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  1. Hi, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you were ever able to get through the side effects of getting back on Lexapro? I quit the med recently after 7 or 8 years on it and after trialing other meds with awful results, I am trying to go back to Lexapro. I'm worried that it won't work for me again since I lost Zoloft years ago by stopping and restarting. I've tried it twice over the years and I just can't tolerate it anymore. I'm praying the Lexapro will work again or I will have to try finding something else that works for my extreme anxiety. Thanks so much!
  2. Thank you both. I am doing the best to hang in there while the Zoloft kicks in. Anxiety disorders are just so awful. I'm staying positive that it will get better again!
  3. I was really hoping I could mange without my 25 years of multiple medications but it seems I'm wrong! I wish I had never gone off of my most recent med, Lexapro. I am back to being a horrible mess! Has anyone been in this situation before? I am so sick of it. I have nothing to be anxious about but my brain is always fearing I'll be this way for the rest of my life! Each time it happens I start with the "what ifs"! What if meds won't work this time? What if I'll be in a panic state for the rest of my life? What if I am ruining my brain with years of medication? It's just constant ruminating and it's making me so ill. It must be some form of OCD! I just hate being in this state. I can't eat, I'm shaking, my chest hurts. I can hardly function. Why can't I stop being so afraid of being afraid? I know anxiety is not supposed to harm you but it's still so agonizing! My Klonopin is not even helping with this fear I have and it's horrible. Has anyone felt this way when they are off off medication? I just started Zoloft tonight after have been being on it years ago but when I tried to reinstate back then, it had an adverse reaction and I was in a bad way for a few months. I am so hoping this doesn't happen again. I've been on so many antidepressants that didn't work for me and Lexapro was fizzling out after 6 years. Just looking for support while I'm in this predicament! 25 years of dealing with this disorder and it just won't go away!
  4. I was on 2mg of Abilify for 5 years as an add on to my AD and had no problems with it except 40lb weight gain which is why I wanted off. The antipsychotics all seem to cause this problem which can lead to diabetes.
  5. Hey Dan how have you been doing? I'm having my fourth relapse since my anxiety disorder started 25 years ago. Each time it happens I feel like I'm back to that awful place. Intense generalized anxiety along with panic. It is torture. Coping skills go right out the door. All this because I tried to go off meds again. I have been on AD's for so long, I just wanted to see how I could mange without. Big mistake. My question for you is are you tolerating the Effexor this time around and is it working for you? I have lost good AD's in the past because I could not tolerate them the second time around. Now I have suffer while I try to find relief once again if that's possible!
  6. Yes! I had my first panic attack over it at 22 years old. I am now 53. The only thing that has helped me with that particular fear is being on medication (antidepressants). At this point in my life it is more depression over it than fear. I just look at old people and wonder how they can be happy when they know they are close to the end of their lives. I know that sounds awful but I have always felt afraid of dying. I am Christian and believe in heaven but I am still afraid of dying! I've had a hard time over the years finding others with this fear so I have wondered if I'm a rarity. I'm sure there is cognitive therapy for it but I don't see how it could help. I'm sure this is a common fear people have but maybe they don't obsess about it like some of us do?