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  1. I’ve had a pulmonary embolism when I was pregnant with my son about 13 years ago- the sharp stabbing pain is unbearable and I definitely knew something was very wrong. I also coughed up some blood which sent me straight to the ER. I was admitted and they put me on blood thinners to resolve the clot and thankfully nothing happened with my pregnancy and my son is almost 13 now. After tests were done I found out I have a hereditary blood clotting disorder which I just have to take an aspirin a day. So far no further clots. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
  2. One of mine is slightly larger than the other and they both tend to be lumpier and sometimes get sore on the sides but I can’t tell if that is my bra rubbing me that is causing it to feel sore. Definitely causes anxiety. I am super anxious now as I had my annual mammogram this morning. Praying all is ok.
  3. I twitch under my eye - which is really annoying....
  4. Glad to see the site is back up too! Always great support on this site!
  5. Jennie048


    I also had a basal cell removed from my back with Mohs surgery and the procedure itself and recovery were very easy...I also go for 6 month check ups and I agree with you I think it is good to be a little paranoid.
  6. I’m sorry your mom is going through this and I think you are doing awesome for putting things in perspective as skin cancers caught early are very treatable. I’ve had a basal cell removed from my back with Mohs surgery and keep up with my skin checks every six months. I also agree that we probably won’t ever be cured of HA but will have to learn how to live with it the best we can. I work hard at trying to keep it at bay by trying not to Google and over react and if I truly have something that needs to be checked out I go to the doctor if needed and that seems to eliminate my HA as I trust my doctors. I also keep up with my physicals and checkups which it seems you do too. I think having HA keeps me on this schedule of making sure I get my check ups done and for that I am thankful as some people are not so good with regular doctor check ups.
  7. Thank you all for the replies -- the support here is always great!
  8. Coming here and trying to remain calm. For the past few days - have noticed slight blood color (aura) around the stool - bowel movements have been normal - going once a day. Had a salad on Tuesday evening that had lots of roasted beets in it -- ate half that night and then half the next day, Wednesday. Has anyone had this type of thing happen after eating beets? I just had a colonoscopy done in the spring and one benign polyp was found but doctor couldn't see a small section on colon and he wants to do another one this fall with a different prep- which is scheduled for September just so he can see everything and then if all is well - he won't need to see me for 3-5 years for another one. So trying not to panic -but could definitely use some support -- I'm hoping what is going on is just from the beets? Help.....
  9. Thanks for responding Bin - I definitely agree I overfocus when I’m anxious. Not really paying attention to the area anymore as the focus is now on my allergies which are in full force with itchy eyes and sinus pressure - those I am used to dealing with.
  10. Trying to keep calm here as things have been going pretty smoothly and trying not to overreact. I notice yesterday that my right side of my clavicle feels different than the left. It feels a little more bumpier -- I don't feel any actual lumps on the collarbone - just feels more veins and different than the other side which the bone on the left side is very smooth. Also to note, my right shoulder area - the muscles in my shoulder and neck area are sore as I work out daily and lift weights a lot so I wonder if this could be affecting it as well. Just wondered if anyone else had something similar? Not sure if its always been like this as I've never really noticed -- but now since I've felt it - I feel hyper focused on it and trying not to feel it so much so I don't irritate it. Any thoughts are definitely needed.....thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks lugrad91 for your reply...the support on this site is wonderful!
  12. Thank you for your reply -- it made me feel much more calm about the situation.
  13. I often feel sick at work - mine is focused more on lower right back and side/sometimes stomach seems at work especially when I'm not very busy -- I tend to over focus on it...when I leave and am at home or doing other things...I rarely notice anything.
  14. I get this a lot with two of my middle toes on the left foot -- it seems to always feel numb when I wear a certain pair of sandals.