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  1. Thank you guys. It’s just hard and I feel like I notice those 3 letters everywhere
  2. So as most of you know I struggled with the fear of “a”. I have since been doing good but I feel like life won’t let me get away. Some of you may remember that I ran into someone with the “a” just when I was getting over it and it mini-relapsed my anxiety. Now today at the gym, just when I was doing much better, I noticed a man with a smaller leg than the other but he was physically fit from the waist up like muscular. I immediately assumed atrophy and the “a”. Then, I kid you not, I turn around another man was wearing an “a” research tshirt with “trying to find a cure” slogan. What are the chances honestly? I feel like life is trying to tell me or warn me of the future. Am I crazy? Please help. Have any of you experienced this?
  3. Thank you and everyone who replied. It’s just so hard sometimes dealing with anxiety and worry I hate it
  4. Yeah but I told you he poked my right bicep and said it’s “irritated” when he poked me with the emg needle. Like I said he related it to my bone spurs in my neck but I still don’t know how he came to that conclusion. I guess I’ll ask on my follow up
  5. Am I paranoid do you guys think or what? This is crippling and makes me wonder how rare is it if I keep hearing stories from people with family that have had it and the fact that I just saw someone with it...
  6. Thanks holls I appreciate it. It’s just my whole life I’ve never seen anyone with it in person so why all of a sudden now during my HA problem about it especially when I was getting over anxiety about it? I see my psychologist tomorrow so I will mention it to her. But I’m with you in that it feels like it’s following me and I can’t escape it. The 3 letters, commercials, news reports, stories, etc. feel like they’re following me and trying to tell me something. Am I going crazy? Or just hypersensitive to the subject?
  7. I just came across someone In person with The “a”. It is safe to say now that the time I spent battling my anxiety is really being tested. honestly what are the chances? I’ve never come across someone with it until now during this HA battle I’ve been having. It’s like I can’t get away from it. The poor lady couldn’t talk, move, and was in a wheelchair after 1 year of diagnosis not to mention the emotional effect it had on her husband. Any support will be helpful. I was doing better until this and I feel selfish for feeling this way about it but it really brought me back to this dark place in my head.. please help
  8. Well I’m hoping that’s all it is holls. The food stuck in throat feeling, itching/tingling feet in morning, the arm/hand numbness at night, and the tongue thrusting/sucking worries me 😭
  9. Is it normal for symptoms to reoccur even when stress levels should be decreasing???
  10. I know man just had triggers this morning as far as symptoms. Arms fell asleep again last night and my feet tingeled and itched again when I got up in the morning. These were symptoms I experienced during my HA of “a”
  11. Does any one else do this? Curious how many others do this with anxiety...
  12. And I’ve told you I’ve never had this many symptoms before either. It’s embarassing because my past HA scares I’ve brought up to friends, family, coworkers, etc and each time they turn out to be nothing. I feel like if anything serious does happen to me in the future that they will all down play it because of all the false times I’ve told them about other health scares. Your mind is powerful and HA of the “a” is causing your mind to create its symptoms much like mine did, Stronger than any other HA scares because the “a” is one we cannot test for. Now that i am calmer I no longer have a lot of the symptoms anymore...
  13. I know all of your symptoms are anxiety because you have admitted to crying wolf before like I have lol I have had a person inspect me for a DVT, colonoscopy, ingrown hairs, multiple disease tests, all amounting to nothing
  14. Yes partially Cuban lol but I want to help him
  15. Thanks holls lol if more want to respond so me and holls don’t go crazy I’d appreciate it.