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  1. Not feeling hungry could well be due to the constipation. It's natural to not feel hungry when internally you're pretty full. Take some psyllium for a few days and get things moving in your favor.
  2. Hello Small and welcome. I think a lot of people forego clinical diagnosis in this type of situation. You don't need a doctor to tell you what you already know sometimes.
  3. Welcome Bailey. You're going to be ok
  4. Hi Epic, I suggest you go and read Lone Sailor's posts called ' the off switch' and ' letting go'. They're so amazing and informative.
  5. I've never heard of a hernia killing someone, perhaps a complication of one, but not the hernia itself. I'm no doctor, of course. But I've always thought of hernias as more annoying than harmful. I'd focus on your digestion and see if you can get things flowing more smoothly and then see if that twinge goes away.
  6. Hello. Many of us began the journey at AZ. You're allowed to say it. This site was founded as an alternative when many of us were forced out of AZ, in fact. Glad you're with us.
  7. Apparently anxiety sufferers did and we are the LAST people who should be giving out licenses. Constipation is very common with anxiety and the more you stress about something the more backed up you can get. All kinds of pain and pressure can be present. It's not always literal constipation as some of the pain and pressure is likely gas. Either way digestion is a sneaky one.
  8. Drinking dehydrates us very badly. Dehydration can make us feel extra anxious. I'd suggest, if you really want to keep drinking, to be sure to hydrate well before and during the alcohol intake and see if that helps at all. One of the reasons I gave up drinking was the hangovers ' hurt more than they used to'. Hank Jr was right! I'd feel desperately ill like I had a flu oncoming after just a few drinks. It was just not worth it.
  9. '' It's a lazy intellectual copout, but I really do blame the news for creating so many scares that play upon our fear of our mortality. Remember the ebola scare from several years ago?''' I agree with this 100% and have felt this way for years. Every news cast, every commercial break, every page you look at has something to scare you. You cannot even check email or sign on to a device without seeing headlines like '' 10 hidden symptoms of XYZ '' or '' could you have C and not know it'' . It's a plague and $$ driven because every article or story on the news related to health ends with 'see your doctor to be sure'. So the doctors and pharmicists are making bank on this.
  10. I saw that on FB! So fun but I can imagine it's got your head doing backflips.
  11. I painted my bathroom off and on for some days last week and ended up with ' painter's elbow'. Yep, I googled and it's the same as tennis elbow. The important thing to note is I googled for an answer NOT to scare myself. Then I knew what had happened. It was from gripping the paint brush for so long, same as you'd grip a tennis racket. Now it hurts mainly when I stretch it out or try to grip something. Getting a pan out of the oven has been hard this week but I know what it is and what caused it and it will go away. If you type all day you could have all manner of sore or strained tendons, ligaments and muscles. Just try to take it very easy for several days and don't do anything extra and let it rest. If you can move your keyboard to give support to the elbow , instead of it dangling, while you type, it may help.

    MS fears

    Read the 100 symptoms of Anxiety post at the top of this forum page. Getting repeated MRI's carries risk itself. So to repeatedly scan a healthy body is not a good plan.
  13. A big part of viewing and remembering this list is knowing when you feel a crazy sensation '' this is normal per anxiety''. That cuts a lot of the fear right there.
  14. Dyna!!! What's going on?
  15. Sleeping 3 hours a night is really hard on anxiety as well. Can you nap at some other point in the day? Sleep deprivation is a really big source of unwell in the body and mind.
  16. Cut out the coffee ASAP. Why put an accelerant on something that is already accelerating perfectly fine on its own?
  17. She is very needy. I can imagine how that would feel. Does she have other friends? You have to protect yourself and your own sanity. You cannot bend over backwards to appease her whims when they seem never ending. I'm sad for her but there is no way you can help that scenario by being even more available. If you gave her more time, she'd demand even more after that. I think you should tell her the truth. You have a life and other friends and have time for everyone but no one gets to dominate all of your time like she seems to want to . Encourage her to contact her other friends and branch out a little more. Sorry for the late reply.
  18. Sitting with nothing to do is the biggest enemy of a quiet mind. Find something to do. I understand you cannot get a job this afternoon but do something. Go out and build a fort or clean out a garage or go help a friend paint their house. Do something and do it for hours and hours every day. What do you have to lose? You're going to do something for hours and hours a day anyway and that something is think about doom and gloom, right?
  19. That's not necessarily the case. Some gas goes up and some gas goes down. It depends on where it is in the sytem when it gets trapped and stops moving. Just THINKING about it gets my heart RACING. Key words here. The thoughts make the heart race.


    Come and get your peace
  21. Get a massage. I have never had ANYTHING relieve the muscle pain like that. Get two or three in a row , weekly, if you can.
  22. It's digestion I am sure. Gas can be painful as can digestion and we make it worse by constantly over breathing and adding fuel to the fire.
  23. Sometimes it takes tough love. I never had any real improvement until I got really mad at myself and my symptoms and got a F this attitude about it.
  24. You're a true survivor. You can handle anything this world throws your way!