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  1. So you had actually jerky movements also? Not just twitching? Did your nuero run any tests?
  2. Thanks everyone. My lips keep doing this thing where they like tighten on thier own randomly. It’s driving me mad. Literally. I paid money to speak to a neurologist online today which is should not have done or who knows but he said no concerns and perhaps I need more electro lights. It brought me momentary peace. Then once I’m still and at peace I jerk. Twitch. Shake. Im on Prozac but my doctor just lowered it in case it’s causing this. Now if this all does happen to pass like the 10 years of other horrible things did then I am so ashamed of myself. I had made progress and went backwards months of work.
  3. Thank you for responding. Does it actually move/ jerk on your face like muscle moving or spasm for a second or do you just feel like a twitch under the skin?
  4. UGH laying in bed this morning and my cheek moved on it’s own. 😓
  5. Just kind of curious how many of us health anxiety suffers have actually gone and got MRIs In fear of neurological issues? And of those I assume majority were normal? What was your fear and why?
  6. I appreciate the responses. I’m feeling a bit better. Like I said I don’t mind much if it’s my body it’s when it’s on my face that sends me through the roof. Like my lips will make a little movement on their own. Or one spot on my chin or something. It’s super upsetting.
  7. It affected your face as well?
  8. So I’m very familiar with the jerks and jolts our body gets when falling asleep - myconlus (and I’m not talking about twitching). In the past I’ve gotten daytime jerks like while at work or sitting still. In fact I posted about it here a year ago. My issue now is I’m having these and they have included my face! Ugh I am a wreck. My leg , arm, torso will jerk and fine. I’m also twitching all over at the same time. But when I feel the movement (not twitch) in my lips or chin or jaw, I over analyze if I can speak and blink properly.... I spiral . Has anyone had these jolts occurs in their face?! I spoke to my doctor about it today in a blind panic and he felt assured that I have have myclonus jerks and they are amplified due to anxiety or my SSRI. He did not say I needed to see a neurologist as I feared. But now I’m thinking does he understand fully? I told him it’s including my chin jaw and lips but it didn’t seem to phase him. I have read it could be from a BT, epileptic seizure, seizures, etc I’m so far down the spiral. Now I’m just picturing myself dying and leaving my family , 2 kids.
  9. I have a 10 year old son. He came to my room last night and said "Mom, I keep on getting hiccups! I had them yesterday morning, last night, this mornng and NOW!" I did hear him have them yesterday as well as last night when he told me. I thought zero about it jokingly said "BOO" to scare the hiccups out of him (old wives tale in case your not familiar) While trying to sleep it occured to me that this could be due to all the swimming he has been doing lately so I google "hiccups and swimming" not much came up but when I continued into frequent hiccups I scared myself to death! Lets just say different medical sites said hiccups are normal unless they occur for 48 hours or for over a month in which case it would be this, that, this, that and of course the scariest thing of all, a BT. UGH Coundnt seleep last night! No hiccups all day today, but I'm like waiting in fear for them to start. 48 hours does this mean continuous or off and on like he has had? This is really freaking me out and I have NOT allowed him to know. Everyone I mention it to says just either that's so dumb/crazy or keep an eye on it. Keeping an eye on it makes me obsessive. Like I said, no hiccups since 9pm last night and its now 3:30pm in afternoon. Any advice to calm me down? UGH!
  10. Thank you ALL. Quick update scan showed a clear normal ovary! Yay! No fibroids or polyps were shown but my lining was a bit “thick” for just getting off my period .9mm so they could not totally rule out a polyp hiding in there. Offered stronger BCP and of bleeding continues after 3 more months then saline hysteroscopy to rule out polyp. Feeling relieved!
  11. So my CBT techniques and therapy held me through the first 3 days but now panic is creeping in. I don’t usually get any heart burn, ingestion, etc. so this is all new to me. Is there reason to run to doctors or worry about a life threatening illness here? Sunday- swallowed 3-5 pills together (daily meds and vitamins) with a swig of coffee per usual. Though my liquid intake was not enough bc I felt like the meds were sitting in a lump at the bottom of my throat. Sunday- lump, tight throat feeling persisted despite water and regular meals Monday- took one bite of garlic bread and it would barley go down without pain. Continued to eat slowly a spaghetti dinner with little pain. Tuesday- vague feeling of tightness at bottom of neck where throat meets esophagus Wednesday- same vague feeling plus fear that I won’t be able to swallow and it’s something deadly. 36 female. No gerd, reflux, don’t drink or smoke. Very scared I’m gonna need a scope get bad news and ruin my family beach trip in 2 weeks. Please help me sort through this.
  12. Thanks you- part of me wants to cancel my appointment as many close friends and family members have told me that I'm investigating too soon and that just serves to continue the cycle of anxiety and I should give it more time. I feel like 3 months is enough watch and wait but I'm scared. I go from okay to panic all day long. Up and down. Ready to get it over with. The reality with health anxiety is that as soon as this is over I will feel okay for a bit until I'm on to the next thing!
  13. I am on BCP. In April I had a regular check up with normal pap and exam. 2 weeks later I started to spot mid-cycle. I figured it had to do with my Pap so I watched and waited. May and June same thing.So I've given it enough time to resolve and its not. I have a GYN appointment with an in office ultrasound and appointment. IM TERRIFIED. In 2011 I had mid cycle bleeding and it turned out to be a benign but scary tumor on my ovary which has since been removed. Mr DR was not convinced that the tumor caused the spotting, he thinks it was incidentally found. 2016 On BCP had mid cycle bleeding and it was a polyp. So you see, I've never had it not be anything. Although its all been benign it was VERY Scary times in my life waiting for surgery and pathology. I am also scared they will do bloodwork which I have not had since last September. That blood work showed slight anemia and cause me to analyze the scale or normal and see if I was too low or too high normal in certain things. A panic attack ensued and ended me up in the ER. I'm just terrified to go through with all of this. It's ruining my summer with my kids. I want freedom from this anxiety so badly but it's always just another thing away. I am in CBT and on new meds this month (changed from Zoloft to Prozac) Please help me. I'm a nervous wreck and want to enjoy life. I woke up this morning shaking with fear before I even got my thoughts together in bed. This is not a life to live when you feel terrified all the time. I'm thinking I have ovarian cancer, which is usually discovered late stage. Or maybe I have a complex odd cyst that will be an unknown and cause me anxiety. Or maybe its nothing but my blood work will turn up wonky. Maybe all will go well. I will have peace for an hour or so until the next thing..... So low right now.. .
  14. I’m convinced I have melanoma, nodular deadly form called Amelanotic melanoma. I’ve called 3 dermatology offices to get it looked and and no one can see me till June/ July 😫 It’s been there for over a month. At first I just thought it was some kind of zit so I picked at it but it has since grown back. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel very anxious about it. Esp. since it’s raised. I looked it up and found that a nodual melanoma they are the most deadly and many melanomas can be pink or red. I guess I’ll just wait for an appointment or cancellation . 😫 I don’t think it’s a dermafibroma because it doesn’t dimple when I pinch it