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  1. A client of mine passed away a while ago of bladder cancer and he was 89.
  2. Some doctors have no bedside manner. I remember years ago, I went for an eye exam as one of my eyes was bothering me. My regular eye physician was out of town so I saw an associate. She asked me if I was having headaches and I said no and asked why. She then said one of my optic nerves was larger then the other and if I was having headaches, this could indicate a brain tumor. I got pretty nervous and pissed off by what she said. I told my regular eye physician I would appreciate to not mention a brain tumor unless I actually had one.
  3. I have ringing in my left ear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have had it for years. Sometimes it is softer and sometimes louder. Sometimes it is like you are at the ocean and you hear ocean waves. Sometimes it is a whooshing sound. When I asked my internal medicine and ENT physicians about it, they said they have it too and to learn to live with it. My ear feels full at times too. A number of years ago I was dizzy off and on every day for 6 weeks. I thought it would never go away. My ENT physician told me that as we age, the crystals in our ears shift and it takes a while for our brain to catch up with the change, so thus the dizziness. Hopefully your issue will slowly go away on its own. I am in no way a physician or qualified to give any diagnosis, but if I was a betting man and I used to be, I would bet it is an inner ear or drainage issue and not any tumor. By the way, welcome to the forum.
  4. My physician told me bladder cancer is pretty rare and occurs predominately in the elderly.
  5. I get the same thing myself sometimes. I have actually had some burning through more then just the beginning of when I pee and I checked out OK.
  6. A number of years ago I was getting crawling sensations on the top of my head. It persisted and I called my ENT physician as I had a cough anyway, so while I was there I mentioned it to him and he grimaced. He said what do you want me to do about it. I asked him if I could have an MRI of my brain. As a side note, I had been seeing him for many years and I have referred many people to him. He then said in order for the insurance to pay, he would have to state a diagnosis, so he said persistent Tinnitus. I went in for the MRI and the technician asked me how long I have had Tinnitus and I said 3 months. The MRI took forever and my physician called me the next day and said all was OK. He said tension in your back, shoulders and neck can cause odd head sensations such as what I had.
  7. At 36 your risk is pretty low of anything serious. You could also try an OTC constipation remedy. You could also call your physician and see what he or she thinks you should do.
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    I hsve a tickle in my throat quite often. My ENT said it is from allergies, post nasal drip, sinus issues or GERD.
  9. I would eat some very high fiber foods, such as a fiber one bar and see what happens. I have been to my GI physician a number of times as I have had an actual health issue around 15 years ago, a very painful esophageal ulcer. He has told me that frequency and quantity can change and not to worry unless I have bleeding, lose weight, can't go at all, etc. He has told me that fiber intake, fluid intake and exercise help. He told me stress, lifestyle changes, etc. can all influence your movements.
  10. I have known 5 people who had Melanoma and none were from moles.
  11. What scared me was twice I had blood mixed in with my semen. My physician examined me and told me that symptom is typically nothing major to worry about.
  12. My friend once peed bright red blood for 2 weeks straight and a cause was never found.
  13. Sometimes I see bubbles everywhere when I pee.
  14. I asked my wife who is a pharmacist and she said fatigue is not a side affect of the cream, but possibly the BV. She said allergies and stress could cause you to feel tired too. She said if the cream does not help, there are alternatives to use for the infection. She said to consult with your physician if you don't feel better soon.
  15. I have had an ugly weird looking spot on my right forearm for years. It is split up into 3 pieces. One part is darker then the other and the borders are irregular and it is slightly raised. I remember when I first saw it I got concerned and I went to the dermatologjst as soon as I could and I showed it to him and he looked at it for a split second and blew it off as nothing. I thought for sure it was skin cancer, so I worried for nothing.
  16. My wife is a pharmacist and she said tremors and anxiety can be side effects.
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    My wife has TMJ and was prescribed a mouth guard which has helped her quite a bit.
  18. I really only had very minor penis pain when the stone came out with the small amount of blood. I had no back pain.
  19. I don't know if you remember what I said in another post what happened to me a number of years ago. I was in Starbucks and I felt the urge to urinate. I went into the bathroom and I started to try to pee and it felt weird. Suddenly a very small stone popped out of my penis with a little blood. I got nervous and called my physicisn and he saw me the next day. He checked me out and I was OK and it did not happen again.
  20. Many of us get weird feelings or sensations before we fall asleep and if we wake up suddenly. I have had similar things happen to me especially if I am really tired or had a stressful day.
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    Odds are it is anxiety, but I would call your physician and explain your symptoms and concerns.
  22. I have had a slight discomfort before. I remember a number of years ago when I was at Starbucks I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and it felt weird and next thing you know a small stone came out of my penis with a bit of blood. I felt better but I got a bit nervous. I called my doctor and he saw me the next day and examined me and took a urine sample and all was OK. It never happened again thank goodness.