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  1. From what I understand the pfizer vaccine is about 40% effective at preventing delta infection - but that it’s extraordinarily rare for someone to require hospitalization that is vaccinated, or even have long haul afterward. We may get it, but probs a sniffle. Get a booster when it’s required and you’ll be golden. My fears are less about covid as a health concern than the economy falling apart again - like mental health wise for everyone. That was so hard.
  2. Also brain tumors are scary and kind of common so I get that fear you have!! But malignant ones are so uncommon and usually caused by another cancer that’s spread so you’d already know if you were at risk!
  3. Worried about hanta virus after cleaning up rat waste all over my house and his nest under my sink while we were at the beach for a week. It was evvverywhere. And when we caught him - it was a deer mouse which is the carrier. There’s never been a case in my town in west Texas but there have been an hour north of here and the panhandle. I’m just so freaked and the incubation is 1-8 weeks.
  4. That’s my huge concern is the incubation is 1-8 weeks! I feel like having HA will make every day of that 8 weeks 100 hours long. I hate when this happens. It’s so ridiculous but consuming right? I’ve now lost 8 lbs since Sunday. I am unable to eat and I know it’s irrational but like how do you move on and say it’s probably not going to happen to you right?
  5. Trying not to panic but now I have lower back pain. It could be my period coming but it’s prettt intense!
  6. I made an appt Thursday to get blood work done who knows. It’s like such a rare thing but I am absolutely spiraling y’all. My HA hasn’t been this bad in 2 ys!
  7. Lol maybe everyone thinks I’m ridiculous! I lost 4 lbs the last two days not eating over this. Does anyone know if I can get tested for this so early?
  8. I spent the entire day cleaning up deer mouse poop all over the place and found his nest under my sink. We are minimalists and our home is spotless, but we have a wood pile outside so I think one of my kids left a door open maybe. Here nor there - BUT it got in our pantry, where we keep silverware just everywhere. So I cleaned it all up with bleach and wore an N95 mask to clean the nest under the sink which was littered with poop and urine. we caught the mouse a week ago on Monday. Everything online says the virus can last maybe 3 days in the dark/room temp. It’s been 7 days. I live in west Texas, not the panhandle and we’ve never had a case here but I can’t help but panic. Obviously. I have kids and I’m just so afraid and waiting 8 weeks to find out if I’m symptomatic is just insane. Help me feel better? I kind of am having trouble functioning….
  9. Also, if you don’t want to do that look up Gustavon zi on YouTube he has a lot of als videos about twitching! They’re super helpful.
  10. There are really very few resources that are like specific. I had to dig and dig and eventually I just paid to speak with that online doctor. If you have some time and don’t mind spending 68 dollars, go request dr. Subbanna on that’s the doctor that helped me. He is incredibly in depth - like so in depth. It gave me a bigger picture understanding of the disease and how it didn’t apply to me at all. I could tell you to stop combing als forums and stuff but I know you won’t, so it’s better to speak with dr.s and list out all your symptoms no matter how benign. There are other doctors and other sites too but this guy like noticeably made my anxiety go down. I was able to go on with my life and every day is easier.
  11. @Slttry it sucks i know it. I still sit here and feel that my tongue is twitching and random stuff still is like an als spotlight in my head. But you don’t mention any weakness. Twitching without weakness means zero!! And cramping Is actually normal too. Cramping/spasms in als are more like a finger locking in a weird position or an unrelenting spasm where maybe you can’t walk. It’s very definable. It’s more like spasticity. In order to have als - you MUST have weakness! You’re totally fine. Nothing suggests als. Your symptoms are basically diagnostic for anxiety!!
  12. I brought this same issue of my anatomical snuffbox up to my neuromuscular doctor who did my emg. My hands look exactly the same as yours. He didn’t even blink - it’s nothing. He said we all have asymmetries.
  13. Also - you would not “feel” it. You would feel fine! Normal. Your finger just wouldn’t work. You couldn’t lift it.
  14. If you had limb onset als you would not feel it in your hands and your legs and your finger and your arms all in the span of a few weeks or maybe even a few months. Windsor Pilates girl went two years with thumbs that just stopped working before it spread. Two. Years. And her thumbs just did not work. And I think she’s also in her 60’s maybe? It would be that you lose function completely, in maybe a finger or two, or a toe, then maybe 6 months later your ankle, or forearm/hand. This is a disease that while it moves “fast” your whole body doesn’t go out in a day.
  15. Yeah my joints have been popping like crazy lately. Sometimes it’s like more creaking than popping. It’s gross lol.