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  1. A Moh;s surgeon once told me that it is better to get moles removed from your scalp as changes are not as easily seen and can cause problems.
  2. Their was a study I read once that stated that most people fear cancer and the fear overwhelms many. I had a small basal cell carcinoma on my nose and it was removed and the Moh's surgeon said it should not recur and it has not and it has been 8 years. I have known many people who have had cancer. My co-worker had melanoma and she is fine. My friend had melonoma and he is fine. My old boss had a brain tumor and that is not what killed him. My former co-worker died of lung cancer. My friend died of Lymphoma last year. My uncle died of pancreatic cancer in 2013. Another friend passed away of lung cancer a number of year ago. My former client and friend passed away of a stroke caused by a recurring melanoma. I could keep writing, but I have made my point that I have known many people who have had cancer and it is very sad and depressing.
  3. Sounds positive, as they just want to monitor things. I had a boss once who had a cancerous brain tumor. It did not grow, so instead of doing anything, they just monitored it every three months by an MRI. He was older at 81 at the time. Eventually something else killed him, but not the brain cancer.
  4. I am glad to hear you are OK. I remember back in October 2007, I was waiting for the results of a brain MRI I had on a Monday mid day. The next morning at around 9am, I saw my doctors number on my called ID and I thought I was toast as he called me back so quickly, but I was fine. It is human nature to worry and think the worst, so I would try not to be too hard on yourself.
  5. Sounds like it could be from the sciatica or it may just happen for no reason. I would not worry.
  6. I take a small dose of Diazepam and it takes the edge off of flying for me. I typcially fly twice a year and my longest flight was from Dulles to Madrid-Barajas airport, which was 9 or so hours and it was a toughy for me.
  7. Your age and lack of risk factors makes your overall risk remote.
  8. Stress can also cause various aches and pains.
  9. I believe in G-d, but do not participate in any organized religion.
  10. According to the American Heart Association, the tapes and adhesives that hold the electrodes on can cause mild skin irritation, but no pain.
  11. Maybe Melatonin will help. Their is also a product called Res-Q sleep by N-3 Oceanic. I have never tried it, but i have bought their other supplements and have had good results.
  12. I have a client who is a retired nephrologist and cardiologist and he said the key to longevity is heredity and more so luck.
  13. I am always glad to hear good news.
  14. Nice to see you again on this forum.
  15. MARC

    Breaking Point

    I have had normal bowel movements at the same time as you and my internal medicine physician said that sometimes the body gets out of rhythm and this occurs. He said it could also be what you ate, stress, etc. I have had it happen to me 2 or 3 days in a row.
  16. My sister many years ago used to tell me that her time of the month and right before it happened, made her anxiety increase.
  17. I used to get painful Lipoma's which are lumps that are benign. I once had two removed from my right thigh by a general surgeon as they were growing and were painful. It could also be an ingrown hair or an infection, but a physician should examine it to be sure.
  18. Allergies are particularly bad this year and coughs can be worse at night. My GI physician told me once that if you have a weight loss greater than 10% of your body weight, than that can be bad news.
  19. When I was young, my sister had agoraphobia with sporadic panic attacks. She did not leave the house for a year when she was just out of high school. My parents did nothing and said she should get over it. I was already out of the house as I am 4 years older then her. Maybe talk to your mother? Or maybe your guidance counselor? Or possibly clergy?
  20. High blood pressure can be hereditary. My wife used to have a fitness trainer who was in great shape, ate right, exercised, had minimal stress and was only in her 40's and she had high blood pressure. My good friend is 5'10 and weighs 255 pounds and his blood pressure is 118/78. Go figure.
  21. My internal medicine and GI physicians told me not to try to self diagnose using the internet as the internet typically paints the worst case outcome. My GI physician also told me to stick with accounting as that is what I was trained for and not medicine.
  22. Odds are it is nothing, but to remove all doubt, I would call your physician.
  23. My internal medicine and GI physicians told me to stay off the internet when it comes to self diagnosis of illness as the internet in many cases shows the worst case outcomes.
  24. If it persisted, I would call your physician.
  25. Losing a spouse is terrible and I really feel bad for you. I wish their was something I could say to make you feel better, but I really can't.