the medication increase. Quite common for this to happen apparently. Not PD either because of the way it takes form.
  6. Once again, we're alot alike lol. I was told most likely BFS. Glad you chimed in though as always
  7. Nah Ive been drinking at least 2 bottles a day.
  8. Yea it's not so bad where I can't do something with them, just more annoying right now
  9. Hey Solafide, one of my only symptoms left from my rough anxiety bout has been a weak feeling in my arms and shakiness in my arms/hands (twitching has been getting better actually) usually when I'm doing something with them..they've ruled out ALS and MS through various testing. I'm worried it could be Parkinson's, but it doesn't sound like it. What do you think as it sounds like you might have some experience with this?
  10. Listen to this lady ^^^. She knows her shit
  11. Hey gang! Doing much better these days, but I just was wondering if anyone else got this symptom. My arms/hands seem to be a little shakier than usual. I did increase my Celexa under doctors orders recently and didn't know if maybe it was a side effect, but I figured I would ask the crew here. It's like my hands are less coordinated and shakier. It's hard to explain. It doesn't really happen when I'm resting my hands, it's more when I am doing something that requires precision or even just holding my phone or getting my thumbs/fingers in a certain position. Some parts of the day are better than others. Perhaps I'm just hyperfocusing? Anyway, let me know!
  12. No worries Max, let us know how you make out at the Neuro tomorrow.
  13. Oh, no worries at all! Again, you've said another thing that is exactly like me. Just recently it's been determined that my anxiety comes from not wanting to burden my family or leave my two boys. Same exact fears, same exact symptoms. That's Wild!
  14. Nah both my anxiety and the pain in my legs is usually worse first thing in the morning and gets better/goes away through the day unless I'm overly hard on them. On a side note, did our chat yesterday make you feel a little better?