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  1. This is not anxiety or even mental health related. This is falls under category as a cold or flu. Anyways I’ve been sick as hell all week from this beginning this past Monday, I saw the doctor on thurs and got some medication prescribed to me. Although a lot of my symptoms have gone down I’m still having a lot and feel h big rattling in my chest when I breathe. Anybody got any other remedies for this? I’m trying to find a solution to my issue.
  2. Btw how can I change my profile pic? Every pic that I tried was apparently too big
  3. Well I’m getting married. That’s the crazy exciting part lol
  4. I’ve been here long ago I need to get back into the swing of things hopefully the ole school peoples still remember me. I’m going through a crazy but yet exciting time in my life
  5. we have a few in the okc area but I refuse to shop there. I tried working there and a job fair they lied right to my face.
  6. You had 6 beers and didn't call me? Wth! Nah, I'm just kidding lol.
  7. Yea, I saw a real estate job on craigslist. No experience needed all I have to do is take pics of houses to see the condition they are in
  8. I been working as a waiter for almost 2 years now. I want to leave my job too buts it not cause of anxiety. Working as a waiter helped me overcome my anxiety sure I have my moments like anyone else but I am much better then before. This may sound silly but do you come into your interviews dressed nice? Smile, make eye contact, and have good posture focus on those 3 things and you will be fine. Ask the interviewer questions. Some places have already decided if your hired or not before you even go into the interview.
  9. Ok first off screw the girl that is talking bad about you your always going to have haters and people talk about that's the way it is. Hell, for you know she could be two faced and talk bad about those people she gossips to. There are a lot of people like that. It could also be that person wants to get to know and wonders why your anti-social and your thinking of the worst things possible by telling yourself that that person does not like you. Our anxiety tends to make us think about the worst things possible. Is there anyone in your class/school that you have common interest with? Those are the people your going to connect with the most cause yall have a common bond. I'm sure your school have all kinds of clubs for you to join are you into sports? That's a good way to connect with people cause in order to achieve anything in sports you must have chemistry with your teammates and be able to work as a team. Or maybe your into drama, music, ROTC...ect.
  10. Who the hell let this guy in? Jk, welcome back bro!
  11. Rock chalk from a fellow big 12 rival(OU). What multi vitamins you on?
  12. dynasty

    Hit the funk

    I hope so but I tried so hard to impress her that I looked stupid and possibly immature in the process that it has completely turned her away. Now she is ranting on facebook. No reply to my texts or an answer to my phone calls.
  13. All that progress I made in the past year or so has gone to shit! The girl I was with for a months won't even speak to me, I'm here at my parents house in self loath, and I'm way too much time off from work then what I want. It all stims around this girl no matter what I say or do she wont speak to me. I do have to go to Louisiana next week where she is up so hopefully things will be different in person
  14. Like the great Jimmy V said "Don't give up, Don't ever give up!" I understand exactly what your going through and can relate with the friend situation and unfortunately the only they will be able to understand is to see the world through your eyes. The way I see it is that if they can't stick around during these times then they are not worth keeping around. We're all little(ok maybe a lot) crazy here so nobody here will judge you. Also don't be a stranger come to chat with us sometime.